October 3, 2019: Putting Spooky Out into the World

Today, my agent and I finally got to announce our deal with HarperCollins for my children’s horror novel, The Smashed Man of Dread End. This deal represents a lot of firsts for my author life. First time with a Big 5 publisher. First time my work went to auction. First time I got a multibook deal. Mostly, though, I’m ecstatic about entering the world of children’s horror again. Death and Douglas was feeling lonely.

Also, I posted the latest episode of Odd Things I’ve Seen: The Podcast. Episode 14 is called How to Do Sleepy Hollow, and that’s what it’s about, too. The episode is a companion piece to Episode 13: How to Do Salem. Mostly, though, the episode gives me the opportunity to rhapsodize with glee about my favorite monster, the Headless Horseman.