I celebrate Halloween for two months. Since 2010, I've also blogged the Halloween Season, chronicling the spooky sites I visit, the traditions I maintain, the movies I watch, and my attempts at exploring new ways to celebrate this whole ball of Halloween and Fall. One day, these will all be combined into a PhD thesis.

Halloween Season 2023: Can Halloween Save J.W. Ocker?

Wandering a Gray and Yellow Halloween Season Salem on a Soggy Sunday Fall Road, Falling Rain, Fallen Mood A Profile from the Pit
Frankenfish and an Amaretto Sour The Pumpkin Shards of the Bad Halloween October Firsting the Hell out of October First Silver Screaming into the Black Void
Saved by the Giant Plastic Bones of a Monster Skeleton These Are the Days of Our Deaths Maybe My Cursed Objects Book Was a Bad Idea Spooky Movie, Spooky Popcorn, Spooky Fanta, Spooky Us
Chasing After Jason Haunted Overload: More Than a Haunt Hallowasted and Halloworn-out The Creepy Contentization of Halloween
Spaulding Memorial School Bat The October Ocker Two Photos, Two Decades, One Salem There are FOUR Jack-o-Lanterns!
Ichabod Crane'd Have No Chance in Today's Sleepy Hollow The One Candy You'll Never Get in Your Trick-or-Treat Sack Annabelle Doll Westford Poe Bench
Happy (???) Halloween 2023

Halloween Season Blog 2021

2021 OTIS Halloween Season Intro My Headless Horseman Head How We Spent Our COVID-ween Hitler Cemetery
On the First Day of Halloween Part of This Complete Spooky Season The Augusting of Halloween Hightower Mansion Ruins
The Ghosts of My Wife Home for the Howl-idays Halloween at the Strip Mall Three Sleepy Hollow Things
First Road Trip of the Season, Part 1 First Road Trip of the Season, Part 2 Brooksbrae Brick Factory Ruins Chasing the Harvest Moon
Church Cemetery Cover Reveal: The Black Slide Gin and Boris and Abbott and Costello The Black and Orange House
International Haunted House of Pancakes The Devil and Anthony Bordain October is Here! Home, Home on the Midway

Halloween Season Blog 2020

2020 OTIS Halloween Season Intro 10 Years of OTIS Halloween Seasons Grave of Julian Beck Halloween Die-ary: September 1
Seekonk Monster Mini-Golf Halloween Die-ary: September 3 Halloween Die-ary: September 5 Halloween Die-ary: September 7
Halloween Die-ary: September 8 New Hampshire Magazine Interview Point of Graves 5 Movies Inspired by Real Cursed Objects (Quirk Blog)
Halloween Die-ary: September 13 Blue Vampire Santa Claus 10 Things About "Cursed Objects" Halloween Die-ary: September 16, Pt. 1
Holy Land USA Halloween Die-ary: September 16, Pt. 2 Halloween Die-ary: September 19 Retro Autumn Road Trip
Bonus "Cursed Objects" Material: Cursed Words Graves & Gravestones of Cape Cod, Pt. 1 Bonus "Cursed Objects" Material: The Red Room Halloween Die-ary: September 25
Halloween Die-ary: September 26 Graves & Gravestones of Cape Cod, Pt. 2 A Season with the Witch: A Reading Bonus "Cursed Objects" Material: "Atuk" Screenplay
Halloween Die-ary: October 1 Halloween Die-ary: October 2 Headless Horseman Bridge Halloween Die-ary: October 3
Bonus CURSED OBJECTS: Born Under a Bad Scion Halloween Die-ary: October 7 Doc Mock's MonsterTime! Smashed Man Cover Unveil
Nashua in Hubie Halloween Halloween Die-ary: October 11 Halloween Die-ary: October 14 Halloween Die-ary: October 15
Sacred Cat Rug Hillside Cemetery J.W. Ocker & Sam Weller Salem Witch Trials Exhibition
Haulin' Ass to Western Mass Halloween Die-ary: October 25 Old Durham Cemetery Bride of Boogedy This Way Comes
Shade Swamp Sanctuary Dutra's Market UFO Abduction Halloween Die-ary: October 29 Halloween Die-ary: October 30

Halloween Season Blog 2019

2019 OTIS Halloween Season Intro Muddy Brook Cemetery Halloween Die-ary: September 1 Halloween Die-ary: September 2
Halloween Die-ary: September 5 Halloween Die-ary: September 6 Halloween Die-ary: September 7 Halloween Die-ary: September 8
Halloween Die-ary: September 9 Halloween Die-ary: September 10 Halloween Die-ary: September 11 Lollipop Cemetery
Halloween Die-ary: September 14 Halloween Die-ary: September 15 Halloween Die-ary: September 16 Halloween Die-ary: September 17
Halloween Die-ary: September 20 Halloween Die-ary: September 21 Witch Path Halloween Die-ary: September 23
Halloween Die-ary: September 24 Bleeding Gravestone of Rocky Hill Halloween Die-ary: September 26 Halloween Die-ary: September 28
Halloween Die-ary: October 1 Halloween Die-ary: October 2 Halloween Die-ary: October 4 King's Chapel Crypt
Halloween Die-ary: October 5 Halloween Die-ary: October 6 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze
Sleepy Hollow Experience in Sleepy Hollow Halloween Die-ary: October 11 Halloween Die-ary: October 12 Halloween Die-ary: October 14
Tom Devlin's Monster Museum Herman Munster's Grave Halloween Die-ary: October 17 Halloween Die-ary: October 18
Halloween Die-ary: October 19 Halloween Die-ary: October 20 Chester Village Cemetery Halloween Die-ary: October 22
Large Marge's Grave Halloween Die-ary: October 24-26 Ponemah Bog Pitcher PlantsHalloween Die-ary: October 27
Halloween Die-ary: October 29 Halloween Die-ary: October 30 Halloween Die-ary: October 31

Halloween Season Blog 2018

2018 OTIS Halloween Season Intro Sleepy Hollow, Illinois Santa's Village September 2
September 3 September 4 September 5 September 6
September 7 September 8 September 9 Sleepy Hollow, Wyoming
September 10 September 11 Head of the Dusseldorf Vampire September 12
September 13 September 14 September 15 September 16
September 17 Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum (Wisconsin Dells) September 18 September 19
September 20 September 21 September 22 Wolf Death Site Marker
September 23 September 24 Old Dunstable Cemetery September 25
September 26 September 27 Ten Things About "Death and Douglas" September 28
September 29 September 30 October 1 October 2
October 3 October 4 October 5 October 6
October 7 October 8 October 9 October 10
Shirley Jackson Sites The Mystery of Devil Boy October 12 October 13
October 14 Hall Pass to a Haunted Hallway October 15 Lake View Cemetery
October 16 October 17 Buckland Museum of Witchcraft October 18
October 19 October 20 October 21 October 22
October 23 MoPOP Scared to Death Exhibit October 24 October 25
Forefathers Burying Ground October 26 October 27 October 28
October 29 October 30 October 31

Halloween Season Blog 2017

2017 Halloween Season Launch IT Filming Locales Pumpkin Wine, Poltergeists, and Poltergeist Old Burying Ground of Halifax
Spooky Spokes-King Molly Maguire Monument Shores of Horror AtmosFX Digital Decorating System
Houdini Bridge Grave of Martha Keyes Wax Museums of Salem Monster Mini-Golf
25 Links to Halloween 2017 Blocher Mausoleum Halloween Fang Shui Centaur Excavations at Volos
Gin and Boris II Psycho, She Wrote October in a Weekend Kirk Hammett's "It's Alive"
Strange Stuff From My Study 6 The Last Trick-or-Treat in the Old 'Hood Irving Place and the Headless Horseman Nightmare New England
Friday the 13th Tower 25 More Links to Halloween 2017 My Most Important Halloween Photo Guesting on Beyond the Darkness
October in a Weekend II Spooky on the Outside Collecting Ray Kinderhook Washington Irving Sites
Haunted Overload Garfield's Halloween Adventure: The Book "Let's Scare Jessica to Death" Sites Fright Kingdom's Hardly Haunted
Happy Halloween 2017 2017 OTIS Halloween Die-ary

Halloween Season Blog 2016

2016 Halloween Season Launch The Exorcist Steps Plaque Trick-or-Treating the Web: 25 Links to Halloween 2016 Eternal Silence, Graceland Cemetery
Chillermania Bookmarks of the Beast Grave of Corey Haim Ray Bradbury's Ravine
Ray Bradbury's Waukegan Thoughts on the Ray Bradbury Statue Ray, Halloween, the Witch, and Salem Strange Stuff from My Study 5
Depressed by Halloween Decor Hell, Michigan My New Book: A Season with the Witch Skeleton Key Interview
Anoka Halloween Festival Beer Cans Souvenirs of Salem In the Mouth of Madness Black Church In the Mouth of Madness Asylum
A Season with the Witch: The Abridged Version PsychoBarn Sodden in Salem Beetle House
Live From Salem, October 2015, Part I Live From Salem, October 2015, Part II Halloween Chained to a Desk Witch of Newbury
Salem Pioneer Village 1630 Trick-or-Treating the Web II Nine Years of Visiting Witch City Gin and Boris
Sleepy Hollow Experience at OSV Salem Leftovers Fit for a Feast Which Way for Witch City? (via The Guardian) Candyman
Ed Gein Sites Gouging Gourds Again Not-So-Happy Halloween 2016

Halloween Season Blog 2015

2015 Halloween Season Launch Livermore Ghost Town Devil is the Centerfold Halloween-iversary, Part I
Props to Horror Halloween-iversary, Part II Tomb of William Stoughton Hey, Hey, We're the Monsters
Halloween Dog Food Jerry Was a Hearse Car Driver Strange Stuff From My Study 4 Devil's Hoofprints
Frankenweenie on a Sheet Falling at 65 MPH Trick-or-Treating the Web: 25 Links to Halloween 2015 Book Announcement: Salem, MA
Burger King's Halloween Whopper Transylvania Transformer Officially a New Hamspshirite Now Fort Monroe Pet Cemetery
Salem Haunted Happenings Parade Jack Skellington Grave Which Witch? An Interview with Paul Clemens
The Horseman Restaurant Trick-or-Treating the Web 2: 25 More Links to Halloween 2015 Salem Time Machine Horror Movie Graveyards
Salem at Night Pee-Wee's Halloween Adventure Halloween III: Season of Our Discontent Salem at Random
Requiem for The Good Son Well Plaque of Zombies, City of Witches How I Became a Horror Movie Fan Which Way to Witch City
Salem at Random IISalem's October CrowdsHappy Halloween...Three Days Late

Halloween Season Blog 2014

The 2014 Halloween Season The Witch Grave of Yazoo City My Study, My Sanctum First Road Trip of the Season
The Debut of Poe-Land St. Louis Exorcist Sites Trick-or-Treating the Web: 30 Links to Halloween 2014 Grave of Alferd Packer
Halloween at the Christmas Tree Shops Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis The Ultimate Poe Trip (for Roadtrippers.com) In Memorium: Venus Flytrap
Tracking Poe's Raven (for AtlasObscura.com) Rock Creek Cemetery in DC Open Haunted House Panic in a Casket
Up Yours Vermont Nostalgia for Nightmares Grave of John Bellairs Living Dead Room
Picturing Poe Strange Stuff From My Study 1 Trick-or-Treating the Web II: 31 More Links to Halloween 2014 Our Salem Saturday
Poe Revere'd in Boston Listen. Children. Night. Music. Make Ray Bradbury's Grave Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery
St. Louis Vincent Price Sites The Christmas Creep: A Halloween Story OTIS in Berlin Poe-Land in Poe-Land
The Saw is Matrimony Woodchuck Cidery Skull in the Family Reunion Halloween in the Germ
A Family of Jack-OsGraves of the Brothers Grimm Strange Stuff From My Study 2 Happy Halloween 2014

Halloween Season Blog 2013

The 2013 Halloween Season Might Kill Me The Ghost of Ray Bradbury The Ghost Town of Dana Skull, Crackle, Pop
Bonaventure Cemetery Sleepy Hollow'd Out or Sleepy Hollow-lujah Halloween P. Lovecraft A Burger King Halloween
Milford Cemetery Trick-or-Treat Trepidation Happy 20th, X-Files Charles Dickens Mirror
Trick-or-Treating the Web: 30 Links to Halloween 2013 PEZ Visitor Center Our Halloweenest Halloween Nest Metropolitan State Hospital and Metfern Cemetery
Twelve Hours in Vermont Hocus Pocus Filming Sites Classic Monster Graves Kool-Aid Vampires and Cheetos Mummies
Johnny Eck Sites and Artifacts Skull in the Family Re-Animated for the First Time 50 Spooky Sites in New England: My Piece in the Boston Globe
Happy Death Day, Mr. Poe Medfield State Hospital and Cemetery Jeffrey Combs...Poe's Moustache Bowman Mausoleum
Looking for the Lords of Salem Knight's Spider Web Farm Diary of an Autumn Day The Length of Mass
Trick-or-Treating the Web II: 30 More Links to Halloween 2013 Not Too Far to Fall Authors Ridge Roger Williams Park Zoo Jack O' Lantern Spectacular
Abominations of Sugar 2013 Keene Pumpkin Festival Salem 2013 Creamed by the Corn
A Caramel-Colored Halloween Taking a Poe Day The Edgar Allan Poe House Look at the Stems on Those Gals
Untermyer Park and Gardens Random Halloween Photos Without a Good Title Happy Halloween 2013

Halloween Season Blog 2012

BONUS PRE-SEASON POST: Is It Halloween? Stretching Out on a Deathbed: The 2012 OTIS Halloween Season Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard Shopping's a Hellish Experience
Edgar Allan Poe's New York Harbingers of Halloween Ferncliff Cemetery Hiking a Monster: New Hampshire's Frankenstein Cliff
Jekyll and Hyde Club and Pub That Time Vincent Price and Joe Piscopo Were Colleagues Brooklyn Mummies Stopping by a Haunted House: The Walloomsac Inn
Monuments to the Fox Sisters Trick-or-Treating the Web: 25 Links to Halloween 2012 Woodlawn Cemetery Salem vs. Sleepy Hollow, Part I
Ripley's Shrunken Head Collection Salem vs. Sleepy Hollow, Part II Tahawus Ghost Town Onward, October
I Have Such Sights to Show You: The New York Grimpendium Happy Hassleween: The Knight Rider Halloween Episode(s) Interview with a Vampublisher Wilder Brain Collection
Veering into Vermont Skull and Noose of a Murderer Ouija Board Gravestone Rolling Hills Asylum
All's Fair Disappointed by Cancer: My Cancer Story at The Atlantic Haunted Barn Movie Museum Hey, People...Hay People
Rod Serling Sites Never Raised Hell Lloyd Kaufman and Tromaville Trick-or-Treating the Web II: 30 More Links to Halloween 2012
Ghostbusters Filming Sites White Lions and Witches: Lowell Cemetery Pumpkins of the Gods From Diapers to Dracula
Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Day of the Dead Altar Blazing Pumpkins Sleepy Hollow: More Macabre Than I Knew
Not a Review of Garfield's Halloween Adventure The Most Autumn Places on the Planet Bag of the Red Death The Jack-O-Lantern Is My Favorite Metaphor
Salem Before the Storm Halloween Triops Eating E.T. Happy Halloween 2012

Halloween Season Blog 2011

Blogging Halloween 2011 Time to Deathorate Famous Graves 8 Things From In the Mouth of Madness Worth Making a List Over
An Autumn Road Trip in Summer Shelving Halloween Vincent Price Has Risen from the Dead Trick-or-Treating the Web: 25 Links to Halloween 2011
Edgar Allan Poe's Boston The Ramones Wanna Be Buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Burke & Hare & Jack-o-Lantern Cocktails Medium? Well...Part 1
Medium? Well...Part 2 Pretty Fly for a Fright Night Tim Burton Exhibit First a Scent, then a Season
Poe-phenalia Does the USDA Know You Have an Octopus in Your Corn? Fear of a Black Cat Grave of the Vampire's Clasp
Thank You, Thing Trick-or-Treating the Web II: 25 More Links to Halloween Hey, Hey, Hey...It's Halloween Rue York
8 Things I Learned from The Nightmare Before Christmas Commentary Track Molly Dyer Stone Grave of Ichabod Crane Spirit Saved by Spirit
New Hamster Wheelin' Old Granary Burying Ground Skeleton Art Crummy Cardboard Casket Same Salem, Different Halloween
Ouija Bored Grave of a Werewolf Remembering the Halloween Fallen The Short, Sad Life of Rotbert the Pumpkin
Return to Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman Chase Route Knife, Candle, Jack-o-Lantern! Archer-Gilligan Murder House
Oct-snow-ber Walking in a Wicked Wonderland Buffy the Halloween Celebrator Scared Out of Our Wallets
Happy Halloween 2011

Halloween Season Blog 2010

Blogging Halloween 2010 Halloween D-Day That New Halloween Smell Something Wicked This Way Comes...Every Year
Cellar Cinema Dazed and Corn-Mazed Last Year's Halloween Treats Are Not Stale Been on Fire with Sally Field
The Price of Invisibility Exeter UFO Festival Fall is for Wandering Trick-or-Treating the Internet: 25 Links to Halloween
Halloween Has Gone Commercial...and It's Awesome, Part I Halloween Has Gone Commercial...and It's Awesome, Part II Return of the Pumpkin People Mt. Washington Auto Road
Scarecrow and Mr. Durning Rocky Horror Witch's Brew Fair Autumn Fare at an Autumn Fair The Halloween Tree: More Bradbury Than Bradbury
Mt. Auburn Cemetery A Special Type of Pumpkinship The Official Dog of Halloween The Addams Family vs. the Forces of Blandness
The Halloween Landscape (Landscare?) Barn Attic Amphitheater Bela Lugosi's Grave Trick-or-Treating the Internet II: 25 More Links to Halloween
How to Turn Willy Wonka into a Halloween Movie Stephen King Movie Filming Sites Salem + October = Crazy My Rotting Jack-o-Lantern Smile
What Would the Headless Horseman Wear?

This Is Halloween Happy Halloween 2010