Strange Stuff From My Study 6: A Halloween Mystery

October 7, 2017 — This episode of Strange Stuff From My Study will be a little different. You'll have to watch it to see what it is. Because it's also an unboxing video. But I promise what's inside that box is one of a kind. And something related to Halloween. And a movie. And, well, Christmas. Also, you'll get to meet my dog, Clove.

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  1. These are cool! Where did you get these from? I was totally the geek thinking "it's 'the' not 'a'" so I laughed when the caption came up.

    And on a side note, that's a really cool watch. I was looking at it the whole time you were slicing open the package.

  2. Clove looks like an Old Soul. Good dog.

    Your items have to be worth some serious money. You should have them appraised! If you haven't already.