Cavin' in Boston

March 25, 2013 — I'm not a concert goer. And few musicians buffet me the way I need it. But Nick Cave does. Enough that I kind of hate talking about it. But I wanted to at least mark that I got to see him and the Bad Seeds at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston last night. It was the first time I've ever seen him live. That's about 17 years from the first time I heard one of his songs. It was Red Right Hand. It was on the Songs in the Key of X: Music From and Inspired by the X-Files. That's an embarrassing origin story, but you should hear how I met my wife.

We were three rows from the stage. It was an amazing night.

Warren Ellis does it his way.

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  1. I heard of Nick first time about 27 years later...I saw my FIRST Nick Cave Concert in Chicago...I too am not a concert goer...but in the last 12 months I have a very short list of whom I wanted to see......Leonard Cohen (I was re-cooperating from an unplanned surgery, and missed him yet again)...and Nick Cave.. and Robyn Hitchcock...(whom I actually saw once in Iowa in the 80's!) I detest being star struck, I detest that I actually met him in person...and couldn't say much...I have a whole conversation now in my head LOL! Either way, I will console myself in the fact that I had a most enjoyable time seeing Nick at about 6-8 people deep....on April Fools Day this year.