My name is J.W. Ocker. I’m from Maryland but have lived in New Hampshire since 2008. I’m an award-winning macabre travel author, podcaster, and novelist. You can read more about my books here.

On OTIS, I chronicle my visits to hundreds of oddities of culture, art, nature, and history across the country and world.

My work has appeared on or in CNN.com, The Atlantic, Rue Morgue, the Boston Globe, Atlas Obscura, The Guardian, and other places people stick writing. I also do talks for libraries, universities, and once (and never again) at an amusement park. I’ve got a wife, three daughters, and I celebrate Halloween for two months. Send me an email at ockerjw@gmail.com or hit me up on the OTIS Facebook page or Twitter.

Looking into the infamous windowed grave of  Dr. Timothy Smith in New Haven, Vermont.

A Diquis Sphere in Costa Rica.