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03.23.14 — Fabled landfill full of E.T. Atari games to be discovered by some future civilization instead of ours.

03.23.14 — Now you can be buried like your ancestors in the first Neolithic-style barrow in the UK in 5,000 years.

03.21.14 — In Sweden you can unwrap a mummy on a "digital autopsy table" without any of the cultural guilt of unwrapping a mummy.

03.21.14 — Coffin and robe fragment of St. Cuthbert to go up for auction.

03.19.14 — Graveyard island in Manhattan might get turned into public space.

03.17.14 — Decapitated viking skeletons to go on display in London.

03.17.14 — Birth of a river in a desert in Israel.

03.17.14 — WWI time capsule discovered.

03.17.14 — Albino blue marlin photographed.

03.16.14 — You might be able to now booze and bed at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA.

03.14.14 — Glowing Mary statue in Belgium getting attention.

03.14.14 — Great pics of what's in the basement of the Vienna Museum of Natural History.

03.14.14 — America's only horror bookstore is apparently quaint.

03.13.14 — "All we are is dust in the wind, dude." —Ted "Theodore Logan"

03.13.14 — Great piece and pics of Brazil's giant Jesus.

03.12.14 — German museum dedicating to a 19th century novelist obsessed with the American Wild West is in trouble for displaying Native American scalps.

03.12.14 — "Hidden Fortress Discovered Beneath Alcatraz"

03.11.14 — 24-year-old owns all the 1971 Willy Wonka props. About to throw a party with them.

03.11.14 — Oldest masks ever discovered go on display in Jerusalem.

03.11.14 — 50-year-old American Civil War Wax Museum in Gettysburg to auction off a bunch of weirdness, including an animatronic Abe Lincoln.

03.10.14 — Looking for strange sites in Montreal.

03.10.14 — Great Lakes ice volcanoes.

03.10.14 — How to go on a Tom Waits-themed road trip.

03.10.14 — New Harvard exhibition on objects from 500 years of anatomical models and artifacts.

01.04.14 — "How Corpses Shaped the London Underground." Fascinating read.

01.03.14 — Still haven't knocked off "walk through a building made of ice" off my to-do list.

01.03.14 — Somebody's worshiping Seattle's Fremont Troll...or is very bored. I wrote about my visit to the big guy a few years back, before he became a deity.

01.02.14 — Charles Manson joins the ranks of restaurant mascots. The colonel, the king, the clown, and now the killer.

01.02.14 — Tomb of New Orleans' Voodoo Queen painted a quaint shade of pink by a mysterious vandal.

11.26.13 — Nazi sub, complete with skeleton crew, found in the waters off Indonesia.

11.26.13 — Oldest shrine to Buddha unearthed in Nepal.

11.26.13 — Massive, rare deep-sea Hookskate caught off Miami Beach.

11.26.13 — Fossil of new giant predator dinosaur discovered in Utah.

11.26.13 — The Atlantic looks at antique spirit photography (with cool photos, natch).

11.26.13 — Maltese Falcon prop sells for more than $4 million.

11.22.13 — World's largest water slide looks suspiciously like world's worst idea.

11.22.13 — Great pics of newly reopened catacombs in Rome.

11.22.13 — Great map and illustrations of U.S. lake monsters.

11.22.13 — Mutter Museum in Philadelphia wants people to "Sponsor a Skull."

11.20.13 — Jackie Kennedy's bloodstained dress under wraps for another century.

11.19.13 — Cool Nightmare Before Christmas mural.

11.18.13 — An island of cats in Japan.

11.14.13 — Abandoned toy factories.

11.13.13 — Swiss cranial amulets.

11.13.13 — Sleepover at the Mutter Museum.

11.12.13 — Pink fairy armadillos.

11.10.13 — "Man in Brazil was pulled from a grave alive after a woman saw his hand surging through the ground."

11.05.13 — "Sorting Out a 150-Year-Old Brain-in-Jar Mix-Up."

11.04.13 —  A submarine with a Jolly Roger flag, the corpse of a homeless man, Hitler, and a secret mission.

10.02.13 — First pictures of the cave in China that makes its own weather.

10.01.13 — A lake in East Africa that kills and calcifies any living thing that jumps in.

09.30.13 — Once a year, an abandoned Oz-themed park in North Carolina opens for visitors.

09.29.13 — Earthquake in Pakistan creates new island.

09.27.13 — Art installation in Singapore lets visitors walk on 100,000 small skulls.

09.26.13 — Latest Jack the Ripper theory is that the whole thing was dreamt up by a drunk journalist.

09.25.13 — Musical score claim to be the secret to a cache of Nazi gold.

09.24.13 — World's oldest bogman is in Ireland.

09.24.13 — A skull made out of cocaine.

09.23.13 — The ossuary of St. Leonard's Church in England.

09.23.13 — Mass grave found at ancient British fort.

09.22.13 — New York pet cemeteries to allow pets and owners to be buried together.

09.22.13 — The car that looks like a UFO.

09.20.13 — 92 years of Bigfoot sightings mapped.

09.19.13 — The largest robot in the world is in Germany...and it's a fire-breathing dragon.

09.18.13 — The story of Maryland's Goatman.

09.17.13 — Ancient egyptian sarcophagus repaired using Legos.

09.16.13 — Mysterious clown freaking out people in the UK...and world.

09.16.13 — Snails with transparent shells discovered in Croatia.

09.16.13 — So here's what Congress's infamous replica Enterprise bridge looks like.

09.15.13 — Forensic teams on-site to investigate the graveyard at Florida's Dozier School.

09.11.13 — An (the?) astounding albino humpback whale.

09.11.13 — The transporter pod from The Fly and other Cronenberg artifacts go on display in Toronto.

09.09.13 — And oddly maintained, 30-year-old Canadian ghost town.

09.09.13 — Amazing, amazing photos of the strange, strange practice of bejeweling Catholic skeletons.

09.08.13 — Another vampire grave found. This one in Bulgaria.

09.06.13 — Interactive map of ancient ocean monsters.

09.05.13 — The annual burning of Old Man Gloom in New Mexico.

09.05.13 — Fascinating access to occultist Aleister Crowley's personal papers and artifacts.

09.04.13 — Update on that weird mummy found in an attic in Germany: Things get weirder.

09.04.13 — French ghost town remains unchanged from when it was destroyed by Nazis.

09.03.13 — Inca mummy found in Peru. Great pic.

08.30.13 — Large monument to a Lovecraft god temporarily appears in Oklahoma.

08.30.13 — Abandoned building where James Dean went to high school collapses.

08.30.13 — 2,000-year-old skeleton mask found in Turkey.

08.30.13 — The mysterious Traub motorcycle.

08.30.13 — Call for skeleton of a British giant to be buried instead of displayed.

08.30.13 — Germany's ugliest buildings.

08.30.13 — The weird story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

08.30.13 — "Franken-Mummies of Scotland."

08.30.13 — World's largest fish...prehistoric, unfortunately.

08.30.13 — Cliff cave city found in Nepal.

08.30.13 — Famous Western film sets decaying in the Spanish desert.

08.20.13 — The Monkey Jesus over-painting becomes a blessing in disguise. Hideous disguise.

08.20.13 — New Hampshire castle might go down.

08.20.13 — Bath Abbey unstable due to thousands of corpses.

08.20.13 — Nurse who inspired Stephen King's Misery and killed a bunch of kids about to be released.

08.20.13 — New carnivorous mammal discovered in South America.

08.20.13 — CIA admits the existence of Area 51.

08.20.13 — How to hold a book bound in human skin.

08.13.13 —What travel souvenirs looked like before there were gift shops.

08.13.13 — Death-themed drinking establishments.

08.13.13 — That dude not buried beside Lee Harvey Oswald.

08.13.13 — Annual "Locals Pissed over the Villisca Ax Murder House" article.

08.13.13 — Millionaire builds country estate atop apartment building.

08.13.13 — An awesome abandoned Japanese mansion.

08.13.13 — London's macabre Black Museum might open for the public.

08.13.13 — Finding and exploring unknown wrecks in the waters off Colombia.

08.09.13 — Artist tombs.

08.09.13 —Tunnel project in UK unearths thousands of bodies.

08.09.13 — Goats unleashed near a cemetery in D.C.

08.09.13 — Bodies to be exhumed from the graveyard of the infamous Dozier School for Boys in Florida.

08.09.13 — A live stream of Andy Warhol's grave.

08.09.13 — Crazy-looking mushroom species.

08.09.13 — "7 Most Disgusting Wonders of the World"

08.09.13 — Skeletons found in a cave in Mexico could be America's earliest known settlers.

08.09.13 — Giant pentagram in the landscape of Kazakhstan.

08.06.13 — Giant, 15 million-year-old whale skull found in Potomac River.

08.06.13 — A man who collects and lives with roaches.

08.06.13 — Mummified bodies of Inca child sacrifices reveal a year of drugs and alcohol.

08.06.13 — Lizzie Borden the descendant of a parent killer, at least.

08.06.13 — International Cryptzoology Museum gets some local press.

08.06.13 — Site of the windmill that inspired the climax of Universal Studio's 1931 Frankenstein.

08.06.13 — Strange mummy found in a German attic.

08.06.13 — Walrus bones found in a London cemetery.

07.26.13 — Intact dinosaur tail discovered in Mexico.

07.26.13 — "America's Extraterrestrial Highway."

07.26.13 — World's largest dinosaur park to be built in Australia.

07.26.13 — Nazi-themed cafe in Indonesia.

07.26.13 — The story behind the Rhode Island house that inspired The Conjuring.

07.26.13 — Remains of the oldest European fort in the U.S. found in the Appalachians.

07.26.13 — "The best castles, dinosaurs, roadside attractions, and UFOs"...in Florida.

07.21.13 — Abandoned hospital wing on Ellis Island.

07.21.13 — "181-Year-Old Corpse of Jeremy Bentham Attends UCL Board Meeting"

07.21.13 — 16th century Jewish graveyard unearthed in Vienna.

07.21.13 — 23 million-year-old lizard in amber in Mexico.

07.21.13 — Live webcam of a imminently blooming corpse flower in DC.

07.21.13 — A sculptor with a specialty in death masks.

07.21.13 — Godzilla attraction at San Diego Comic-Con.

07.10.13 — Google Street View of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley set.

07.10.13 — Fragments of Percy Shelley's skull at NYPL?

07.10.13 — Black jellyfish off California.

07.10.13 — Washington Monument gets night lights.

07.10.13 — Year-round ice bar opens in New York.

07.10.13 — Pathologist-archeologists in Italy at work on ancient skeletons.

07.10.13 — Pride and Prejudice's Darcy in giant statue form in the middle of a lake.

07.03.13 — Illusion house in London lets you walk on its facade.

07.03.13 — Realistic beached whale sculpture in London.

07.03.13 — Preserved royal tomb discovered in Peru.

07.03.13 — World's largest...not tallest...building opens in China.

07.03.13 — 200-year-old rockfish caught in Alaska.

07.03.13 — A 12,000-year-old shared grave in Israel whose occupants were buried with flowers.

06.22.13 — Chilean sheep-eating plant about to bloom in UK.

06.22.13 — Napoleon plaster death mask sells for $260K.

06.22.13 — America's most endangered buildings.

06.22.13 — Gary, Indiana, in decay.

06.22.13 — James Cameron gives the sub that took him to the bottom of the ocean to Woods Hole.

06.22.13 — Ancient Chinese tomb murals discovered.

06.08.13 — A look at the ghost tour industry.

06.08.13 — Search for the rumored New Mexico burial spot of thousands of infamous E.T. Atari games.

06.08.13 — Smuggler ship from the 1800s found off coast of South Carolina.

06.08.13 — Art piece made by silkworms and a robot.

06.08.13 — Entire amusement park trash-compacted into a massive cube.

06.08.13 — Quick guide to sites that inspired the writing of H.P. Lovecraft.

06.01.13 — Moon dust gathered by Neil Armstrong found in a warehouse.

06.01.13 — Selling a ghost town in Utah.

06.01.13 — Oldest candy store in U.S. gets new life.

06.01.13 — Harry Potter tourism will never leave us.

06.01.13 — Amazon plans crystal domes for its headquarters in Seattle.

06.01.13 — Mammoth with intact blood discovered. Cloning time.

06.01.13 — Ruins of a Nazi sanitarium.

05.20.13 — Full-scale LEGO X-Wing in New York City.

05.20.13 — Crazy-looking mechanical martyrs in London.

05.20.13 — Metal sculpture in Washington has head replaced with Bender's.

05.20.13 — Universal Studios Orlando to get Simpsons Land.

05.20.13 — Kennedy Space Center launch pad for lease.

05.20.13 — Returning museum body artifacts to their rightful cultures.

05.20.13 — Hunt for the emergency room where JFK died.

05.20.13 — This is what it looks like from atop the Washington Monument.

05.20.13 — The St. Louis Gateway Arch is a dirty, dirty thing.

05.20.13 — An amazing memorial for the 1989 crashed UTA Flight 772 out in the Sahara.

05.20.13 — Lenin mausoleum reopens.

05.20.13 — Giant stained-glass crab at BWI airport.

05.20.13 — A sky whale.

05.20.13 — Alaska's Mount Pavlof erupting.

05.20.13 — A UFO festival in Oregon.

05.20.13 — Slave cabin being moved from South Carolina to the Smithsonian.

05.20.13 — Cygan, an 8-foot-tall robot from the 1950s, is for sale.

05.15.13 — Boston Bomber buried in Virginia.

05.15.13 — Strange white foam seeps up from beneath a street in China.

05.15.13 — Man restores Galileo shuttle prop from Star Trek: The Original Series.

05.15.13 — Hong Kong's pink dolphins at risk.

05.15.13 — Bizarre, toothy marine carcass washes up on New Zealand beach.

05.15.13 — Slideshow of abandoned cities across the world.

05.15.13 — Vatican hates Mexican death saint.

05.15.13 — Detroit's 10-foot-tall RoboCop statue cast and ready for bronzing.

05.15.13 — Old pieces of wedding cake from celebrity weddings are highly collectible.

05.15.13 — Mysterious, tiny wooden coffins filled with tiny wooden bodies found in 1836 in Scotland on display.

05.06.13 — A sunken town in Italy whose tower still juts above the water.

05.06.13 — 1,700-year-old Roman cemetery found beneath UK parking lot.

05.06.13 — Fully stocked, 50-year-old fallout shelter discovered in Wisconsin family's back yard.

05.06.13 — Amazing giant metal creature sculptures in the desert outside San Diego.

05.06.13 — Six-inch, alien-looking Atacama skeleton turns out to be human.

05.06.13 — Antique, taxidermy frog sculptures in the Frog Museum of Switzerland.

05.06.13 — Freud's couch in London needs a restoration.

05.06.13 — Hundreds of yellow spheres found beneath Quetzalcoatl's temple outside Mexico City.

05.06.13 — Bray Studios, the site of many Hammer Horror movies from the 50s and 60s to be torn down.

05.06.13 — Historical marker unearthed in Cambridge, MA.

04.29.13 — Massive, inflatable astronaut suit art installation in Poland.

04.29.13 — Robots discover more burial chambers under Quetzalcoatl's temple.

04.29.13 — "Pirate" ship for sale in Missouri.

04.29.13 — A look at the dilapidated Astor mansion in New York.

04.29.13 — Seven-foot-tall fiberglass head found in Hudson River.

04.29.13 — 9/11 plane debris found wedged between two buildings.

04.29.13 — Glow-in-the-dark sheep in Uruguay.

04.25.13 — The sheet Bram Stoker used to plan the major characters of Dracula.

04.25.13 — Massive, fossilized elephant bird egg sells for $101K (Thanks, Alison).

04.25.13 — "Haunted" Michigan hospital for sale.

04.25.13 — Century-old Oklahoma City time capsule opened.

04.25.13 — Canada to get a Star Trek museum in Vulcan.

04.25.13 — The tombstone re-imagined.

04.25.13 — Medieval skeletons unearthed holding hands in Romania.

04.25.13 — Awesome, giant Godzilla slide in Japan (Thanks, Joey).

04.23.13 — Zombie museum in Monroeville Mall is going the way of most things zombie at the Monroeville Mall.

04.23.13 — A look inside the Materials Library in London, the boring name of a collection of the most fascinating substances ever created.

04.23.13 — Historical artifacts from the archives of Drexel University go on display.

04.23.13 — Hong Kong Disneyland gets its own take on the Haunted Mansion.

04.23.13 — Petition for a plaque in Philadelphia that honors Isaac Asmiov.

04.23.13 — East Germany's 40-year-old sewer alligator.

04.21.13 — Giant, fire-breathing dragon...bridge...in Vietnam.

04.21.13 — Famous author birthplaces that weren't preserved...for random reasons.

04.21.13 — Some of the world's strangest flowers.

04.21.13 — 18th century graveyard in Georgia desecrated (Thanks, Marcia).

04.21.13 — Straw mammoth sculpture in Japan.

04.21.13 — Stonehenge looking for a general manager.

04.16.13 —The cicadas are coming.

04.16.13 —The literary murals of Edward Sorel in New York.

04.16.13 — Three-part video series on how Stan Winston Studios built the Jurassic Park T-Rex.

04.16.13 — Burial cairn discovered in the Sea of Galilea.

04.16.13 — The 80th anniversary of the Loch Ness monster.

04.16.13 — A list of archeological discoveries made at construction sites.

04.16.13 —"UT using donated corpses in mass grave project with international aspirations."

04.16.13 — Giant snails attack Florida.

04.06.13 — Fish with clear blood in Japan aquarium.

04.06.13 — Excellent, macabre artifacts from the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Maryland.

04.06.13 — Microorganisms named after Lovecraft monsters. Yes, including that one.

04.06.13 — Philadelphia to set up giant playable Pong game on the side of a skyscraper.

04.06.13 — Cursed Roman ring that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien's One Ring.

04.06.13 — "Gate to Hell" discovered in Turkey. (Thanks, Alison and Marcia.)

04.06.13 — Company destroys some of Peru's Nazca Lines.

04.02.13 — Stephen King donates $5K for Boston's Edgar Allan Poe statue.

04.02.13 — Hospital where they filmed One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest now a museum.

04.02.13 — Cool-looking "haunted" mansion in the Bronx.

04.02.13 — Pope Francis goes underground to St. Peter's tomb.

04.02.13 — Video of Vermont's Toy Museum.

04.02.13 — Rich guy wants to make a robotic Jurassic Park.

04.02.13 — Pet terrifying carnivores at an Argentina zoo.

04.02.13 — Robotic jellyfish courtesy Virginia Tech.

04.02.13 — UK exhibition on "Horrible History" includes the skeleton of a leprosy victim.

03.28.13 — Dinner event held in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

03.28.13 — The fantastic new Blue Planet aquarium in Copenhagen.

03.28.13 — Great night shots of San Francisco's Presidio Pet Cemetery.

03.28.13 — African fairy circles.

03.28.13 — Victorian public toilet in London turned into a cafe.

03.28.13 — One of John Dillinger's getaway cars on display in the city of his birth at the Indianapolis International Airport.

03.26.13 — Tourists sneak to top of Egyptian pyramids for pictures.

03.26.13 — Drones create a giant, lighted Star Trek insignia in the night sky of London.

03.26.13 — Saplings from Anne Frank's chestnut tree to grow in the U.S.

03.26.13 — Frenchman turns his home into a macabre art project called the "Abode of Chaos" and his neighbors hate him for it.

03.26.13 — A necropolis cut into a sheer rock face in Turkey.

03.26.13 — Cozy chapel with graveyard in the UK on sale as a residence for cheap.

03.26.13 — Divers return to the Greek shipwreck that gave us the enigmatic Antikythera mechanism.

03.26.13 — The story and final home of Elektro, the first American robot.

03.20.13 — Guy stays overnight on the exterior set of the new A&E series Psycho.

03.20.13 — "Life on Mars, in Utah."

03.20.13 — A visit to the Happy-Go-Lucky Funeral Parlour in London.

03.20.13 — Another old insane asylum goes the way of condos, this time in Michigan.

03.20.13 — People are shooting erotic pics and films in the skull-lined catacombs of Paris.

03.20.13 — Easter eggs for warding off evil spirits.

03.15.13 — 120-year-old castle in upstate New York on sale for one million dollars.

03.15.13 — One of the cars from Bullitt on sale for one million dollars.

03.15.13 — Silo in Iowa turned into an ice-climbing wall.

03.15.13 — Photo essay on embalmed leaders around the world.

03.15.13 — The man who hunts urban stone faces.

03.15.13 — Discovery of bodies under London could portend the presence 50,000 plague victims.

03.09.13 — Literary bars in Boston.

03.09.13 — A European mummified head that is the oldest known preserved medical dissection.

03.09.13 — Opalized pliosaur skeleton fossil in Australia.

03.09.13 — People obsessing with collecting and interacting with Cabbage Patch dolls.

03.09.13 — "The world's only legitimate pirate cemetery."

03.09.13 — Hugo Chavez's corpse to go on permanent exhibit.

03.09.13 — The journeys of famous corpses.

03.06.13 — Abandoned leper colony on an island in Greece.

03.06.13 — Giant matchsticks with burnt human heads.

03.06.13 — Meteorite found in Antarctica.

03.06.13 — Charles Dickens's attic hideaway in London for sale.

03.06.13 — Castles of New Hampshire.

03.06.13 — San Francisco's Bay Bridge gets all LED'd up for a light show installation.

03.06.13 — Large ice balls land on the shores of Lake Michigan.

03.06.13 — Richard Neutra's Cyclorama razed in Gettysburg.

02.28.13 — The, um, Weather Channel's "must-see" cemeteries.

02.28.13 — Glowing carnivorous plants.

02.28.13 — Undisplayed but fascinating artifacts stored in museums.

02.28.13 — Vintage microphone collection in Milwaukee.

02.21.13 — 2,000-year-old mummified Egyptian cat found in an attic in the UK.

02.21.13 — 500-year-old arrest warrant for Machiavelli discovered in Florence.

02.21.13 — 37 unmarked graves unearthed in Charleston, SC.

02.21.13 — Pre-Civil War locomotives in the ocean off New Jersey.

02.21.13 — Grave of a feral German boy in the UK upgraded in historical status.

02.21.13 — Original DeLorean from Back to the Future series restored.

02.21.13 — Gigantic bird nests in southern Africa.

02.21.13 — The copycat buildings of China.

02.21.13 — Millions of birds invade Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

02.21.13 — "Into the Cave of Chile's Witches."

02.21.13 —  Body of preserved Mexican "Ape Woman" buried after 150 years.

02.07.13 — Pics from the London Dungeon's moving sale.

02.07.13 — A clue closer to solving the murder of the Black Dahlia.

02.07.13 — What Archie Bunker's house looks like today.

02.07.13 — Another vague pic. Another lake monster. This time with a Russian twist.

02.07.13 — Fascinating Afar graveyards in Ethiopia.

02.07.13 — A Civil War-era baseball found on a battlefield about to go on display.

02.07.13 — Great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens unveils a new "Dog and Pot" sign dedicated to the author.

02.07.13 — Smithsonian magazine looks at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.

02.02.13 — The strange artifact known as the "cemetery gun."

02.02.13 — Some pics from inside the lobby of Lucasfilm in CA.

02.02.13 — Identity of a mysterious 19th century brain uncovered.

02.02.13 — "The Haunted Hotels of Los Angeles."

02.02.13 — F. Scott Fitzgerald's Baltimore home for sale.

02.02.13 — Georgia using zombies to sell tourism.

02.02.13 — Fate of Denver's demon horse to be decided.

02.02.13 — "The Mummies that Attended Three Super Bowls in New Orleans"

01.31.13 — Pics from the 2013 Houston Halloween Expo.

01.31.13 — Dubai's plans an underwater hotel.

01.31.13 — A fantastic 53-year-old sealed bottle garden in the UK.

01.31.13 — The controversy over whether the stovepipe hat at the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL, was really Abe's or not.

01.31.13 — An Italian tower topped by trees.

01.29.13 — 1500s-era wine cellar preserved and installed beneath Britain's Ministry of Defence building.

01.29.13 — An outsider goes to a Furry convention.

01.29.13 — A visit to the intense Congdon Anatomical Museum in Bangkok.

01.29.13 — A talk with the man building a Millennium Falcon float for Mardi Gras.

01.29.13 — Filler article on the hotel that inspired Stephen King's The Shining.

01.29.13 — More than 150 ancient human skulls found in Mexico from a possible mass sacrifice.

01.24.13 — A look at the craziness that is Jordan's Furniture in Massachusetts.

01.24.13 — Original TV Batmobile sells for $4.6 million.

01.24.13 — Museum learns artifacts it thought were gaming pieces might be ancient toilet paper.

01.24.13 — France's National Library chases after original manuscript of the Marquis de Sade's 120 Days.

01.24.13 — A giant, voracious sinkhole in Louisiana.

01.24.13 — Italy having trouble protecting the recently discovered Tomb of the Gladiator.

01.24.13 — Undersea station Aquarius to be preserved for the tim being.

01.24.13 — A visit to the patch of Arizona that was transformed into the moon in the 1960s for astronaut training.

01.21.13 — International Cryptozoology Museum curator Loren Coleman talks to Atlas Obscura founder Joshua Foer about cryptozology.

01.21.13 — London's historic blue plaque program might be getting suspended.

01.21.13 — The diary of a body snatcher in London.

01.21.13 — An ossuary-themed bar in New York City.

01.21.13 — A tour of the International Space Station.

01.21.13 — A North Carolina house known for being a trick-or-treating destination goes on sale.

01.21.13 — Vladivostok's prehistoric metal artifact is a mystery.

01.14.13 — New island surfaces in the North Sea near Germany.

01.14.13 — Tracking down the Minnesota Iceman.

01.14.13 — Detroit's RoboCop statue postponed to 2014.

01.14.13 — An abandoned igloo-shaped hotel in Alaska.

01.14.13 — Pics from a World of Warcraft amusement park in China.

01.09.13 — Infamous mistakes on famous monuments.

01.09.13 — Inside the Library of Congress's mountaintop repository of recordings in rural Virginia.

01.09.13 — A Buenos Aires town surfaces after being underwater for a quarter of a century.

01.09.13 — Mysterious disappearances in an archipelago off Venezuela.

01.09.13 — San Anselmo park to get Indiana Jones and Yoda statues.

01.09.13 — Exploring China's Hollow Mountain.

01.09.13 — New flying frog species found in Vietnam.

01.04.13 — In Egypt, 8 million dog mummies found at one burial site. They counted.

01.04.13 — Four-story-tall statue of a woman rusting away in San Francisco.

01.04.13 — Doubtful News looks back on the year in monster sightings.

01.04.13 — The Aeroscraft, a new kind of sky transport from a company called Aeros.

01.04.13 — Louisiana cemeteries are sinking (thanks, Phil).

01.04.13 — Hollywood's Magic Castle celebrates 50 years.

01.04.13 — A giant, balancing rock in a Finnish forest (thanks, Ryan).

01.01.13 — Massive space invaders carved into a snowy French landscape.

01.01.13 — Giant dinosaur tooth may be clue to a massive-sized class of dinosaurs.

01.01.13 — A visit to the strip mall featured in GoodFellas.

01.01.13 — The remains of the early 19th century schooner Ticonderoga decay in a shed in upstate New York.

01.01.13 — "The Tombs of Old London."

12.30.12 — Megapiranhas. Just Megapiranhas.

12.30.12 — NatGeo examines the Serbia vampire hysteria.

12.30.12 — British museum to exhibit largest Viking ship in the world.

12.30.12 — Pictures of 42 different crater lakes.

12.30.12 — Obscure space history about the animals Russia sent to the moon before us.

12.28.12 — Penitent Hitler statue installed in Warsaw.

12.28.12 — Europe's highest suspension bridge, the Titlis Cliff Walk, is opened in the Swiss Alps.

12.28.12 — The writing retreats of famous authors.

12.28.12 — House where Lee Harvey Oswald stayed the night before the JFK assassination to be refurbished into a tourist attraction.

12.28.12 — Giant, decaying Nevada thermometer attraction bumming people out.

12.28.12 — Pigeon skeleton with coded WWII message remains uncracked.

12.18.12 — New spider species discovered that builds decoy spiders in its web.

12.18.12 — Police in Florida exhume In Cold Blood killers in Kansas to collect DNA.

12.18.12 — Skeleton with elongated skull discovered in millennium-old Mexican grave.

12.18.12 — City of Tikal at the cross-roads of Mayan hysteria and Star Wars fandom.

12.17.12 — Government and Florida's Hemingway Museum still fighting over those six-toed cats.

12.17.12 — Luxury survival shelters for sale out of California.

12.17.12 — Mystery of the Indiana Jones journal in Chicago solved.

12.17.12 — An update on Virginia's Mark Kline of Foamhenge fame whose Haunted Monster Museum burned earlier this year.

12.17.12 — Bizarre pics from Santacon 2012.

12.17.12 — A Hobbit-inspired home in Pennsylvania.

12.14.12 — Giant squid caught on video in its native habitat for the first time.

12.14.12 — Guy who found Titanic claims to have found evidence for an ancient, worldwide flood.

12.14.12 — Horses painted anatomically.

12.14.12 — Manuscript written in a secret language turns out to be an undiscovered work of Roger Williams.

12.14.12 — 1500-year-old gravestone of the man who inspired the story of Tristan and Isolde being moved for a housing development.

12.14.12 — University of Chicago receives strange, awesome Indiana Jones journal.

12.14.12 — Crabs invading Antarctica.

11.25.12 — New Jersey roller coaster marooned offshore by Sandy could remain as new tourist attraction.

11.25.12 — The tale of a secret society discovered after deciphering a 250-year-old code.

11.25.12 — A Los Angeles billboard turned into a hanging garden.

11.25.12 — Rain Man car and other movie paraphernalia up for auction.

11.25.12 — Baltimore's Poe House saved by a railroad museum.

11.25.12 — A home in the middle of a highway in China.

11.20.12 — Amazing death-related art collection on display in the UK.

11.20.12 — Favorite reported sightings from the editor of Fortean Times.

11.20.12 — In Poland, a look inside the world's narrowest house.

11.20.12 — Giant statue of Gandalf for The Hobbit premiere in New Zealand.

11.20.12 — Five ancient underwater cities.

11.14.12 — Venice recently experience one of its highest tides of the past two centuries (great pics).

11.14.12 — Biggest fireworks display of all time in Kuwait.

11.14.12 — Amazing flower-sculpture floats in the Netherlands.

11.14.12 — The story of the only surviving manuscript of A Clockwork Orange.

11.14.12 — Cat Man dies of apparent suicide.

11.12.12 — Two 8500-year-old skeletons found in bottom of ancient well in Israel.

11.12.12 — North Korea's pyramid skyscraper hotel to finally open next year after two decades.

11.12.12 — Mammoth skeleton found outside of Paris.

11.12.12 — Abandoned suitcases from the Willard Asylum for the Chronically Insane in New York.

11.12.12 — England's oldest "corpse gate."

11.12.12 — Ancient skeleton of a Roman Goliath found.

11.11.12 — Photographer swims with massive, 26-foot-long anaconda in Brazil.

11.08.12 — A look inside the Masonic Grand Lodge in New York City.

11.08.12 — This is what 250,000 pennies glued to the floor looks like.

11.08.12 — Astounding light displays at Japan's Nabana no sato botanical garden.

11.08.12 — A look at what's arguably Europe's oldest town.

11.08.12 — Bizarre, transparent, discombobulating adult "bouncy castle" in Italy.

11.08.12 — Snakes with tentacles born at National Zoo.

11.05.12 — Graveyard of more than 1,800 prehistoric turtles in China.

11.05.12 — New Age vandalism at Ohio's Serpent Mound.

11.05.12 — In Florida, you can swim with a tiger.

11.05.12 — The trickle of an underground river in a basement in Manhattan.

11.05.12 — An auction of amazing samurai armor.

11.03.12 — The desk on which Bram Stoker wrote Dracula up for auction.

11.03.12 — Archaeologists find Island of the Blue Dolphins cave

11.03.12 — The humble resting places of some of America's greatest writers.

11.03.12 — Large inflatable transparent sculptures by Victorine Muller.

11.03.12 — Man digs WWI trench in back yard.

09.30.12 — Crowds at the Sistine Chapel getting out of hand.

09.30.12 — Weird "soap tsunami" in China as 50-foot wall of foam from a local river causes evacuations.

09.30.12 — A 100-foot-long blue whale kite in flight.

09.30.12 — A tour of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton, PA.

09.30.12 — I'm just going to repost this article's actual headline: "Buddhist Iron Man found by Nazis is from Space."

09.24.12 — Charles Dickens's library of fake books recreated at the New York Public Library.

09.24.12 — "Ghost signs" from advertisements past.

09.24.12 — Puffer fish makes mysterious-looking circles on the ocean floor off Japan.

09.24.12 — 2,600-year-old Buddhist site in Afghanistan threatened by mining operations.

09.19.12 — First "liliger" born in Siberia.

09.19.12 — An art installation in Calgary of a giant cloud of light bulbs.

09.19.12 — A sunken monastery in Russia.

09.18.12 — Man takes his DeLorean to Back to the Future filming locations.

09.18.12 — Large Roman mosaic found in a field in Turkey.

09.18.12 — Sherlock Holmes Society heads for Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland, site of Holmes's infamous fight with Moriarty.

09.13.12 — The English locations that inspired Charles Dickens's Bleak House.

09.13.12 — Surfers take on strange frothy waves off New Zealand.

09.13.12 — The long story of the M*A*S*H still.

09.13.12 — Heading down the longest lava tube in Asia.

09.12.12 — A giant Klaus Kinski head.

09.11.12 — 80-year-old, creepy behind-the-scenes photos of Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

09.11.12 — Photographs of the interiors of abandoned asylums in New England.

09.11.12 — Billionaire signs the planet (video).

09.09.12 — The story of JFK's original bronze coffin.

09.09.12 — Salem, MA, to lose one of its landmarks.

09.09.12 — Berlusconi's underground cave pool.

09.09.12 — China's Yangtze River blushes.

09.06.12 — A dispatch from White Sands Missile Range Museum and National Park.

09.06.12 — Next weekend is the annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV.

09.06.12 — Underground pyramid discovered in Italy.

09.06.12 — Oldest "message in a bottle" found in North Sea.

09.05.12 — The perpetually capsized Costa Concordia in Italy is now a tourist attraction, at least for the next few months or so.

09.05.12 — The oddities, intricacies, and complexities of the Jet Propulsion Lab campus mapped.

09.05.12 — China's new skyscraper must be put on one leg at a time.

09.03.12 — Hurricane Isaac dislodges and beaches a lost Civil War wreck in Alabama.

09.03.12 — Melting glacier exposes a field of WW1 ammo.

09.03.12 — An art of death exhibition from the Wellcome Collection in London.

09.01.12 — Terrifying pictures of massive Ermine Moth caterpillar cocoons.

09.01.12 — Medieval well found and displayed beneath living room of UK couple.

09.01.12 — Vial of Pope John Paul II's blood stolen and recovered.

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