OTIS Map of Oddities

The content on this map is personally curated by me, so that means memento mori, literary and pop culture sites, art pieces, rarities of nature and history, and the oddball site that's included only because I was there. It also means that few of them are inaccessible and many are free to see. Each marker on the map includes addresses/GPS coordinates, descriptions, and a link to more information (if I’ve visited it, it links to my own firsthand experiences). 

Some notes for context:
  • The map features over 3,00 sites. 
  • I’ve been to about 40% of them (green is visited, red is unvisited).
  • It's pretty obvious where my home base is. 
  • The map is weekly updated with new visits and new sites. 
  • Let me know of any mistakes.
  • Go see stuff.