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08.28.12 — Decades-old abandoned sex club found in secret basement of a Kentucky building during demolition prep.

08.28.12 — Wisconsin town celebrates its annual Sputnikfest, celebrating that time in 1962 when 20 lbs. of Sputnik landed there.

08.28.12 — Archaeologists search for lost grave of King Richard III...in a parking lot.

08.28.12 — New, uh, cardboard exhibit at the Chicago Children's Museum.

08.23.12 — What to do with the Aurora Movie Theater and other sites of great and recent tragedy.

08.23.12 — New York warehouse famous for being a legal graffiti canvas is about to be replaced by a luxury high-rise.

08.23.12 — Government investigates possibility of big cats in Australia.

08.22.12 — Largest Burmese python ever found in the Everglades also pregnant with record number of eggs.

08.21.12 — The stuff fans of Mark Twain leave at his Connecticut grave.

08.21.12 — Modern-era tenants living in the top floors of a reenactment village in New Hampshire.

08.21.12 — Hugo Chavez's massive, $140 million tomb for Latin American hero Simon Bolivar might also be intended for himself.

08.20.12 — Skeleton army found in Danish bog.

08.20.12 — Eerie abandoned veterinary school in Belgium.

08.20.12 — Antarctic explorer's ship found sunk off Greenland.

08.20.12 — New species of spider with hooked legs found in Oregon cave.

08.20.12 — New Phineas Gage in Brazil.

08.15.12 — NPR looks at Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona.

08.15.12 — A tour through China's "ghost towns and phantom malls".

08.15.12 — A 2,500-year-old Siberian princess mummy and her elaborate tattoos.

08.13.12 — Floating rocks from volcano found in the South Pacific.

08.13.12 — Terrifying high-rise swimming pools across the world.

08.13.12 — The story behind the Mythbusters' 52-foot-long recreation of a megalodon shark with 8,000-pound steel hydraulic jaws.

08.12.12 — The bones of sixteen severed hands found in the pits of an ancient Egyptian palace.

08.11.12 — Ancient mass grave full of the skeletons of Aztecs found in Mexico City.

08.09.12 — Government rules that the 130-year-old bones of Australia's most famous outlaw to go to family, not museum.

08.09.12 — The 100-year-old New Jersey shark attacks that inspired Jaws.

08.09.12 — Excavating sea dinosaur skeletons in the Arctic.

08.03.12 — Magicians Penn & Teller to create haunted house attraction for Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights.

08.01.12 — A visit to the Hoxton Street Monster Supply in London.

08.01.12 — Newly discovered Mayan "Temple of the Night Sun" in Guatemala bears amazing mask carvings.

08.01.12 — Possible German U-boat found at the bottom of a river in Canada.

07.30.12 — A look at East Lancashire, home to the 400-year-old Pendle witch trials.

07.24.12 — An awesome gallery of garbage-picked art in Manhattan.

07.24.12 — New Orleans musician embalmed standing up to preside over his own funeral.

07.24.12 — Oscar Wilde's house for sale.

07.22.12 — Sherlock Holmes museums around the world.

07.21.12 — A video tour of iRobot's island of misfit robots.

07.21.12 — New art installation of thousands of illuminated tents in Britain.

07.21.12 — A new exhibit in London about robotically augmented humans.

07.20.12 — An interview with R.L. Stine, celebrating 20 years of Goosebumps (with pics of his office).

07.19.12 — Tiny, mysterious purple crabs swarm Oahu.

07.19.12 — An open-air library in a vineyard in Belgium.

07.19.12 — An exhibition of mummy faces in the UK.

07.17.12 — A visit to Aquarius, the last undersea base.

07.16.12 — A look at Manhattan cemeteries.

07.13.12 — Hungarian forest and town still red and Martian-like from a 2010 sludge spill.

07.13.12 — A vertical ocean vessel.

07.13.12 — The Exorcist on stage, starring Richard Chamberlain.

07.07.12 — Scottish mummies found that are actually made up of various bodies Frankenstein'd together.

07.07.12 — China clones London's Tower Bridge.

07.07.12 — Ruins of a massive and ancient British civilization discovered beneath North Sea.

07.07.12 — Great pics of the "doomsday" seed vault in the Arctic.

07.06.12 — Entrepreneur proposes plan to turn part of derelict Detroit into a live-action zombie theme park.

07.06.12 — 20-foot long man-eating crocodile is officially the largest in captivity.

07.06.12 — Australian desert town gets a surprise Lego forest.

06.06.12 — More vampire graves found. This time, in Bulgaria.

06.03.12 — Tarantula swarm attacks village in India.

06.03.12 — New evidence pinpoints Amelia Earhart crash and maroonment site.

06.03.12 — The famous house of the Mole Man of Hackney is for sale.

05.30.12 — A picture essay of cliffside monasteries.

05.24.12 — The gnawed human skeleton that inspired a Sylvia Plath poem goes on display in the UK.

05.22.12 — Remains of a car-sized prehistoric turtle found in a coal mine in Colombia.

05.22.12 — Recently discovered Native American skulls returned to America from England.

05.22.12 — An exhibition of invisible art in London.

05.19.12 — Abandoned Metro tunnel in Paris converted to massive advert for Ridley Scott's Prometheus movie.

05.18.12 — A 200-year-old shipwreck found in Gulf of Mexico.

05.18.12 — China's famous terra-cotta army...in color.

05.18.12 — UK house where Winnie the Pooh was written and the Rolling Stones' Brian Jones drowned is for sale.

05.13.12 — Preserved WW2 fighter plane found in the Sahara.

05.13.12 — Map-based mural locator. Pretty cool idea.

05.13.12 — Massive Disney exhibit of artifacts from the movies and theme parks to open this summer in California.

05.13.12 — Tokyo celebrates festival with 100,000 floating LEDs.

05.08.12 — 425-year-old map makes lost Roanoke colony newsworthy again.

05.05.12 — Massive Marilyn Monroe statue moving from Chicago to California. Here's my visit to it.

05.05.12 — A one-day conference in Rome this month celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of the strange Voynich Manuscript.

05.05.12 — Disneyland Paris to get Star Wars Land.

05.02.12 — A Google Street View tour of the inside of the oddball Archie McPhee store in Seattle, WA.

05.02.12 — Otzi the, the 5,300-year-old ice mummy in Italy has the oldest blood on record.

04.30.12 — Hammer Studios to shoot at Winchester Mystery House for new haunted house flick.

04.30.12 — How the Villisca Ax Murders might be saving Villisca.

04.30.12 — One World Trade Center becomes tallest building in NYC today.

04.29.12 — Lincoln's opera glasses from "that night" for sale.

04.28.12 — DARPA to auction the stealth ship that inspired its counterpart in Tomorrow Never Dies...for scrap.

04.27.12 — MacGyver's floating house for sale.

04.26.12 — Stonehenge bouncy house in Glasgow.

04.26.12 — Egyptian Book of the Dead fragment found in Australia.

04.26.12 — A private collection in California of typewriters of the famous.

04.23.12 — First ever wild white killer whale spotted, off Russia.

04.23.12 — Pretty awesome abandoned asylum footage from undisclosed location.

04.23.12 — Not to be redundant, but Milan has a cool eyeball sculpture.

04.23.12 — Boston chooses design for its Edgar Allan Poe memorial. It's Bad-Ass Poe.

04.20.12 — Massive, 20-foot-long great white shark caught in Sea of Cortez.

04.20.12 — Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia opens in Michigan.

04.20.12 — A strange geothermal hot water beach in New Zealand.

04.18.12 — Mark Cline's Haunted Monster Museum in Natural Bridge, VA, burns to the ground.

04.18.12 — The story of the hidden Vatican crypt that holds either a mobster or a murder victim.

04.18.12 — Strawberry leopard discovered in South Africa.

04.18.12 — Rare statue of possible victorious female gladiator discovered.

04.17.12 — Space shuttle Discovery touches down at Dulles for its museum retirement.

04.16.12 — Original manuscript for Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde that reveals a more sordid story goes on display at British Library.

04.14.12 — Zoo in Gaza features mummified animals.

04.14.12 — Paris exhibit on voodoo priests and shamans, both primitive and modern.

04.14.12 — A look at some of the most mysterious shipwrecks on the ocean floor.

04.12.12 — Mummified arm of civil war soldier donated to Maryland museum.

04.10.12 — Japan's Suicide Forest back in the news...with eerie footage.

04.07.12 — The world came this close to a life-sized Starship Enterprise attraction in Las Vegas.

04.04.12 — New exhibit at the London Natural History Museum shows off the insides of preserved animals Body World-style.

04.04.12 — Artist sculpts life-sized glass skeleton filled with blue electricity.

03.31.12 — The lease i sup on the graves of Hitler's parents.

03.31.12 — A Japanese beach full of vibrantly glowing squid.

03.27.12 — Amazing "shore sculptures" by artist Andres Amador.

03.27.12 — Japanese ghost ship sighted off British Columbia.

03.27.12 — Massive book sculpture in Spain.

03.27.12 — Historic Hollywood studio to be demolished.

03.26.12 — Believers converge on a mountain in France under the assumption it'll be a spaceship that saves them from the apocalypse.

03.26.12 — 20-year-old Hobbit-themed pub in UK gets its copyright settlement paid by The Hobbit movie actors.

03.26.12 — Narnia-themed playroom complete with wardrobe door.

03.25.12 — James Cameron becomes third person in history to deepest part of the ocean and first to do it solo.

03.23.12 — The exotic and strange fare at the 108th Explorer's Club annual dinner in New York.

03.23.12 — Real-life Scooby Doo Mystery Machine for sale in California.

03.23.12 — New segment of Great Wall of China found...outside of China.

03.23.12 — Halloween producer Moustapha Akkad gets a memorial bench in front of the house where they filmed the movie.

03.22.12 — Fluorescent millipedes found on Alcatraz during night-time rat census. Favorite headline ever.

03.20.12 — Atlas Obscura's Obscura Day 2012 events officially announced.

03.20.12 — Astounding 3D virtual tours of the buildings of the Vatican. You won't leave the Sistine Chapel for days.

03.18.12 — The ruins of a Los Angeles bunker intended to be a Nazi headquarters.

03.10.12 — A haunted house convention in St. Louis.

03.09.12 — UK artist makes carves trees into amazing sculptures in the woods.

03.07.12 — The journals of Lizzie Borden's lawyer come to light.

03.07.12 —  The story of a giant, terrifying-looking bug on a secluded, terrifying-looking island.

03.07.12 —  Massive spiderwebs blanket Australian town.

03.05.12 —  Optimus Prime in snow.

03.04.12 — Discounted Dahmer tour in Milwaukee yields mainstream controversy.

03.04.12 — Saint's heart stolen from Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.

03.04.12 — FAO Schwartz exhibits classic toys in Manhattan.

03.02.12 — Ancient 12-foot robot gorilla suddenly appears on back road in England.

02.21.12 — Only privately held copy of Munch's The Scream to be auctioned.

02.21.12 — New Edward Gorey exhibit in New York.

02.21.12 — The strange tale of Sargent Johnson's carved redwood panel.

02.18.12 — Illinois mall used in Blues Brothers to be torn down.

02.18.12 — River in Beirut turns red.

02.18.12 — A driveable R2-D2, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

02.14.12 — Witchcraft trial in Germany resumes after 400 years.

02.14.12 — Amazing pictures of the wonders of Arizona on its centennial.

02.14.12 — World Sword Swallowers Day 2012 events at Ripley's around the country and in the UK.

02.10.12 — Unique 400-year-old explanation for lake monsters.

02.10.12 — Everything you wanted to know about bird mummies.

02.10.12 — Drive-through funeral parlor in Los Angeles.

02.09.12 — New species of corpse flower found on an island off Madagascar.

02.07.12 — Diseased brain exhibit in Peru.

02.07.12 —  A look at Mary Ann Cotton, Britain's first serial killer.

02.07.12 —  Charles Dickens' taxidermied raven that inspired Poe to write his famous poem on display in Philadelphia.

02.03.12 —  Uniquely designed Amazon River cruise ship.

02.03.12 —  Bone guillotine made by early 1800s war prisoner for sale.

02.03.12 —  Giant, white crustacean dredged from ocean depths off New Zealand.

01.31.12 —  Novelty restaurants from around the world.

01.31.12 —  MGH in Boston to get its own medical museum.

01.31.12 —  Idea for an atheist temple in London proffered.

01.23.12 —  Isaac Asimov graffiti in Rome.

01.23.12 —  Hellboy summer camp in Portland.

01.23.12 —  Volcano observatories around the world.

01.21.12 —  Awesome-looking and rare ribbon seal seen in Seattle.

01.21.12 — France planning Napoleonland.

01.21.12 —  Surreal Conjoined 2 art show in Santa Monica.

01.20.12 —  Century-old skeleton found in attic in Michigan.

01.20.12 —  Giant fiberglass dinosaurs for sale after Ohio tourist attraction closes.

01.20.12 —  David Cronenberg discusses Freud's chair, on display in the Freud Museum in Vienna.

01.13.12 —  Intricate racetrack sculpture inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis takes four years to build.

01.13.12 —  Behind the scenes at New Orleans' Mardi Gras float factory and museum.

01.13.12 — Rare oarfish corpse washes ashore in Florida.

01.11.12 —  Salem's first witch closing down her witch shop.

01.11.12 —  A look into the Morbid Anatomy Library in Brooklyn.

01.11.12 — The job of a whale dissector.

01.09.12 —  Jim Morrison's house burned during recent arson rampage.

01.09.12 —  Old nuclear power plant in the Philippines now a vacation spot.

01.09.12 —  A local goes on a homes of the famous tour in Los Angeles.

01.08.12 —  When Tim Burton decorated the White House for Halloween. Here's a pic.

01.06.12 —  Girl sneaks into rocket factory in Russia for some awesome pics.

01.06.12 —  Scientists make giant-headed super soldier ants at will.

01.06.12 —  The Cock Lane Ghost celebrates the big 250.

01.03.12 —  Bonnie and Clyde's guns go up for auction.

01.03.12 —  Large prop of Serenity spaceship discovered in the Universal archives.

01.03.12 —  The Obliteration Room art installation in Queensland.

01.03.12 —  Universal Studios closes Jaws ride after 20 years for a new Harry Potter attractions.

01.02.12 —  Colorado's strange Frozen Dead Guys celebration.

01.02.12 —  Atlas Obscura's ten most popular places for 2011.

01.02.12 —  Mysterious, disgusting foam smothers English town.

01.02.12 —  Dukes of Hazzard's "jumping" General Lee up for auction.

12.30.11 —  Giant pop culture character statues made of wood and paper to be burnt for Ecuador New Year's tradition.

12.30.11 —  Solution offered for mystery behind strange bird event that inspired Hitchcock's movie.

12.30.11 — Abandoned brothels around the world.

12.29.11 —  The BBC looks at the Congo's famous dinosaur myth.

12.29.11 —  A large article about shrunken heads.

12.29.11 — Cruises re-creating the Titanic's voyage on its 100-year anniversary prove popular.

12.28.11 —  Why there's a market for murderbilia.

12.28.11 —  8,900-year-old piece of wood found in Lake Huron might be human artifact.

12.28.11 —  A look at the success of Madame Tussaud's billion-dollar wax empire.

12.27.11 — DeLorean from Back to the Future 3 sold for half a million dollars.

12.27.11 — DNA of a Himalayan Yeti finger tested.

12.27.11 — Plans for an extraterrestrial-themed brothel in Nevada.

12.24.11 — Story and archive of the copywriter who created Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

12.22.11 — Century-old letter to Santa found in Dublin chimney.

12.21.11 — Bela Lugosi's Dracula cape fails to sell at auction.

12.15.11 — Plans for the second largest man-made structure on the planet that nobody will see because it'll be beneath the Mediterranean.

12.15.11 — Taxidermy animal hybrid art.

12.15.11 — A deserted, unfinished fake Disneyland in China.

12.13.11 — Cold War missile silo in New York converted to a luxury home is up for sale.

12.13.11 — In one New York town, they tell their Christmas wishes to a decades-old talking egg.

12.13.11 — Giant smiley face mounted atop a German tower changes its expression with the mood of the city around it.

12.12.11 — "Charles Dickens and the Supernatural" exhibit at the British Library.

12.10.11 — South Korean tower design looks like the exploding Twin Towers.

12.10.11 — A Slate.com writer gets access to some of the more exclusive parts of the Vatican.

12.10.11 — A Spanish museum with the largest collection of toy soldiers and figures in the world.

12.10.11 — Leaky chapel roof could mean that Ethiopia's famed (and claimed) Ark of the Covenant to be seen in public.

12.01.11 — The designs for famous public memorials that didn't get chosen...like Abraham Lincoln's pyramid.

12.01.11 — New spook-themed restaurant opens in Cassadaga, FL.

12.01.11 — Gigantic chocolate art exhibit to debut in Shanghai.

11.30.11 — Glass barrier erected over Oscar Wilde's tomb to stop people from kissing it.

11.29.11 — Mysterious Voynich Manuscript now avaiable to peruse for free in digital form.

11.28.11 — An awesome glowing, roller-coaster staircase art installation in Germany.

11.28.11 — A look at the Spectre of Brocken, a natural phenomenon involving fog, rainbows, and spookiness.

11.28.11 — Developers looking to build an underground park in New York City.

11.18.11 — London, Ontario baseball team named after a famous serial killer.

11.17.11 — A giant robot snake meets a giant robot spider.

11.17.11 — An effort is underway to save the chapel at the cemetery where Night of the Living Dead was filmed.

11.16.11 — Hitler's custom brass treaty-signing desk to go to auction.

11.16.11 — Cool telescope/microscope mural in France.

11.16.11 — New documentary about the UFO Welcome Center in South Carolina.

11.16.11 — Why Wyatt Earp is buried in a Jewish graveyard in California.

11.15.11 — Amazing glass-bottomed skywalk atop a mountain in China opened for tourists.

11.09.11 — Tokyo's massive underground flood prevention system looks too awesome to bury.

11.09.11 — Italian stone cutter finds fossil whale in slabs of marble.

11.09.11 — Recent efforts afoot to put out a 70-year-old mine fire in Utah.

11.09.11 — A six-story windows phone in Manhattan.

11.08.11 — 80 different artists interpret the same Frankenstein monster bust (warning: high level of cool).

11.07.11 — A 3D Lego terracotta army ground mural.

11.05.11 — Newly discovered knife thought to be Jack the Ripper's.

11.05.11 — Shipwreck could be site of Sir Francis Drake's coffin.

11.05.11 — Field of Dreams sold. And bought.

11.01.11 —  A Victorian-era drunk driving warning pillar in Wales.

11.01.11 —  Nebraska's Carhenge is up for sale.

11.01.11 —  There are robots in the news every day, but for some reason, this one is the most terrifying.

09.26.11 —  A homemade (?), livable hobbit house in Wales.

09.26.11 —  A Lego greenhouse in London.

09.26.11 —  Glass igloos in Finland for watching the Northern Lights.

09.26.11 — A see-through church in Belgium.

09.19.11 — Zombie graves found in Ireland, where they're called revenants.

09.13.11 — Rod Serling's hometown paints Twilight Zone scenes on one of its park carousels.

09.12.11 — Playhouses shaped like mushroom clouds.

09.07.11 —  Star Wars Day at Giants stadium in San Francisco.

09.07.11 —  A review of the Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial opening next week.

09.07.11 —  Update on the ongoing construction of the world's first commercial spaceport.

09.06.11 —  Maine Crypto museum on the move.

09.06.11 —  Supercroc caught in the Philippines.

09.06.11 —  Leather-wrapped Ferrari in France.

09.02.11 —  Venice Beach freak show.

08.31.11 —  Spooky radioactive figures make up an art installation in Hamburg.

08.31.11 —  Old military vehicles found in abandoned underground bunker in France.

08.31.11 —  They're calling it. Shipwreck discovered off North Carolina "officially" Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge.

08.29.11 —  The Russians invent sleepboxes.

08.29.11 —  Inside a fake barf factory in Chicago.

08.29.11 —  Statue with a severed Ronald McDonald head in Venice, Italy.

08.25.11 — The Piasa Bird petroglyph in Illinois needs more press.

08.24.11 —  Gaddafi's insane compound, including carnival rides and the glass-encased bedroom of his dead infant daughter.

08.18.11 — Amazing images of Bolivia's salt flats.

08.17.11 —  Billionaire funds artificial libertarian island nations.

08.17.11 —  A slideshow of some of hte most famous UFO encounters.

08.17.11 — New Harry Potter studio tour in London lets you walk the original sets.

08.12.11 —  Gigantic soda can portrait of Michael Jackson.

08.12.11 — One-of-a-kind pregnant plesiosaurus fossil goes on display in Los Angeles.

08.12.11 — Top Gun house in California saved from destruction.

08.11.11 — Guy with a Smurf collection (and the most disturbing image I've seen in a long, long time).

08.11.11 — Hotels in Germany and Austria made of drain pipes.

08.11.11 — Metallic sea dune art installation in Paris made of CDs.

08.07.11 — Motorcycle in Thailand made to look like an Alien-Predator hybrid.

08.06.11 — Way interesting human body part bakery in Thailand.

08.05.11 — Giant bathing woman statue floating in a river in Germany.

08.02.11 — Drought reveals piece of Columbia shuttle in Texas.

08.01.11 — New Hampshire commemorates the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction with a historic marker. Next stop...theme park. Read about my own encounter with the abduction story here.

07.31.11 — A 192-wheel supertrailer hauling nuclear waste to traverse California.

07.31.11 — Loch Ness monster attractions fighting with each other.

07.31.11 — Hotel suite made out of a Boeing 727.

07.28.11 — Walt Disney's house for sale in CA.

07.28.11 — J.K. Rowling's childhood house up for sale in UK.

07.28.11 — The Big Lebowski house for sale in CA.

07.28.11 — Amityville Horror house (movie version) for sale in NJ.

07.26.11 — South Dakota ghost town up for sale.

07.26.11 — Museum of Fine Arts in Boston attempts to buy a green spiky tower made of glass.

07.26.11 — 90-year-old ruins of an Argentina town emerge from the water where it drowned.

07.26.11 — The race to Challenger Deep, the deepest spot on the planet, is on.

07.25.11 — Mysterious tunnels in Bavaria run under churches and farmland.

07.21.11 — Latest strange sea carcass washes up onto beach in Scotland.

07.21.11 — Michael Jackson's original Thriller jacket to go on its own tour.

07.21.11 — WWI plane corrodes on a rooftop in Manhattan.

07.16.11 — A hermit crab in a custom-made glass shell.

07.16.11 — A slideshow of some of the historic artifacts that'll be in D.C.'s African American Museum, which opens in 2015.

07.15.11 — Daleks in London again.

07.15.11 — New Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire.

07.15.11 — 26-foot-tall Marilyn Monroe statue in Chicago.

07.13.11  — Pics from a Vodou ceremony in Haiti.

07.05.11 — Rare white buffalo born in Texas.

07.05.11 — Giant squid found dying in Florida. Will spend afterlife in a local museum.

07.05.11 — China opens world's longest bridge over water.

06.30.11 — One hundred mummies discovered in remote Italian church.

06.30.11 — Interview with the Lizard Man, who now has a wax figure in Madame Tussaud's in New York.

06.30.11 — A witch museum in Norway (access it via Chrome browser for a translation).

06.25.11 — A Jurassic Park-themed sex hotel in Japan.

06.24.11 — World's largest uncut emerald in Colombia.

06.24.11 — Oldest American drawing discovered on a mammoth bone in FL.

06.24.11 — Rare complete Christian flat earth maphttp://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/11651 donated to Smithsonian.

06.24.11 — Black market moon dust found in St. Louis.

06.17.11 — A see-through Pontiac in Michigan.

06.17.11 — Town in Spain paints itself blue for a Smurfs movie publicity stunt.

06.17.11 — India plans on building world's tallest statue.

06.14.11 — Mysterious hum permeates small UK village.

06.14.11 — Slideshow of some of the oldest trees on the planet.

06.14.11 — Massive photo essay from this year's E3 convention in California.

06.14.11 — Shrunken head in Tel Aviv museum confirmed by DNA evidence to be legitimate.

06.09.11 — A slideshow of artifacts pulled from what some believe to be the sunken flagship of Blackbeard.

06.08.11 — A bouncy street in France.

06.08.11 — Dilapidated dinosaurs in Arizona.

06.08.11 — "Magic" temple in Japan untouched by tsunami and fire.

06.03.11 — Near-finished life-sized working replica of Noah's Ark ready to hit the water and head for London. Well, sort of working. Looks like the builder might have cheated a bit to keep it afloat.

06.03.11 — Alabaster statue of Tut's grandfather, Amenhotep III, found in Egypt.

06.03.11 — Leslie Nielson's headstone in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He was gravely serious about his comedy.

06.02.11 — The Little Shop of Horrors in London.

06.02.11 — The most photographed New York City attraction, according to Flickr.

06.02.11 — Great article about gigantic crawler that delivers shuttles to the launch pad, although for not much longer.

06.01.11 — Cool photo essay on an Arctic ice station.

06.01.11 — Remnants of yellow-brick road that might've inspired L. Frank Baum discovered by historian.

05.31.11 — A look at the subterranean city under Jerusalem.

05.31.11 — Two-thousand-year-old sealed tunnel found in Mexico under the Temple of the Snake.

05.31.11 — Captain Morgan's cannons found in Panama. Possibly.

05.30.11 — Abandoned ruins of the Soviet space program.

05.26.11 — Lyger cubs in China. Not a type-o.

05.26.11 — New York's deceased Leatherman a no-show at his own exhumation (via @RyanEWolf)

05.26.11 — A photo tour of Facebook's enormous new data center in Prineville, OR (via @mcolombo).

05.25.11 — Skull of the patron saint of genital disease up for auction in Ireland.

05.25.11 — The Vincentennial, a celebration of the 100th birthday of Vincent Price, is in full swing in his hometown of St. Louis, MO.

05.24.11 — George Lucas talks the newly revamped Star Tours at Disneyland (video).

05.24.11 — Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery in Salem, MA, to unveil its new Abominable Dr. Phibes exhibit this weekend.

05.24.11 — Smithsonian gets the Parliament-Funkadelic spaceship.

05.18.11 — New attraction allows you to walk around the outside of the top of Toronto's CN Tower.

05.18.11 — Way cool bookstores from around the world.

05.18.11 — Unabomber items to be auctioned.

05.16.11 — New York Public Library displays a lock of Mary Shelley's hair, Jack Kerouac's Valium box, Charles Dickens' cat-paw letter opener, and other literary artifacts.

05.11.11 — Vincent Price Art Museum in L.A. to re-open.

05.10.11 — Mummified, tattooed Maori head given back to New Zealand after a few decades in France.

05.10.11 — Home Alone house near Chicago up for sale.

05.10.11 — Norway's experimental pleasure prison.

05.05.11 — Edith Wharton House and other historic writer's homes turn to ghosts for funding.

05.05.11 — Match the real-life villain with his lair.

05.05.11 — The rise of "postmodern tourism."

05.02.11 — Replica Yeti scalp and hand given to Nepal monastery.

05.01.11 — The body of Pope John Paul II exhumed for beatification.

05.01.11 — A list of creepy abandoned cities (thanks, @frenchieandbean)

05.01.11 — A teenage Vermont mummy undergoes CT for insight into the unexplained deaths of children.

04.26.11 — SETI shuts down. Makes me wants to re-watch Contact.

04.26.11 — Another crazy statue list. Been to 2 out of 14.

04.26.11 — Lost Mayan city discovered in Guatemala jungle.

04.26.11 — A visit and picture set from the warehouse of the people who made Chuck E. Cheese the mouse he is.

04.24.11 — 15th Century Satanic automata made by Christians to scare Christians.

04.23.11 — Ugh...Baltimore Edgar Allan Poe House might be shutting down. Would be a real shame.

04.21.11 — Jim Henson exhibit coming to Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

04.19.11 — Derivative, crystal-covered objects of death and violence proffered as art. Bonus mis-definition of the word "ossuary."

04.19.11 — Entire medieval Italian village for sale, cheap (via @rskovach).

04.19.11 — Seattle's Space Needle celebrates its 50th year, fondly looks back on its time as the symbol for Frasier.

04.17.11 — Captain Scott's century-old Antarctic cabin and all its contents to be preserved (w/ cool pics).

04.16.11 — Charlie Chapman Museum to open in Sweden.

04.16.11 — Newseum in DC to get Japanese earthquake handwritten newspaper artifacts.

04.16.11 — Man-made stalagmite installation set in Brazilian nature park.

04.14.11 — UCLA room where the Internet was born to be preserved as a historic site.

04.14.11 — Iceland's Phallological Museum gets its first human specimen.

04.14.11 — NASA space shuttles assigned their retirement homes.

04.10.11 — Museum of Divine Statues opens in Cleveland.

04.10.11 — An "aluminum foil" opera curtain in Oslo.

04.10.11 — A controversial Michael Jackson statue in Egypt.

04.10.11 — The geoglyphs of Cerro Pintados in Chile.

04.10.11 — Kurt Cobain gets a guitar sculpture dedicated to him in his hometown of Aberdeen, WA.

04.10.11 — In Washington state, the last island prison in the country closes.

04.07.11 — Relevant part of the headline: "Millions of Puppy Mummies."

04.07.11 — Legendary two-century-old New York prison Sing Sing might become condos.

04.07.11 — The International Cryptozology Museum gets some Boston Globe press.

04.06.11 — Woman thought to inspire Da Vinci's Mona Lisa to be exhumed...for inspiring Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

04.06.11 — Jigsawing gladiator skeletons found in the UK back together again.

04.06.11 — One of the 70 codices recently found in the Middle East thought to bear the first-ever image of Jesus. Looks a lot like the Necronomicon to me.

03.25.11 — An essay about antique pictuers of the dead.

03.25.11 — The debate over the display of the ancient dead continues.

03.24.11 — Andres Basurto's Broken glass bottle skulls.

03.22.11 — Mimetoliths: a profile of rock profiles.

03.22.11 — A lengthy first-person piece on aboriginal cave art of Tennessee.

03.22.11 — The Appalachian Trail summed up in four minutes' worth of video.

03.22.11 — A 3D skull "carved" from $11,000 worth of $1 bills. You should take a look even if that description doesn't grab your attention.

03.21.11 — Zombie-themed restaurant to open in Iowa.

03.21.11 — A look at the new interactive queue for Disney's Haunted Mansion.

03.21.11 — Gallagher selling his stuff.

03.21.11 — Really cool photographer project that documents Stanley Kubrik filming locations.

03.20.11 — A freaky house covered in toys in Toronto.

03.20.11 — The history of the Hollywood sign.

03.20.11 — A "practice" tube station on the third floor of a London building.

03.18.11 — Victorian dress made from a thousand beetle wings.

03.18.11 — From Tolkein to Joyce, the locations of famous author inspirations.

03.18.11 — Six-foot statue of comedian Stan Laurel turns reappears after being stolen seven years ago.

03.17.11 — Crystal skull thought to be owned by Nazi fiend Heinrich Himmler found in the rafters of a house in Bavaria.

03.17.11 — Seven weird wonders of Ireland.

03.14.11 — The writing sheds of famous authors.

03.14.11 — Lost city of Atlantis found, I guess.

03.14.11 — To cure its boredom, science community starts shooting lasers at Stonehenge.

03.12.11 — Iron Man's mansion for sale in California for $25 million.

03.12.11 — Life-sized car made out of blue Play-Doh in the UK.

03.12.11 — New, giant impact crater found in the wilds of the Congo.

03.11.11 — A Batman-themed room in a rent-by-the-hour hotel in Taiwan.

03.08.11 — New lava fissure leads the way to hell in Hawaii.

03.08.11 — The remains of 27 people point to ancient death ritual in the Himalayas (via Morbid Curiosity).

03.08.11 — Billions of dead sardines mysteriously clog a marina in Redondo Beach, CA.

03.08.11 — An electric chair, a restraint cage, a Klan hood, and other macabre artifacts go on R-rated display in Columbus, OH.

03.07.11 — Machinist Vaughn Reid, his Museum of Creativity, and his UFO landing zone.

03.07.11 — New "urban devestation" ride in UK gets hate from pilots because the airplane wreckage in the ride is too close to major airports.

03.07.11 — The house from Up built (and flown) in real life.

03.07.11 — A 700-year-old mummy found by road workers in China (via Morbid Curiosity).

03.06.11 — Ancient Middle East statues damaged during World War II bombing go on display in Berlin.

03.06.11 — Bone fragments thought to be Amelia Earheart's come back from tests as inconclusive.

03.06.11 — Sunken Cold War submarine thought to be Russian in origin found in Baltic Sea.

03.06.11 — Pompeii exhibit opens in New York.

03.05.11 — City-sized cave detected on the moon.

03.05.11 — Jaws of the world's largest shark in the history of the planet to go up for auction in Dallas, TX.

03.05.11 — TARDIS toilet installed at a Brooklyn bar.

03.02.11 — We finally can put a face to the famous mummy that is Otzi the Iceman.

02.26.11 — A century-and-a-half-year-old book of poetry covered in the skin of a murderer.

02.25.11 — Doomsday shelters and the real estate market.

02.25.11 — Latest article asking the question, "Have we found Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge?" This time from Smithsonian Magazine.

02.25.11 — The world's largest scale model of the solar system is in Sweden.

02.25.11 — The ruins of Detroit (Thanks, Marcia).

02.23.11 — Human experiment site uncovered in Japan.

02.23.11 — Smithsonian plans "The Art of Video Games" exhibit.

02.23.11 — Edward Gorey exhibit at the Boston Athenaeum.

02.18.11 — Underwater caves + human skull + mastadon bones = cool pics and article.

02.17.11 — Some museums serruptitiously turning against the display of human remains. This means fewer mummies.

02.15.11 — 12,000-year-old rock carvings of faces found by scientists looking for giant rat fossils in East Timor.

02.15.11 — Animal sex exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London.

02.15.11 — Architects have the best houses: a glass tilt-house in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

02.15.11 — Pics from the Twin Peaks Art Show in Los Angeles.

02.14.11 — World's oldest wedding cake is 113-years-old (Thanks, Marcia).

02.14.11 — Hitler's desk for sale in California.

02.14.11 — Plans in place to exhume New York's Leather Man.

02.14.11 — Todd Rundgren 70s-era pyramid stage prop now stands sentinel in a field in Massachusetts (Thanks, Frank).

02.13.11 — Pictures from inside the 100-year-old "Time Capsule Mansion" in France.

02.12.11 — Voynich Manuscript carbon-dated.

02.09.11 — Hiking up Hollywoodland.

02.09.11 — Crazy 40-year-old locksmith business in New York covered in artfully arranged keys.

02.09.11 — Ghost tour fan shocked by Las Vegas death tour.

02.08.11 — A slideshow of famous dead people we keep disinterring.

02.08.11 — A 1,500-year-old church with an animal-mosaic floor discovered in Israel.

02.08.11 — Mayor of Detroit officially responds to rumors of a RoboCop statue. And it's bad news.

02.08.11 — Proposed plans for a waste incinerator in Denmark that doubles as as ski slope.

02.07.11 — A Japanese restaurant with monkeys in human masks for waiters. Caution: Extremely creepy.

02.06.11 — Big plans for the Mummies of Palermo in Sicily.

02.06.11 — From the Phaistos Disc to the Voynich Manuscript, 10 famous uncracked codes.

02.06.11 — The Russians have almost penetrated Lake Vostok in Antarctica. Panic at what's unleashed to follow.

02.05.11 — First ever "Dark Sky Island" designated.

02.04.11 — A visit to the giant, but no-longer-red T-Rex from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

02.02.11 — In case you didn't get the announcement, there is now a National Pinball Museum in Washington, DC.

02.02.11 — There is more than just catacombs below Paris.

02.02.11 — Pictures inside London's secret crisis command bunker.

02.01.11 — Massive article from the New Yorker on Guillermo del Toro, his collection, and his process for designing monsters.

01.31.11 — Did you ever have that nightmare where thousands of sharks converge on you? No? Do you want it?

01.29.11 — An eight-foot tall monolithic VHS tape of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

01.29.11 — Plants with spring-loaded harpoon seeds.

01.27.11 — Hitler's last surviving bodyguard quits answering fanmail. What the F...uhrer?

01.25.11 — Latest corpse flower bloom is in Australia.

01.25.11 — Man-made artifact found on an iceberg near the South Pole. I mean, it's just a board, but it's still interesting.

01.25.11 — Around 1.5 million Egyptians in Cairo live in cemeteries.

01.25.11 — The private grave of an "amiable child" in New York.

01.24.11 — Behold...the birth of an island (video).

01.23.11 — "Hotels with a Macabre Past."

01.23.11 — Ancient Transylvanian gold.

01.23.11 — A 400-year-old German screaming skull timepiece with snakes for eyes.

01.23.11 — A sun dog in Michigan.

01.22.11 — Taxidermy store Paxton Gate in Portland, because dead animals are gross, but stuffed animals are cool.

01.22.11 — A hotel made of garbage in Madrid.

01.22.11 — A dog suicide bridge in the UK? That's a journalistic questions mark, so the answer is "No." (via @rskovach)

01.21.11 — Vultures descend on the DC area. Incidentally, a group of vultures is called a committee, a wake, or a venue. Weird.

01.21.11 — A Twin Peaks 20th anniversary art show.

01.21.11 — The Atlas Obscura group explores the Explorer's Club in New York.

01.21.11 — That octopus that predicted silly stuff is being cremated and getting its own shrine.

01.20.11 — French mansion sealed for 100 years is opened to reveal amazing collection.

01.20.11 — Madrid man builds his own cathedral out of throw-away materials.

01.20.11 — A travelogue of Yellowstone National Park's hot springs.

01.20.11 — A padded cell made of cotton candy in New York.

01.19.11 — Happy 202, EAP. For the second year in a row, the Poe Toaster no-shows, probably because of people like this article writer.

01.18.11 — Arrest of a looter might lead to location of Caligula's tomb.

01.18.11 — A look at the mysteries of bog bodies.

01.18.11 — An elaborate Buddhist temple in Thailand features a strange pop culture mural.

01.17.11 — The crypt of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Atlanta.

01.15.11 — Art installation in Vancouver makes it look like a building is on fire.

01.14.11 — Rare jade chinese burial suit from the Han Dynasty up for auction.

01.13.11 — Booty from Blackbeard's shipwreck off the coast of Beaufort, NC, includes a cool sword hilt. Click here to read about my visit to where his house is in the same area.

01.13.11 — World's first orange alligator found and photo'd by a septagenarian in FL.

01.13.11 — The only remaining wall mural in the Tower of London gets investigated...with science.

01.12.11 — A crazy little story about the theft of the corpse of an Irish giant in the 1700s and how its preserved skeleton is being used in medical research today.

01.12.11 — So your witch of local folklore turned out to be a serial killer. Sorry about that Dublin.

01.10.11 — Cedar Rapids, IA, uses "crow coffins" to scare off annual crow hoards. Nobody wants a town full of murders.

01.10.11 — Musical score hidden in the facade of a Renaissance-era church in Naples, Italy.

01.10.11 — A river in British Columbia turns fluorescent green.

01.10.11 — The guy behind the Body Worlds exhibition that showcases real, plasticinated corpses to become a part of the show after his predicted death from Parkinson's.

01.09.11 — Cool pics and video of an eerie underwater sculpture park filled with sculptures of people.

01.05.11 — A.N. Devers's account of how she landed one of Edward Gorey's fur coats at auction.

01.05.11 — Dennis Hopper's art collection up for sale. Includes great anecdate about him, Andy Warhol, and a gun.

01.03.11 — A TIME slideshow about La Santa Muerte, Mexico's not-recognized-by-the-Catholic-Church, saint of death.

01.03.11 — Thousands of dead birds mysteriously fall from the sky in Arkansas.

01.03.11 — A panda cow in Colorado.

01.03.11 — Exploring the tunnels under New York City.

01.03.11 — Perito Moreno, a glacier in Argentina that acts according to its own rules.

01.02.11 — Spot occupied by Zoltar in Big now occupied by a Pepsi machine. Nice photo comparison.

01.01.11 — A cave in Vietnam big enough to devour a skyscraper and still be hungry. Great pics.

12.31.10 — Star Wars-inspired custom home theater.

12.31.10 — Qatar opens the first Arab Museum of Modern Art.

12.31.10 — A cemetery in Alabama dedicated to coon dogs.

12.31.10 — A defense-tower-turned-home in Suffolk, England.

12.30.10 — What it's like in a Chinese leper colony.

12.30.10 — The weird, weird Fly Geyser in Nevada.

12.30.10 — Plans for a rolling town in Norway.

12.29.10 — Possible oldest human remains found (in the form of a few teeth)...in Israel.

12.29.10 — Some pics from this year's amazing Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in China.

12.29.10 — The story of a medieval French church that found a collection of 30 murdered nobles beneath its flagstones in 1837.

12.29.10 — Snow Jabba.

12.28.10 — A look at ancient and antique automatons.

12.28.10 — An iceberg archway discovered out in the ocean.

12.28.10 — The airship hangar that is the world's largest freestanding building is about to become a water park.

12.23.10 — A copy of the Koran written in Saddam Hussein's blood.

12.20.10 — A multimedia art installation in New York that recreates The Last Supper using 2,000 lights and 33 screens.

12.20.10 — Remains of Amelia Earhart (or a sea turtle) found.

12.20.10 — Ghost cities of China.

12.20.10 — An Ohio lighthouse completely covered in ice.

12.20.10 — A slideshow of science fiction movie filming locations.

12.19.10 — A firsthand account of the Tim Burton exhibit, now in Toronto.

12.18.10 — A firsthand account of the Lee Harvey Oswald coffin from the auction house copywriter.

12.17.10 — A restaurant with robot wait staff in China.

12.17.10 — An $11 million Christmas tree in Abu Dhabi.

12.17.10 — Henry IV's severed head confirmed as Henry IV's severed head.

12.17.10 — Ancient Roman statue unearthed by a storm in Israel.

12.14.10 — A giant snow R2-D2 in New York.

12.14.10 — Chernobyl to open for tourism. Line for signing the waivers forms on the right.

12.14.10 — Two weeks until 2011, and we're still profiling Loch Ness monster hunters.

12.14.10 — The Duchess of Windsor's exotic panther braclelet sells for $4.5 million at auction, possibly to Madonna.

12.13.10 — 31-foot-tall snowman in Poland. Genius is 99% boredom.

12.09.10 — Troika's mesmerizing Falling Light art installation.

12.09.10 — Disney World's 17-foot-tall gingerbread tree.

12.09.10 — The secluded Montana land owned by the Unabomber up for sale. His actual cabin was moved to the Newseum in Washington, DC.

12.09.10 — Green Bay shrine becomes the only U.S. location officially acknowledged as the site of a Virgin Mary apparition.

12.08.10 — The Yoda bat, the ninja slug, the T. Rex leech, the Simpsons Toad: NatGeo picks the 10 weirdest creatures discovered in 2010.

12.02.10 — Reason #38 why I want an electric eel: In Japan, they use them to power Christmas tree lights.

12.01.10 — The original coffin of JFK's assassin to go up for auction. The things Santa has to do to fulfill some people's wish lists.

11.29.10 — An octopus-engraved 1700s-era gravestone in Massachusetts. Or it's just a flower.

11.29.10 — Good day to be in London Dr. Who Cybermen all over the place.

11.29.10 — The UK's oldest human brain discovered.

11.29.10 — Mary Shelley's original Frankenstein manuscript and other related artifacts on display in the UK.

11.17.10 — The remains of astronomer Tycho Brahe. Good times.

11.15.10 — This article against letting people use the amazingly architectured La Trobe Reading Room at the State Library in Victoria, Australia, as a tourist attraction makes me want to tour it.

11.15.10 — More sphinxes found in Egypt.

11.15.10 — An igloo art installation made of refrigerators in Germany.

11.15.10 — Abandoned buildings in Massachusetts (via @mcolombo)

11.13.10 — I find Steampunk slightly cool, but people's devotion to it kind of annoying. However, if you're going to be into it, outfit your entire house with it like this guy.

11.13.10 — An artificial reef made out of 400 human statues. It's like Atlantis and Pompeii teamed up to be the eeriest place on the planet.

11.13.10 — Where the streets have...video game...names.

11.13.10 — Some little known vantage points to watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. I'll stick with "home on television while I do something else if I remember it's on."

11.12.10 — Woody Allen is no protection from the mortgage crisis. The futuristic house from his slapstick science fiction film Sleeper gets foreclosed.

11.10.10 — Awe-inspiring pics of a rainbow, a leopard, and a mangled leprechaun. Just kidding. Only two out of three of those.

11.08.10 — Attack of the 170-Foot Jesus.

11.08.10 — The awesome Bolivian Day of Skulls tradition.

11.08.10 — Mysterious disgusting blob surfaces in a lake in Virginia. Gets identified. Remains disgusting.

11.08.10 — The House of Contamination art installation at the Artissima International Art Fair in Italy is made completely of trash.

11.07.10 — Hoarding is a problem. Hoarding old abandoned airplanes is still a problem...just a much cooler one.

11.05.10 —  When squids fly.

11.04.10 — Fossil dinosaur skull found in the polished stone walls of a centuries-old Italian church. I call a lot of stuff cool, but this might be one of the rare times I'm not exaggerating.

11.03.10 — The Egyptian Book of the Dead exhibit at the British Museum in London.

11.01.10 — Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition opens in Seattle, WA.

11.01.10 — Harry Houdini exhibit opens in New York.

11.01.10 — Way cool street art show on the walls of an abandoned subway in New York.

11.01.10 — A list of everything in this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, including a Kool-Aid Man "balloonicle."

10.30.10 — CNN.com writer visits Dracula's castle in Romania.

10.26.10 — Name these Halloween movie houses.

10.22.10 — Somebody way cool turned their ride into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle van.

10.14.10 — The dream to re-erect the bronze dinosaur sculptures smashed and buried in Central Park in the late 1800s.

10.14.10 — 17 lost cities that are apparently not lost since you can visit them (via @mcolombo).

10.14.10 — A space-eye view from NASA of the red, toxic sludge-filled river in Hungary.

10.14.10 — One hundred million ceramic sunflower seeds makes for an interesting art installation...to walk on.

10.12.10 — Volkswagen sponsoring movie project that focuses on filming locations of iconic movies. Involves comedy shorts (like being a firefighter at station where they filmed Ghostbusters) and showing movies where they were filmed (like An American Werewolf in London at London Zoo).

10.09.10 — Michael Jackson scarecrows in Thailand certainly scare something.

10.09.10 — A skeleton museum in Oklahoma uses flesh-eating beetles to create its bare bones exhibits.

10.09.10 — Switzerland in the process of creating the world's longest tunnel at 35 miles.

10.09.10 — Convictourism in Tasmania.

10.09.10 — Large Hadron Collider: The Mural.

09.29.10 — Grave of the last known sin-eater in UK celebrated.

09.20.10 — The largest spider web in the world can span a river.

09.20.10 — Skeleton of famous racehorse Phar Lap on display in Australia.

09.20.10 — Home made of foam for sale in Minnesota.

09.20.10 — One of the oldest skeletons in America found in an undersea cave in Mexico.

09.17.10 — A real-life Halloween Tree in Ray Bradbury's home state of Illinois.

09.14.10 — Franklin Castle in Cleveland, OH, sits bored, condemned, and gathering spook tales.

09.14.10 — Wisconsin's Devil's Island has sandstone caves and a riveted-steel lighthouse.

09.14.10 — A list of places to survive the apocalypse...if that's somethin' you want to be survivin'.

09.14.10 — 200-year-old whale skeleton found on the banks of the Thames.

09.11.10 — A visit to the lavishly dressed and displayed skeletons of the Waldsassen Basilica in Germany.

09.09.10 — Italian castle for sale. Includes a title for the owner and a dungeon for the people he hates.

09.08.10 — The story of a "locally grown" North Carolina mummy.

09.08.10 — National Geographic looks at the roving rocks of Death Valley. (via @atlasobscura)

09.08.10 — Cincinnati finds a secret, underground "beer tunnel."

09.08.10 — "Eerie Ukrainian Salt Mines House Convalescing Asthmatics."

09.07.10 — The Faddan More Psalter, an ancient manuscript written on Egyptian papyrus and found in an Irish bog after 1,000 years, goes on display at the National Museum of Ireland next year.

09.07.10 — Video of inflatable street art (via @StarrGazr).

09.07.10 — "The Spirit of the Stones" in New Hampshire Magazine.

09.07.10 — Katrina-damaged Six Flags in New Orleans is still closed and spooky. Worth seeing for the Joker pic.

09.05.10 — The Museum of Mummies in Guanajuato, Mexico. One of the top places I really want to see before you die.

09.03.10 — 3,000-year-old temple found in Jordan. (via @mcolombo)

09.03.10 — The completely untrue Massachusetts legend of Pearl French and her rocking chair-shaped tombstone.

09.03.10 — An interactive Mario Bros. mural in Ohio.

09.03.10 — Disney releases concept art for Tron: The Dance Club.

09.02.10 — Pennhurst Asyluym in Pennsylvainia is being turned into a haunted attraction this year. Enough people to get quoted in a newspaper article are pissed about it.

09.01.10 — The Iron Mountain Mine in California is a "toxic hellhole" full of acid pools and bacterial slime.

09.01.10 — An outdoor (natch?) tree museum in Switzerland. Writer, unfortunately, did not resist the Joni Mitchell joke.

09.01.10 — Prehistoric Forest attraction in Ohio about to close...fate of its fiberglass dinosaurs uncertain. (via @GoBIG_GoHome)

09.01.10 — A visit to the Los Lunas Mystery Stone in New Mexico.

08.31.10 — Ever see a fire tornado?

08.31.10 — A visit to the H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland.

08.31.10 — A honeymoon hotel suite in the Maldives that's basically a "reverse aquarium."

08.31.10 — The world's deepest indoor pool in Belgium features mutliple levels and a tunnel. (via @mcolombo)

08.29.10 — Theme and line-up for the 20th anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, FL, is revealed.

08.24.10 — A Flickr set of some of the witchcraft and Spanish Inquisition artifacts at the Lara Museum in Ronda, Spain.

08.21.10 — The Amityville Horror house had a yard sale.

08.20.10 — The home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, abandoned for years, could now be divvied up into apartments.

08.20.10 — Seven horrifying museums.

08.20.10 — Eight "craptastic" (their atrocious word, not mine) tourist attractions.

08.20.10 — Eight little-known strange museums.

08.20.10 — Ostentaiously bejeweled golden guns seized from drug lords go on display at a museum in Mexico.

08.19.10 — Sudan is about to start building cities shaped like animals so you'll know where the best and worst parts of town are.

08.19.10 — There's a new bridge sculpture in Council Bluffs, IA. "It looks like Freddy Krueger hands coming down, trying to grab somebody," says terrified populace.

08.19.10 — Famous 45-year-old, 70-pound carp dies and gets its own grave and headstone.

08.19.10 — Want to see what has been voted as Britain's ugliest new tower?

08.18.10 — The breathtaking beauty of the cemeteries of Paris.

08.17.10 — Electric pylons shaped like giant humans considered in Iceland. Please do this.

08.11.10 — Twenty homes with infamously violent pasts.

08.10.10 — View from the elite-access-only 103rd-story observation deck of the Empire State Building, which technically only has 102 floors.

08.10.10 — Robots delve into the Great Pyramid to try to access previously inaccessible chambers. Transformers II was right after all.

08.10.10 — Cool pics of sheep taking over the New Zealand Shire set from Lord of the Rings.

08.10.10 — 13-foot-long squid washes up on beach in New Zealand.

08.09.10 — Wreck of World War II bomber found in Adriatic Sea.

08.06.10 — Secret tunnel and chambers found under the famous Mexican ruins of Teotihuacan.

08.06.10 — A look at old prisons as tourist attractions.

08.06.10 — A primer on some of the major mummy exhibits in the world.

08.06.10 — In Iran, 700-year-old cave houses tunneled into natural rock formations that look like giant termite mounds.

08.04.10 — John the Baptist's bones found...in a Bulgarian monastery.

08.04.10 — The chariot that might've killed King Tut goes on display in New York.

08.04.10 — A giant wasp nest overtakes a home in the UK.

08.04.10 — H.M.S. Investigator found in Arctic after 150 years.

08.03.10 — Second annual UFO Festival in Exeter, NH.

08.02.10 — The ruins of Lynnewood Hall, a 100-year-old mansion in Philadelphia, PA

08.02.10 — Underground, I repeat, underground wildfires in Wyoming.

08.02.10 — Skeleton of the 4,000-year-old Gristhorpe Man gets a high-tech make-over and a new display in the UK.

08.02.10 — Record-setting two-pound hailstone found in South Dakota.

07.29.10 — Discovery Channel HQ in Silver Springs, MD, dons a giant inflatable shark for this year's Shark Week. The reality is cooler than what you are imagining.

07.28.10 — First there was the "Coathanger King Kong." Now there's the "Coathanger Christ." Not sure which one is more terrifying.

07.28.10 — A science fiction sand sculpture competition in Port Angeles, WA.

07.28.10 — New species of giant rat found in the "Lost World" of an extinct volcano crater in New Guinea.

07.28.10 — A visit to the Ghibli Museum in Japan, dedicated to animation and the work of Hayao Miyazaki.

07.24.10 — One of the world's oldest "doodles" found inscribed in a chunk of sandstone in the UK.

07.24.10 — The Lunch Box Museum of Columbus, GA.

07.24.10 — A second, wooden Stonehenge found 900 meters from original.

07.23.10 — Massive gun sculpture (i.e., sculpture made of guns) looks too cool for its anti-gun message.

07.23.10 — President of Venezuela exhumes the bones of Simon Bolivar.

07.23.10 — Discovery of a 15-million-year-old limestone cave in Australia yield fossils of giant marsupials.

07.23.10 — Cool stuff from Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego, CA.

07.21.10 — Wagon ruts on the Oregon Trail still visible after 150 years.

07.21.10 — The amazing "blue holes" of the Bahamas...and what they can tell us about life on other planets.

07.21.10 — Planned dinosaur museum in Australia boasts to kick the collective ass of the rest of the world's dinosaur museums.

07.21.10 — The Ice Museum holds ice sculpture reproductions of famous works of art at the Orange County fair in southern California.

07.18.10 — Larry and Vince, the crash test dummies from the "You could learn a lot from a dummy" public service announcements, are headed to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

07.16.10 — One-time Russian resort now just Russian ruins.

07.16.10 — P.T. Barnum Museum in Bridgeport shut down to tornado damage and lead contamination.

07.16.10 — More than you want to know about sperm trees (also called trees of heaven).

07.16.10 — Corpse flower set to bloom in Austin, TX.

07.15.10 — Archeologists find 18th Century ship buried at Ground Zero.

07.15.10 — Roy Rogers' stuffed and mounted horse Trigger bought by Nebraska TV station (via @novaris).

07.15.10 — New witch museum in Salem, MA, run by witches.

07.15.10 — Double tomb unearthed in Egypt could be just the tip of the cemetery-berg.

07.14.10 — A university in Poland has a collection of tattooed human flesh preserved in formaldehyde.

07.13.10 — Cool article idea on theme park attractions that outlive their movie tie-ins.

07.13.10 — Massachusetts guy claims to have found the once-infamous Babe Ruth piano in a pond in Sudbury.

07.13.10 — UK unleashes world's first stealth robot fighter plane, Taranis. Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.

07.13.10 — A Russian lake monster is eating people (via @novaris). I just want one lake monster sighting that isn't "long-necked" and "snake-like."

07.13.10 — Haven't you always wanted a monkey? A mummified howler mummy in a dress at the World of Mummies exhibit in Los Angeles, CA (via @atlasobscura).

07.12.10 — A tour of Mexico's drug tunnels.

07.12.10 — A solar-powered plane flies in Switzerland.

07.12.10 — Thousands gather on Easter Island to watch a total solar eclipse.

07.12.10 — Whale fossils found in Egyptian desert.

07.11.10 — Historians claim to find King Arthur's Round Table...and it seats 1,000...and it's not a table.

07.08.10 — A strange visit to the Temples of Humankind at the Federation of Damanhur in Italy.

07.08.10 — Tornadoes as tourist destinations.

07.08.10 — Ten fallen natural rock formations.

07.08.10 — P.T. Barnum's 200th birthday celebration, complete with medium and a Feejee Mermaid.

07.07.10 — The eerie, futuristic blue glow inside a German nuclear plant.

07.02.10 — Monster whale fossil found in Peruvian desert with teeth so large they were originally thought to be elephant tusks.

07.01.10 — New Ray Harryhausen exhibit at the London Film Museum opens on his 90th birthday and features many of his original models.

07.01.10 — We actually still have a lock of Napoleon's hair. Well, we don't, some guy that paid $13,000 at auction does. Still, that's cheaper than most celebrity memorabilia. We kind of suck.

07.01.10 — The flying car finally goes into production. Looks nothing like science fiction promised us.

07.01.10 — Corpse Flowers bloom this week in Wisconsin and California. Planning the invasion, I think.

06.30.10 — A 1000-mile-high Alpine viewing tower in Germany made up of a pair of open-air crossing walkways that dead-end in space.

06.29.10 — Antique (i.e., pre-Hitler) swastika quilt donated to Greeley Museum in Colorado.

06.29.10 — Amazing "homemade" animatronic Halo costume.

06.29.10 — This crack in Africa is the beginning of an ocean that will one day split the Dark Continent.

06.29.10 — Ten places you don't want to visit (except that a perverse part of you does).

06.28.10 — The infinity pool atop the 55-story hotel in Singapore is both relaxing and terrifying.

06.26.10 — World's largest gold coin sold at auction for $4 million. New owner will look just as silly as old owner carrying it around in his pocket.

06.23.10 — World's largest dinosaur graveyard found in western Canada.

06.23.10 — Behind the scenes at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

06.23.10 — Lasers uncover earliest images of Apostles Andrew and John in the catacombs under Rome.

06.23.10 — Image gallery of hidden Easter eggs at the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, FL.

06.22.10 — Giant, Victorian-looking machine/topiary thing lands in France.

06.22.10 — The Atomic Testing Museum in Los Vegas, NV.

06.22.10 — Possible skull of Australian bushranger icon Ned Kelly handed over for forensic authentication after being stolen and missing for more than three decades.

06.22.10 — Visiting tragedies-turned-tourist-destinations in Oklahoma and Texas.

06.22.10 — Photo gallery of the goings on at the E3 Expo. Companies always bring out really cool stuff to push video games and related products.

06.21.10 — Museum of Arts and Design features "Dead or Alive" exhibit, with works that include the image of a skull made of cockroach wings, the skeleton of a dodo made of discarded fast-food chicken bones, and other macabre weirdness. Original link goes to a photo gallery; here's a link to an article about the exhibit.

06.19.10 — "The Sea that Vanished Overnight"

06.18.10 — Cool 40-foot 50s-era science fiction rocket ship art installation in San Francisco, CA, lets you go inside and explore.

06.18.10 — Vatican artifact exhibit comes to Pittsburgh, PA (via @cfmceroz).

06.18.10 — A proposed bridge for connecting mainlands that drive on opposite sides of the road.

06.18.10 — It's almost summertime. That means beach vacations and Bigfoot sightings. This one's named Knobby, and he's from North Carolina (via @novaris).

06.17.10 — Man, you've got to see what an over-sized gorilla mad of wire hangers looks like.

06.16.10 — Awesome before, during, and after pics of a 62-foot-tall statue of Jesus in Ohio being incinerated by lightning.

06.15.10 — Gigantic bamboo art installation on top of the Met in New York. It's cooler-looking than it sounds.

06.14.10 — House in Malibu, CA, built from the parts of a jumbo jet.

06.14.10 — 15 pieces of architecture featured prominently in 15 popular science fiction movies.

06.14.10 — The strange-looking Einstein Tower in Germany.

06.14.10 — 50-year-old London subway passage discovered with vintage posters still intact.

06.13.10 — The happily ending story of a 40-foot-long polyurethane and steel iguana with a 30-year past.

06.12.10 — Skull of a sixth "Iranian Saltman" found.

06.12.10 — Ten alternatives to Stonehenge in the UK.

06.12.10 — New York public art project gives you keys to random parts of the city.

06.12.10 — A statue of Lois Lane for Metropolis, IL.

06.10.10 — Stalin-era mass grave discovered in Vladivostok with 495 gunshot-riddled skeletons.

06.10.10 — The healing pyramids of Russia.

06.10.10 — Teenage mutant albino turtles.

06.10.10 — Cosmos takes a look at the 5,000-year-old murder of the strangely preserved Otzi the Iceman.

06.09.10 — Giant packing tape spider web art installation.

06.08.10 — Chicago about to get what looks like a pretty awesome giant eyeball sculpture.

06.08.10 — Map of the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts.

06.08.10 — Lost WWII battlefield discovered in New Guinea...complete with war dead.

06.08.10 — Wizard of Oz celebration in town where L. Frank Baum was born closed down due to...tornado.

06.08.10 — Galileo's fingers go on display in Italian science museum.

06.07.10 — Decapitated, animal-mauled remains of Roman gladiators found in UK cemetery.

06.07.10 — A 400-year-old shipwreck recently unearthed by storms could be North Carolina's oldest.

06.07.10 — Ancient meteorite crater in Estonia believed to be site of animal sacrifice and other cult rites.

06.07.10 — World's first Ferrari-themed amusement park ready to open in Abu Dhabi.

06.05.10 — Denver Airport gets a 26-foot-tall statue of Anubis to keep its giant demon horse statue company.

06.05.10 — College prank turns campus astronomy observatory into R2-D2.

06.05.10 — The haunted house as art.

06.05.10 — Exhibit featuring art inspired by H.P. Lovecraft opens in Brooklyn.

06.05.10 — Former gang member gives tours of L.A. gang hot spots.

06.04.10 — Dog skeleton goes on display that was salvaged from Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose that sank in 1545.

06.03.10 — Biggest traveling exhibit of mummies ever assembled starts its U.S. tour in Los Angeles in July.

06.02.10 — Jimmy Fallon discusses NBC Studios' "Muppet Closet." Pretty cool Jim Henson artifact/story.

06.02.10 — James Bond's Aston Martin from Goldfinger to be sold at auction. Cool pics.

06.02.10 — Madame Tussaud's 4D Marvel Superheros exhibition in London.

06.02.10 — Giant bird image discovered in Australia could be oldest painting on the continent.

06.02.10 — The Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull...still a hoax after all these years.

05.29.10 — The Deep exhibition in London features creatures from the darkest parts of the ocean.

05.29.10 — Four-ton, $5M Jade Buddha for Universal Peace stops in Worcester, MA, on its world tour.

05.29.10 — Rome's Colosseum opens its underground tunnels to the public for the first time since they were imprisoned there.

05.29.10 — Gunther von Hagens, of "Bodyworlds" fame/infamy offers plastinated body parts for sale.

05.27.10 — Carnivorous plant show in San Francisco, CA, now through Halloween.

05.27.10 — Da Vinci's 500-year-old robot knight on display in Sydney, Australia.

05.27.10 — Cleopatra's sunken palace off the coast of Alexandria explored.

05.27.10 — New species of fish...with hands.

05.26.10 — Bannerman Castle on the Hudson in New York is falling down.

05.25.10 — "Amityville Horror" house for sale.

05.25.10 — World's first motorcycle hearse (via @KatieCrisis).

05.25.10 — One million dollar Ghost Ship haunted attraction debuts this weekend in Wildwood, NJ.

05.25.10 — Sue, the famous T Rex skeleton at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL, replaced with a robot version that senses and reacts to visitors so that you can pretend to be Ben Stiller.

05.21.10 — Mars-themed amusement park planned for Florida.

05.21.10 — Four 2,000-year-old clay Cyprian coffins found.

05.21.10 — Apparently, the bandage from Lincoln's death wound was divvied up for souvenirs by those at his deathbed. One of those fragments is currently on display in Texas.

05.21.10 — Ontario gets its own "Montauk Monster." Yet again, pics and then a disappearing body.

05.21.10 — A swear-its-not-a-canine Chupacabra corpse goes on display in Texas.

05.20.10 — Oldest known Mexican pyramid...complete with the skeletons of human sacrifice victims.

05.17.10 — In Brazil, the world's largest scientific collection of dead snakes, spiders and scorpions destroyed in a fire.

05.17.10 — The rare, and effeminate, pink katydid.

05.17.10 — Most near-complete fossil of a pre-dinosaur lizard discovered in Brazil.

05.17.10 — The Burnt Food Museum in Arlington, MA.

05.17.10 — Burkittsville, MD, mulls selling the town signs seen in the movie The Blair Witch.

05.15.10 — Giant Oarfish found dead in Swedish waters, first specimen Sweden has seen in 130 years.

05.11.10 — Legendary Legendary Ray Harryhausen's legendary stop-motion model collection goes on display in Beverly Hills this summer.

05.07.10 — Blue whale buried for two decades exhumed and its bones put on display in Vancouver.

05.07.10 — Photo gallery of water spillways, which look like holes in the universe.

05.07.10 — Company provides holograms of priceless artifacts for museums that can't get their hands on the real things. I'm really hoping that doesn't catch on.

05.07.10 — A look back at the off-screen life of Robby the Robot, including its current whereabouts.

05.07.10 — Gold-plated, diamond encrusted guns seized from a Mexican drug lord.

05.07.10 — France gives New Zealand back its shrunken heads with a bottle of wine and a "Sorry" note.

05.05.10 — The Dragon's Blood Tree bleeds red sap.

05.04.10 — A giant beaver dam that can be seen...from space. Giant beavers. Terrifying.

05.04.10 — Michelle Souliere, owner of The Green Hand books hop in Portland, ME, has just released her book Strange Maine: True Tales of the Pine Tree State.

05.04.10 — Subtropolis, Kansas City's underground business district.

05.04.10 — Cool art installation in Japan creates the illusion that visitors are walking around at the bottom of a full swimming pool.

05.03.10 — Crocodile mummies. Two tastes that go great together.

04.28.10 — A 21-foot-tall robot baby. Surrender.

04.28.10 — A look at an abandoned and perhaps soon-to-be-gone Coney Island.

04.27.10 — Peru would like to show you what a city-eating zinc and lead mine looks like.

04.27.10 — Noah's ark discovered on Mount Ararat with "99.9% certainty." There's certainly at least one thing certain about that statement.

04.27.10 — Panoramic view of a temporarily emptied 19th century underground man-made Belgian reservoir.

04.26.10 — Cool pics and info on Antarctic science outposts...ripe for attack by The Thing.

04.26.10 — 190,000-square-foot Musical Instruments Museum opens in Phoenix, AZ, and includes the piano on which Lennon wrote Imagine and a Gibson guitar from Cream-era Clapton.

04.26.10 — Interior and exterior pics of Johnny Depp's Caribbean yacht.

04.26.10 — Gene Roddenberry Star Trek artifacts up for auction..along with Bill Shatner's motorcyle.

04.25.10 — This article is two years old, but the topic is awesome...the private museum of a multimillionaire (thanks, @mcolombo).

04.23.10 — British reporter gets a sneak peek of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios Orlando. Finds it immersive...except for the whole palm trees and baking sun of Florida bit.

04.23.10 — Dead Poets Grand Tour 2010 tours the graves of the country's deadest poets.

04.23.10 — Excavating Mayans buried beneath their homes. The body is in the basement.

04.23.10 — Albino alligators at the Georgia Aquarium (via @Sausagelinks)

04.22.10 — Francois Roberts plays with bones...and then photographs them.

04.22.10 — "From Cool to Creepy: 40 Modern-Day Sculptures."

04.21.10 — A 130-year-old Victorian pissoir.

04.21.10 — A highly detailed, scale model of Bilbo's "hole in the ground," Bag End fromThe Lord of the Rings.

04.21.10 — The National Gallery in London puts its biggest mistakes on display.

04.20.10 — A poetic look at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome, finally resting place of Shelley, Keats, and others.

04.20.10 — Giant suspended Tetris pieces in Sydney, Australia. The Tetris God is a vengeful God.

04.19.10 — Controversial (of course) museum dedicated to Nazi evil has opened in the castle home of the infamous Heinrich Himmler in Germany. Critics are apparently calling it "Naziland."

04.19.10 — 4,000-year-old Seahenge monument reassembled for display inside UK museum. Here's an old picture of it in its original natural habitat. Bonus in the latter: The practice of "excarnation" outlined.

04.19.10 — "10 Weirdest Urban Ecosystems on Earth."

04.19.10 — New Smithsonian exhibit on human origins features rare originalNeanderthal and Cro-Magnon skulls discovered in the 1800s.

04.17.10 — The Saggaponack, NY, house of Charles Addams, creator of the Addams Family, is now open for tours. Snapping one's fingers encouraged inside.

04.16.10 — Another list (w/ pics) of abandoned places in the world. This time due to disaster.

04.16.10 — The Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum in Plano, TX.

04.16.10 — Plans for turning infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch into a habitable plastic island.

04.16.10 — "Military Testing High-Tech Dirigibles in Utah.

04.16.10 — If my office were like some of these, I wouldn't be pushing to work from home so much.

04.15.10 — Definitely need to give something this awesome a better name than "pizzley" or "grolar."

04.15.10 — The possibility of a lost cow transport tunnel under New York City (via@BAMstutz).

04.15.10 — A look at the Rainbow Eucalyptus, one of the most colorful trees on the planet.

04.15.10 — Scientists discover world's deepest undersea volcano vent.

04.15.10 — Travel destinations for [not] seeing UFOs.

04.14.10 — Maine man finds liquid-secreting piece of bone he thinks might be a mysterious skull.

04.14.10 — Plan for your doomsday with a futuristic bunker.

04.14.10 — A cliff-top monastery in Ethiopia...and how to climb there.

04.14.10 — Texas' Rattlesnake Roundup...with cool pic of children and a snake pit.

04.14.10 — Balanced rocks that scoff at earthquake prediction.

04.13.10 — Cool photo gallery of this year's Monsterpalooza event in Burbank, CA.

04.13.10 — Victorian taxidermy collection to go up for auction. Features such oddities as a yeti, a unicorn, and a flying cat.

04.12.10 — Cool story about Parliament-Funkadelic's missing Mothership stage prop...lost for decades in the overgrown junkyards of Prince George's County, Maryland.

04.11.10 — Steve Tobin's sculpture installation "Steelroots" in Lisle, IL.

04.11.10 — First ever multicellular creature found that lives without oxygen.

04.11.10 — Iowa proud of their giant garden gnome.

04.11.10 — Serial killer John Wayne Gacy's prison art...lots of creepy clowns.

04.11.10 — Examples of textured architecture across the world.

04.08.10 — Secret stone beehives discovered in a 600-year-old chapel in the UK.

04.08.10 — The world's ugliest political statues, according to some guy. Been to one of them. Was way okay with it.

04.08.10 — A look at the New Jersey convenience store that was both a setting and a character in Kevin Smith's Clerks.

04.08.10 — Naperville, IL, gets a nine-foot-tall bronze Dick Tracy.

04.06.10 — UK family discover ancient, secret church underneath their house.

04.06.10 — Dr. Evermor's Forevertron...in Wisconsin.

04.06.10 — Pompeii victims go on exhibit.

03.28.10 — A LIFE image gallery of famous mummies.

03.28.10 — Smithsonian American Art Museum in DC to exhibit a retrospective ofChristo and Jeanne-Claude's "Running Fence," the temporary 25-mile fabric fence art installation in California.

03.28.10 — Infamous Watergate garage in DC currently at the center of a web of lawsuits.

03.28.10 — "The Figures of the Musee Mechanique" in San Francisco, CA.

03.25.10 — Strange dark human forms made of iron and fiberglass suddenly populate New York City.

03.25.10 — Cool stuff to see in Houston, TX.

03.25.10 — Pics from the rotting towns on the Salton Sea in California.

03.25.10 — Munch's "The Scream"...in cardboard.

03.24.10 — Gold Rush ghost town of Bodie in California also happens to be the coldest place in the lower 48. It's the ghosts that shiver there.

03.24.10 — Mars as a winter wonderland of caron dioxide snow.

03.24.10 — Walt Disney museum about to open in San Francisco because there are just not enough places to access that man's work.

03.21.10 — France publicly displays a guillotine for the first time in more than 30 years.

03.21.10 — The Great Plains hides an underground natural "mega-tank" of America's helium stores.

03.21.10 — Plum Island, home of the 60-year-old high-security Plum Island Animal Disease Center, might be for sale.

03.21.10 — A map of Poe's life in Boston (Thanks, Becky).

03.19.10 — Someone allegedly attempting to shop around the alleged syringe that allegedly killed Michael Jackson. Allegedly.

03.19.10 — A gallery of the oldest trees in the world. Ents not included.

03.19.10 — Six Flags New Orleans: Abandoned, creepy, and awesome photographer fodder.

03.19.10 — Great photo of a shrimp discovered under the Antarctic ice.

03.17.10 — The severed and mummified hand of a cheating gambler stolen from the 684-year-old UK pub where it was displayed.

03.17.10 — "The Most Fascinating Tombs in the World."

03.17.10 — IKEA goes for some creative subway advertising.

03.17.10 — He Pingping, the world's smallest man, dies at age 21.

03.17.10 — Earthquake lights, Naga fireballs, and other unexplained natural phenomena.

03.14.10 — "Every year during the month of February, Horsetail Falls turns golden at sunset." (thanks, @mcolombo)

03.14.10 — Some corporate-sponsored guy visits the Museum of Jurassic Technologyin Culver City, CA.

03.14.10 — Filling New York's cracks...with Legos. Everything is art.

03.14.10 — The terrifying coconut crab. "I did some research on them and it turns out they're nature's worst thing."...and they might have eaten Amelia Earhart.

03.13.10 — Spectacular theater-turned bookstore in Buenos Aires.

03.13.10 — An look at some amazing suspension bridges from engineers who want to be spider.
03.13.10 — New National Leprechaun Museum in Dublin, Ireland.

03.13.10 — World record set for a giant house of cards.

03.13.10 — Antique flying car up for auction.

03.11.10 — Mass grave of beheaded vikings found at London Olympic site.

03.11.10 — Blooming canisters of the cremated insane at Oregon State Hospital.

03.09.10 — The Alice in Wonderland tour at Oxford.

03.09.10 — Anticrepuscular rays or, as they are more commonly known, uh, sunbeams.

03.09.10 — A picture of strange-looking plant parasites.

03.09.10 — It's an island, a yacht, and a condo all in one. I am just a rock.

03.08.10 — Some oddities deserve a lot of really's in front of their cool's. For example,Blood Falls in Antarctica (thanks, @mcolombo).

03.07.10 — The mystery of the Mayan jade head (thanks, @HollyEdgell).

03.07.10 — Hotel cameos from famous movies.

03.07.10 — In Indiana, a 19th Century grave in the middle of the road (Thanks, Becky).

03.07.10 — The preserved baby woolly mammoth found in Siberia to go on display in U.S. for first time. Chicago is the lucky city.

03.07.10 — Secret snake discovered in a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

03.06.10 — Fossil found of a snake in the process of eating a nest full of baby dinosaurs. Something very Butterfly Effect about that.

03.03.10 — A baby tapir at the San Diego Zoo is what you'll see if you click the link.

03.02.10 — Nail from the crucifixion of Christ found...if you believe the Knights Templar it was buried with.

03.01.10 — Wales plans a gigantic dragon statue.

03.01.10 — In Australia, it rains fish.

03.01.10 — Dillinger and Capone memorabilia to be auctioned.

03.01.10 — Giant pharaoh head discovered in Egypt.

03.01.10 — H.P. Lovecraft birthday celebration.

02.28.10 — American Gothic Gigantica...from the artist who brought us The Awakening.

02.26.10 — Giant shark aquarium in Dubai cracks and causes mall evacuation.

02.24.10 — When in Australia, visit Cane Toad World.

02.24.10 — New Mexico finds itself home to the world's first spaceport, Spaceport America.

02.24.10 — An interactive map of London filming locations to visit. Because you've already seen Big Ben.

02.23.10 — The discovery of an 11,500-year-old temple in Turkey rewrites human history. What draft are we on again?

02.23.10 — Party in the Goondocks. In June, Astoria, OR, celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Goonies, which was filmed there.

02.20.10 — The real-life, mysterious "Shutter Island" of Boston, MA.

02.20.10 — Ick, but hm. Serial killer Ted Bundy's VW Beetle goes on display at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, D.C.

02.18.10 — Cool pics and account of a visit inside an abandoned submarine.

02.18.10 — An [art?] installation of buried Airstream RVs.

02.18.10 — An expedition to the paved streets of a California city that was never built.

02.18.10 — Coney Island to make a comeback.

02.18.10 — British government releases 6,000 pages of material from its 1990s-era UFO files. Worth checking out all the hand-drawn "eye-witness" images.

02.17.10 — The strange story of 36 rotting, vintage Corvettes.

02.17.10 — An ooky Charles Addams exhibit of original artwork goes on display in New York.

02.17.10 — Bronze-Age shipwreck discovered off the coast of Devon, UK.

02.17.10 — Tiny Indonesian flying lizard. Unnecessary Avatar reference.

02.15.10 — The skeleton of St. Anthony go on display in Italy. Includes Great pic of his skeleton surrounded by monks.

02.15.10 — Despite the contradiction in terms, this is what an "underwater skyscraper" might look like when the world goes all Waterworld on us.

02.15.10 — A motorcycle made from an alligator carcass. Running in zigzags won't help you with this one.

02.15.10 — The only immortal creature on earth can still be eaten by any random passing fish. It should have wished for indestructibility, too.

02.14.10 — Traveling exhibit on the detritus of love from the Museum of Broken Relationships. Happy Valentine's Day.

02.13.10 — Great pics of Disney's abandoned and derelict "River Country" water park.

02.12.10 — Largest crab in the UK is not something I would want to see coming at me in the ocean.

02.12.10 — First ever footage captured of a live oarfish, which at upwards of 50 feet, is the longest bony fish in the world and a possible source of sea serpent myths.

02.12.10 — The fish with the transparent head has hard time keeping thoughts to itself.

02.05.10 — The shortest street in the world.
02.05.10 — Giacometti sculpture sets new record for most expensive piece sold at auction. Take that, Picasso.

02.05.10 — Awesome and terrifying pics from the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, home of the world's worst weather.

02.05.10 — The Dresden Codex: The oldest book in the Americas.

02.05.10 — Centralia, PA, continues its slow death as more homes razed. See the 2007 O.T.I.S. article about the ever-burning ghost town here.

02.04.10 — Disguising an airplane factory as a rural subdivision.

02.04.10 — The Robonaut 2. That's right, a robot astronaut.

02.04.10 — 700-year-old stone houses in Iran.

02.02.10 — A volcanic island on a lake on an island on a lake on an island.

02.02.10 — New Peter Jackson King Kong ride at Universal Studios Hollywood to open this summer after original classic Kong ride destroyed in fire two years ago.

02.02.10 — Interesting sculpture of life-size nude female made out of typewriter parts.

01.31.10 — 245-pound, 43-inch-tall Great Dane. You need a real pet.

01.30.10 — "The World's Most Famous Unseen Diamond."

01.30.10 — European festivals that feature fire and vikings. Pretty cool pics.

01.30.10 — A power plant shaped like a volcano planned for the UK.

01.30.10 — Famous Texas Alamo Village outdoor movie set closes to general public after 50 years. John Wayne is sad.

01.27.10 —Historian believes he has found satellite evidence of the body of a man who might have conquered Everest three decades before Sir Edmund Hillary.

01.27.10 — Mount Washington in New Hampshire loses the "world's fastest wind" record to a typhoon in Australia. Previous record: 231 mph. New record: 253.

01.27.10 — ABBAWORLD.

01.27.10 — In 2007, somebody with a video camera made it into the courtyard of the secretive Skull and Bones Society Tomb at Yale University in New Haven, CT.

01.26.10 — "Sheep scuptures made out of rotary phones" just does not sum up how cool this art at the Museum of Telecommunication in Frankfurt, Germany is.

01.26.10 — The atrocious-looking blobfish is endangered. Scientists are trying to decide how they feel about this.

01.24.10 — Wisconsin's "Bigloo"...

01.24.10 — Manhattan Project sites considered for National Park status.

01.24.10 — The macabre treasures of St. Thomas Hospital in London.

01.24.10 — New book about the famously preserved Bog People.

01.24.10 — Atlanta Olympic Park bombing evidence on display at FBI headquarters.

01.24.10 — A treehouse mansion in Portland, OR. Great pics.

01.24.10 — Interior pics of the newly christened and posh Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world's tallest tower.

01.24.10 — What a NASA garage sale looks like.

01.24.10 — Cool pics of an albino deer in the wilderness of Italy.
01.24.10 — Way cool underground house in Switzerland.

01.21.10 — The African Tree Sausage. That is all.

01.21.10 — Egyptian cat goddess temple unearthed.

01.21.10 — Mutant human cadaver washes ashore. It has begun.

01.21.10 — New virtual museum dedicated to 1600s anatomical artist debuts. Cool pics.

01.21.10 — Skeleton found that could be an English princess...and the oldest remains of any English royal so far discovered.

01.17.10 — What Poe looked like without his mustache.

01.17.10 — A tour of sites from children's literature.

01.17.10 — Ruins of America slideshow from Slate.com.

01.17.10 — Australian meteorite becomes the center of a controversy.

01.17.10 — Oldest and largest elm tree in New England loses battle to Dutch Elm Disease.

01.17.10 — Hawaii-owned moon rocks found. Many more still missing. All of them more valuable than you'd think for things just randomly given away decades ago.

01.17.10 — Cool marque from the upcoming Broadway run of The Addams Family musical.

01.17.10 — He-Man art show in California.

01.17.10 — The Doomsday Clock in New York...is kind of silly. Thanks, Our Greatest Minds.

01.16.10 — Awesome pics of a realistic-looking Back to the Future DeLorean parked outside the Pasadena house that stood in for Doc Brown's in the movie.

01.16.10 — This roll cloud in Uruguay makes me hate roofs.

01.12.10 — Rare, 400-year-old map of the world goes on display at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

01.12.10 — The first creature known to science that makes chlorophyll like a plant.

01.12.10 — Israeli robots for the battlefield. These terrors don't take Yom Kippur off.

01.12.10 — 10 places in the world you're not allowed to visit...even though you really want to.

01.11.10 — El Dorado discovered...on Google Earth.

01.11.10 — Rare, naturally occurring snow tubes for your winter enjoyment.

01.11.10 — 73-year-old Bugatti pulled from lake and sold at auction. Pretty cool pics of it being dredged.

01.11.10 — New Egyptian tombs reveal that slaves were not used to build the the great pyramids, say objective Egyptian archaeologists with no heritage at stake.

01.06.10 — In case you haven't marveled today, the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

01.06.10 — Scientists discover oldest footprints on earth.

01.06.10 — Jeweler designs finger rings with plants growing in them.

01.06.10 — Skull-turned-ballot-box owned by the Skull and Bones Society to be auctioned.

01.06.10 — Roden Crater transformed into naked-eye observatory in Arizona.

01.03.10 — If you have 867 pinball machines, of course you should open a museum.

01.03.10 — 1912 remains of first ever plane to Antarctica found.

01.03.10 — NASA preps in advance to dole out the space shuttles to museums.

01.03.10 — Three-story tall monument of 25 already famous people gets ready for Oakland.

12.30.09 — Picasso's toy guitar found.

12.30.09 — Sea lions disappear from Pier 39 in San Francisco.

12.30.09 — Graceland Too in Holly Springs, MS.

12.30.09 — Filming locations for the highest grossing (domestic) movies of all time.

12.26.09 — University of Minnesota holds the largest collection of Sherlock Holmes memorabilia in the world.

12.26.09 — Behind the scenes at Garner Holts Productions, the creators of animatronic creatures featured everywhere from Disneyland to Chuck E. Cheese.

12.26.09 — Mississippis Museum of Art hosts the "Jim Henson's Fantastic World"exhibit.

12.26.09 — Inside the Robot Hut, one man's completely understandable fascination with toy and movie robots.

12.13.09 — Hitler's six-wheeled Mercedes-Benz on display at the Lyon Air Museum in Costa Mesa, CA.

12.13.09 — First Peeps retail store opens in Oxon Hill, MD.

12.13.09 — Strange designer staircases that make you want to climb them. Like the bookcase stairs in particular.

12.13.09 — Private-collection props from the New Zealand film and television industrygo on display...in New Zealand. Haven't seen a Hercules and Xena reference in a while.

12.05.09 — Relics from "Black Sam" Bellamy's wrecked pirate ship on display in Norfolk, VA.

12.05.09 — A prehistoric, giant crystal under Manhattan Island is just waiting to be turned into a data network.

12.05.09 — Lichtenberg figures in acrylic blocks from artist Bert Hickman.

12.05.09 — The home of the Allman Brothers in Macon, GA, becomes a museum dedicated to them.

12.05.09 — The stories behind some of the strangest-looking houses in the world are even stranger.

12.03.09 — Brazil town beats average global twin rate by 1,000 percent. Some say it was a Nazi experiment.

12.03.09 — Cool pop culture museum in Baltimore, MD.

12.03.09 — World's tallest building to open next month in Dubai.

12.03.09 — Prohibition-era bowling alley found in a basement in Queens, NY.

12.03.09 — Richmond's contribution to the Year of Poe.

11.27.09 — A crystal Lexus from the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

11.27.09 — The history of Bannerman's Castle on Pollepel Castle in New York.

11.27.09 — Mysterious calf mutilations puzzle everyone except UFO enthusiasts.

11.27.09 — Harry Potter exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science through February 21, 2010.

11.24.09 — Future museum of storytelling in Oxford, UK.

11.24.09 — Prisoner artists.

11.24.09 — World's largest earthquake-safe building.

11.24.09 — Rice paddy art.

11.23.09 — Way cool murals from around the world.

11.23.09 — A diamond-encrusted toilet and other of the world's most expensive toilets.

11.23.09 — Ornate wooden abandoned houses in Russia that are untouched due to their wilderness location.

11.21.09 — Death masks of the famous.

11.21.09 — A photo essay on the ever-photogenic redwoods.

11.21.09 — You can take down the "Missing" posters. Galileo's lost body parts found.

11.21.09 — Text found on Shroud of Turin.

11.21.09 — Hyper-realistic sculptures of the human form. Our bodies terrify me.

11.21.09 — First ever image of lightning emanating from a volcano. Our planet terrifies me.

11.19.09 — Rat croc, duck crock, and pancake croc: Crazy, ancient crocodiles from the Sahara. Nice pic included.

11.19.09 — Morbidly cool art exhibit at an abattoir in London.

11.19.09 — Amazing-looking new museum opens in Armenia: "Imagine an Art Deco version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon stretching nearly the height of the Empire State Building."

11.19.09 — Great pics from Tim Burton's artshow opening at the MoMA in New York. Includes props and artwork.

11.19.09 — Ghost trees in Trafalgar Square in London.

11.17.09 — Boneworms that feed off whale carcasses in the ocean darkness are my new nightmare. Actually, they're pretty little things.

11.17.09 — A hotel in France that treats its guests like hamsters, which is French for, well, hamsters.

11.17.09 — A guy in Florida shows off pictures of the sea monster he's been seeing. Wife is devastated by the news.

11.11.09 — Awesome photos from last night's major black-out in Brazil.

11.11.09 — The unlikely location of the highest wind ever observed by man.

11.11.09 — Ominous black plants, including the Dracula Vampire Orchid.

11.11.09 — Strange money trees in England.

11.10.09 — Unused International Space Station escape pod given to the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland, Nebraska.

11.10.09 — Giant magma plug fortress in Sri Lanka.

11.09.09 — How Vermont almost got the first domed city in history.

11.09.09 — Discovery of hundreds of bones in the desert could be a Persian army lost 2,500 years ago.

11.09.09 — Couple in Rome discover 500-year-old frescoes underneath the plaster of their apartment walls.

11.09.09 — The oddities and rarities of the New York Public Library, including the letter opener of Charles Dickens, made from the embalmed paw of his pet cat, and the cane that Virginia Woolf left on the riverbank the day she committed suicide.

11.06.09 — Drug lord's home in Colombia turned into an amusement park.

11.06.09 — A combination mace and gun from the early 1500s called the "holy water sprinkler."

11.06.09 — The haunting works of sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

11.06.09 — TheBolas de Fuego festival in El Salvador, where people throw fire at each other.

11.06.09 — Touring some famous filming locations in California.

11.04.09 — The sun hates the Tomb of the Black Prince.

11.04.09 — Some cool museums for your perusal.

11.04.09 — Beware the bald bears.

11.04.09 — Skeleton statues in the subway.

11.04.09 — Amazing insect photography.

11.02.09 — Chesterfield, MO, gets the honor of a second casting of J. Seward's giant sculpture, The Awakening. Read about the original, currently located at the National Harbor in Maryland, here on O.T.I.S.

11.02.09 — An article on people who visit cemeteries for kicks.

11.02.09 — Holes in the Earth.

11.02.09 — The Museum of Death in Los Angeles, CA: "Possessions of serial killers, the mummified heads of decapitated mass murders, and such things as photos of celebrity crime and autopsy scenes."

10.24.09 — Largest web-spinning spider known to science found in Africa.

10.24.09 — The fossils of the tiniest dinosaur known to science on display in Los Angeles, CA.

10.24.09 — Walk through the Guardian of Forever in San Jose, CA.

10.24.09 — Crazy plans for a giant floating airport off the coast of California.

10.24.09 — The market for holy relics.

10.21.09 — A robot blob for defending the nation, courtesy of the Pentagon's DARPA.

10.21.09 — V...coming to the skies above a national monument near you.

10.21.09 — Original science fiction movie costumes on display at the California Museum in Sacramento.

10.21.09 — There's no place like...Chernobyl.

10.21.09 — Video of a Beluga Whale blowing bubbles on command.

10.13.09 — Couches made of cactus, chairs made of radiators, and other furniture that'll make you go ouch.

10.13.09 — Indianapolis, IN, throws festival in city cemetery.

10.13.09 — A look at the history of the FeeJee mermaid.

10.13.09 — A set of stairs made out of giant working piano keys in Stockholm.

10.12.09 — Mysterious halo in the skies above Moscow.

10.12.09 — Disgusting blobs make the ocean, well, disgusting.

10.09.09 — Taxidermied chupacabra goes on display in October at the Lost World Museum in Phoenix, NY.

10.09.09 — A mainstream media tour of famous cemeteries.

10.09.09 — Giant new ring found around Saturn.

10.09.09 — The discovery of a second Stonehenge near the first means now we got a matching set.

10.06.09 — Infrared footage of 500,000 bats. Whoah.

10.06.09 — Camoflauge art. Looks pretty amazing...if you can see it.

10.06.09 — This is what it looks like when a missile silo is converted into a house.

10.06.09 — 100-year-anniversary cruise in 2012 will follow the course of the Titanic. Well, mostly.

10.05.09 — Intact, frozen woolly mammoth baby headed to Chicago for exhibit.

10.05.09 — Sometimes the only tool for the job is a gigantic machine.

10.04.09 — Rainforest sculptures in Olinda, Australia look positively lost city-ish.

10.04.09 — Awesome playgrounds of the 1970s.

10.03.09 — What happened to the Michael Jackson Neverland rides? You're probably riding them.

10.03.09 — 500-carat diamond found in a mine in South Africa.

10.01.09 — Hitler's skull found to be that of a woman. Repeat. We do not have Hitler's skull.

10.01.09 — Jaw-dropping white Bengal tiger attack shots.

09.30.09 — I usually don't make many demands, but you've gotta see these skulls and skeletons created out of cassette tapes by artist Brian Dettmer.

09.30.09 — Dwarves (dwarfs?) in China look to end discrimination and stereotyping by forming their own community...in which they dress like fairy tale characters, live in mushroom houses, and charge admission.

09.29.09 — Ancient, decapitated skeletons of over 50 men found in an old quarry in the UK with their skulls in piles.

09.29.09 — Amazing billboards that make me okay with visual pollution.

09.28.09 — Al Capone's Wisconsin hide-out on the market.

09.28.09 — Modern feats of building architecture that look like they'll fall over any minute.

09.28.09 — Drain-dwellers in Las Vegas.

09.28.09 — Rare cloth made from the silk of one million spiders on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

09.24.09 — Astounding Halloween scarecrow art.

09.24.09 — Coast-to-coast science fiction road trip map.

09.24.09 — Latest accidental giant squid catch.

09.24.09 — Australia as Mars.

09.23.09 — Strange bus stops worth waiting at.

09.23.09 — How Germany does an upside-down house.

09.18.09 — Bermuda Triangle solved. Everything just crashed.

09.18.09 — Concept art for the next year's new Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios Orlando.

09.18.09 — Save Ferris Bueller's house.

09.18.09 — Latest crazy-looking dead monster "photo but no corpse" evidence...this time in Panama.

09.18.09 — Prehistoric hominid skulls make us throw out ancient history books...again.

09.18.09 — Lost world of crazy creatures found in secluded volcanic crater.

09.10.09 — Way intriguing abandoned and rotting island city in Japan.

09.10.09 — One of the many "top coolest statues" lists circulating on the Internet. Every list is correct.

09.04.09 — Waterfall caverns for the delight of aquaphobes and claustrophobes.

09.04.09 — Incident at Exeter celebrated with first Exeter UFO Festival.

09.04.09 — War World II bunkers get turned into residences in Germany.

09.04.09 — Don't you fear the Yetis in Rio?

09.04.09 — Doomsday seed vault in the Arctic because, well, you never know.

09.04.09 — I can think of way more uses for robot fish than MIT can.

08.28.09 — Gov. Schwarzenegger keeps "Conan" sword at arm's reach in his office.

08.28.09 — Naturally occuring miracle fruit (actual name) makes everything taste sweet for up to half an hour.

08.28.09 — Behold the Mozart pee-stone in Austria.

08.28.09 — Loch Ness Monster found on Google Earth. Or something else. Probably anything else.

08.24.09 — Scuba divers under mosque in Istanbul find 800-year-old submerged graves of cannonized children.

08.24.09 — The Hope Diamond is getting a new setting, and we get to choose.

08.24.09 — Muck monster sighted. Or normal water animal not sighted.

08.18.09 — Man regularly cuddles with half a ton of crocodile. His death is worth those pics.

08.18.09 — Haunted Poe House. Part Theater. Part Haunted House. All Poe.

08.18.09 — Eerily preserved, 17-foot-long Xiphactinus about to go on display. It's an extinct fish with three-inch-long teeth. Pic included.

08.14.09 — Spooky abandoned subway stations.

08.14.09 — Meet a meteorite broker.

08.14.09 — The unbelieveable railway track market of Samut Songkhram in Thailand.

08.13.09 — New species of giant carnivorous plant discovered. I originally mistyped "plant" as "planet." Holy cow.

08.13.09 — 3,000-year-old Egyptian bust looks like Michael Jackson. I'm actually going to have to agree on this one.

08.13.09 — The under-appreciated cemeteries of Montreal, Quebec.

07.23.09 — Photo essay on the most alien landscapes on Earth.

07.23.09 — You knew about Rennaissance Festivals. What about Faerieworlds?

07.23.09 — Old gravestone in Milford, CT, with macabre inscription stolen then found.

07.07.09 — Super-security graveyard of the stars that may become Michael Jackson's final resting place.

07.07.09 — Michael Jackson-relevant sites around the world.

07.07.09 — Thriller filming locations courtesy of Google Street View.

06.25.09 — New documentary released on the Centralia mine fire.

06.25.09 — Egyptian mummies at the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City, Canada.

06.25.09 — Adolf Hitler tree involved in controversy.

06.11.09 — The creation of a giant, life-sized Gundam in Japan.

06.11.09 — A visit to the imminently opening corpse flower at the Huntingdon Library in San Marino. More info here.

06.11.09 — Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh opens Roboworld, featuring a robot hall of fame.

06.03.09 — Ridiculously cool used-tire art.

06.03.09 — Gigantic crop circle jellyfish in England.

06.03.09 — Smallpox hospital ruins on Roosevelt Island in NY to be preservered.

05.26.09 — House where Cameron trashes a Ferrari in Ferris Bueller's Day Off for sale.

05.26.09 — The real-life search for Pee-Wee Herman's bike doesn't fall for Alamo basement answer.

05.26.09 — 3D murals make me walk into walls.

05.05.09 — An article on the CIA-commissioned sculpture that even the CIA can't crack.

05.05.09 — Random big things that attract tourists.

05.05.09 — Stu of Doom visits the Jim Thorpe Memorial and its irrelevant home.

04.28.09 — The strange story behind the Georgia Guidestones makes them seem a lot cooler than they probably are.

04.28.09 — Photos of the Bermuda Triangle and other "mystery spots."

04.28.09 — World to get first official alien embassy and UFO landing base...in Kazakhstan.

04.18.09 — Salem, MA, pondering a "Bewitched Museum."

04.18.09 — University of New Hampshire displaying infamous Betty Hill dress.

04.18.09 — Underwater Jesus in the Mediterranean has hands chopped off.

04.12.09 — Museum of Human Disease opens in Sydney, Australia, and features real cadaver parts.

04.12.09 — House in Austria is painted entirely in a single shade of blue.

04.12.09 — Hollywood Wax Museum in California auctioning off some of its exhibits.

04.12.09 — Classified test pilots from Area 51 in Roswell, NM, spill their secrets.

04.12.09 — Funerary archeologist at work in the crypt under the Old North Church in Boston, MA.

04.12.09 — Fremont Troll in Seattle, WA, defaced and then refaced.

04.08.09 — Live, interactive stream of Dan Aykroyd in Wayne, NJ, at an autograph event for his Crystal Head Vodka on Saturday, April 11, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

04.08.09 — Lost Ark of the Covenant lost again. Damned Nazis.

04.08.09 — A way-more-interesting-than-you'd-think look at the subject of security for the public display of moon rocks.

04.02.09 — The decrepit childhood home of Jimmi Hendrix in Seattle, WA, dismantled after restoration efforts fail. Wood from it destined to be made into bad-ass guitars.

04.02.09 — A brief look at three of the big cryptid "finds" from recent years.

04.02.09 — Documentary on Rodin's The Gates of Hell released. Brush up with the O.T.I.S article on the sculpture here.

03.31.09 — An underwater restaurant in Maldives.

03.31.09 — Tent cities in California.

03.31.09 — Artist fined for his inflatable art installation in the UK that broke its moorings, flew around a park, and killed two women in 2006. Pictures of the installation can be found here.

03.26.09 — Disorienting architecture to help humans achieve immortality in New York.

03.26.09 — Stu of Doom visits abandoned silos in Toms River, NJ.

03.26.09 — Detroit Science Center hosts Star Trek exhibition through September.

03.25.09 — Some guy's trip to Chernobyl. Bad-ass to a degree I don't have the superscript for.

03.25.09 — Underrated 9/11 memorial, compliments of Russia in Bayonne, NJ.

03.25.09 — On the border of Arizona and Utah, petrified sand dunes make me hate the mundane stuff I see every day.

03.18.09 — Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD, is exhibiting Poe memorabilia for the Year of the Poe. Items include pieces of his original casket, locks of hair from his wife, and various original manuscripts and letters.

03.18.09 — "A bizarre hospital-themed restaurant in Latvia is serving food resembling body parts with surgical utensils."

03.18.09 — Oddities in Phoenix, AZ, feature a mystery castle, hauntings, and a lost gold mine. According to this half-hearted piece, anyway.

03.17.09 — Amazing shots of abandoned buildings in Detroit, MI.

03.17.09 — The town that was the Weyburn Mental Hospital in Saskatchewan, Canada.

03.17.09 — Corpse Flower to bloom in New Hampshire...no public display scheduled due to March temperatures. The sound you're hearing is my limp body being dragged through the shards of my broken dreams.

03.09.09 — University of VA in Charlottesville gets E.A. Poe letter where he apologizes to publishers for drinking too many juleps.

03.09.09 — Horror film script writer to ring the door on the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA.

03.09.09 — Michael Jackson's got some cool stuff going on display and then under the gavel in Beverly Hills, CA, in April. I highly recommend Sessions V-VIII.

03.03.09 — Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield, IL, headed for closure.

03.03.09 — Visiting the original Legoland in Billund, Denmark.

03.03.09 — Minor leaguer traded for 10 baseball bats. Becomes depressed, overdoses on, well, everything, and dies. Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum buys the bats. New exhibit coming soon.

02.28.09 — Starling murmurations.

02.28.09 — A workplace slide in the U.K. to replace less efficient stairways and elevators. Finally.

02.28.09 — Original Led Zeppelin car from The Song Remains the Same on display...in some British guy's garage.

02.27.09 — 3D sidewalk art in Europe from Edgar Muller.

02.27.09 — Odd things Google Earth has seen.

02.27.09 — Popular Mechanics' UFO issue, including a map of U.S. hotspots.

02.21.09 — Cave-turned-home in Festus, MO, for sale.

02.21.09 — The final resting places of Pancho Villa.

02.21.09 — Large Rodin collection goes on display in Stanford, CA.

02.20.09 — Denmark's Little Mermaid statue to go to China.

02.20.09 — Temple of A Million Bottles in Thailand. Looks classier than you'd think.

02.20.09 — Stu of Doom visits the former religious utopia and current ghost town ofCelestia, PA.

02.19.09 — The Clay Center in Charleston, WV, is currently dispalying more than 40 costumes and artifacts from movies and television, including Star Wars, Batman, Blade Runner, The Terminator, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, The Wizard of Oz, and Ghostbusters.

02.19.09 — Vanderbilt Museum in Suffolk, NY, considering selling off its T-Rex and other model dinosaurs from the movie "Jurassic Park." Notable strange quote from the story: "In museums, there are only a few blockbuster attractions - a Monet, a mummy or dinosaurs - and we have two out of three."

02.19.09 — Footage uncovered from the 1991 fire at the Worcestor State Hospital in Worcestor, MA.

02.13.09 — Action figure museum in Pauls Valley, OK. Make sure you at least check out thesecond picture in the photo gallery.

02.13.09 — The planned largest art installation in Britain will be visible from space. It's a horse. A giant horse.

02.13.09 — Mineral oddities on display in Tucson, AZ, including a crystal-encrusted tennis shoe and the 83-carat Maharaja Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl.

02.12.09 — Vicious-looking Corpus Clock at Corpus Christ College in Cambridge, England.

02.12.09 — Visiting the grave of F. Scott Fitzgerald in Rockville, MD.

02.12.09 — Photographing the abandoned Henryton State Hospital in Marriottsville, MD.

02.09.09 — El Tajin in Veracruz, Mexico.

02.09.09 — Tour of abandoned Nike missile base in Everglades National Park near Homestead, FL.

02.09.09 — Fake but almost gruesome crash sites in Thailand used to deter drunk driving.

02.05.09 — There's always a reason to display human remains...even for the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

02.05.09 — 3D-tour the human brain with Weird Al Yankovic at the OC Fair in California.

02.05.09 — Secrets and myths of the campus of Cornell University in Ithica, NY.

02.05.09 — What do Mohammed's Cloak, a tortilla, haunted houses, and Roswell, NMhave in common?

02.05.09 — 21st Annual Ostrich Festival in Chandler, AZ.

02.05.09 — Location of Africa's oldest human sacrifice found in Sudan.

02.04.09 — In Lubbock, TX, you can see the glasses Buddy Holly wore the night he died.

02.04.09 — New Museum in New York City wants you to watch people as they sleep. It's art.

02.04.09 — Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium in Myrtle Beach, SC, hosts collection of fertility dolls.

02.03.09 — Aquarium phone booth in Lyon, France.

02.03.09 — Most famous grave in Winton, New Zealand, is for the only woman ever hanged in the country.

02.03.09 — Movie props re-used in other movies.

01.31.09 — The giant meteor crater in Flagstaff, AZ, that was used in the filming of Starman. Yellow light go very fast.

01.31.09 — It is not Denver International Airport's fault if you are creeped out by our 32-foot-tall mustang statue. Even if it does have glowing red eyes, look like one of the four mounts of the Apocalypse, and killed its own creator.

01.31.09 — The Great Wall of China was a good idea the first time it was an idea, Mr. Don Trent of Wisconsin.

01.30.09 — The Paraplex in New Orleans, LA, wants to let you look through its paranormal museum while it observes any possible ghost encounters you might have. Like the plot of The Haunting.

01.30.09 — UK hospital calls in an exorcist.

01.30.09 — "Human bodies don't belong on display in a mall, according to a measure before Hawaii lawmakers. "

01.28.09 — An art installation in Antarctica sounds like a great idea, but the one currently planned by Wim Tellier looks pretty atrocious. Here's a link to an explanation of the idea. Here's one to the execution.

01.28.09 — Monster Mini-Golf in Windsor Locks, CT.

01.28.09 — Montana ghost town photography.

01.27.09 — Nobody in Seattle, WA, wants to see Lucy's 3.2 million-year-old semi-human bones...which means the rest of us probably won't get to see them, either.

01.27.09 — Ohio, Kentucky, and the Army Corps of Engineers fight over custody of a graffiti-incised boulder called Indian Head Rock.

01.27.09 — Artists floats sculpture of polar bear on ice down the Thames to promote global warming awareness...because I guess it's an obscure concept that only a choice few polar-bear-sculpting artists know about.

01.23.09 — Topiary sculptor who created the Edward Scissorhands bushes, creates 8-foot-tall bull for the University of South Florida in Tampa.

01.23.09 — Interview with a monster hunter. Still not a monster finder.

01.23.09 — Stu of Doom visits Ashley planes and powerhouse ruins in PA.

01.21.09 — The story of a strangely Gargoyle'd building in New York.

01.21.09 — The honored tradition of exhibiting ancient dead people under fire from druids.

01.21.09 — Meanwhile, the Irish are wrestling with their own corpse.

01.20.09 — Latest attempt to resurrect the Old Man of the Mountain in Franconia Notch, NH.

01.20.09 — Town of Vulcan in site of the world premiere of the new Star Trek movie.

01.20.09 — Wreckage of Flight 1549 now a tourist attraction.

01.16.09 — Ancient Stonehenge-like structure found at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

01.16.09 — Statue of Thomas Edison carved from 01.16.09 — Hotel made from wine casks in the

01.15.09 — Jersey Devil celebrates an anniversary.

01.15.09 — Gigantic snow and ice festival in China.

01.15.09 — Vandals damage ancient Mexican Olmec heads...with grape juice.

01.13.09 — The San Clemente Sea Monster.

01.13.09 — Laurel and Hardy statue set to be unveiled in the UK.

01.13.09 — Life-size model of the Mars Rover to go on display in Pasadena, CA, during the five-year anniversary celebration of the project.

01.12.09 — Butte, Montana: "When the mine closed, it resulted in a lake of toxic water that has since become a tourist attraction."

01.12.09 —In Austria, porthole installed in one of the world's largest glaciers so that visitors can get a view from the bottom of the crevasse.

01.12.09 — Jumbo jet in Sweden turned into hostel.

01.10.09 — The Mutter Museum's 150th birthday. Forgot to send a card.

01.10.09 — Cool little throw-back article on Charles Addams, creator of the Addams family.

01.10.09 — Giant volcano underneath Yellowstone National Park. Set to blow sometime around the Apocalypse.

01.09.09 — Definitely the Year of the Poe.

01.09.09 — Where to go when vacationing in...Arkansas?

01.09.09 — Mysterious, spooky statue appears on Camps Bay Beach in Cape Town, South America.

01.08.09 — Cryptids on rise in New England. No, wait. Interest in cryptids on rise. Cryptids themselves still nowhere to be found...except maybe in the Boston Museum of Science.

01.08.09 — Limited window in D.C. to stare morbidly at Abraham Lincoln's blood-stained coatfrom his night at the theater.

01.08.09 — Bad-ass Bruce Lee gets a bad-ass museum in his Hong Kong home, which is not so bad-ass, since it was previously a rent-by-the-hour motel.

01.07.09 — Pres. Bush designates Marianas Trench as a national monument. Wait, we own that? Awesome.

01.07.09 — Scary Jesus sculpture excommunicated to UK museum.

01.07.09 — A&E channel to launch yet another paranormal-hunting reality show. The twist this time is that the hunters are cops. How about one where the group actually finds definitive evidence of the paranormal?

01.06.09 — "Mystery of South American Trophy Heads Solved." Whew.

01.06.09 — Boston, MA, lawmakers looking to designate 1,000 state attractions as official "Great Places." Big Dig and location of the Cartoon Network advert strangely absent from the list.

01.06.09 — Theory Number 3, 041 for the profound existence of Stonehenge. Still waiting for the "It's just piled rocks, guys" theory.

01.03.09 — The day the music was exhumed, displayed, and sold on eBay.

01.03.09 — He thought, therefore everybody wants his skull.

01.03.09 — UFO reenactment flight in New Zealand cancelled because interested participants do not exist.

12.31.08 — The Silver Scream Spook Show in Atlanta, GA, offers Christmas the way Charles Dickens would have wanted it.

12.31.08 — Walking (cautiously) in a winter wonderland.

12.31.08 — Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing becomes attracted to the roadside.

12.20.08 — Sure, it might be a tad hypocritical for Salem, MA, to deny a group of ghost hunters access to the Witch House, but then again, you can't really blame them. Judging by the score or so of ghost hunting shows on television, ghost hunters are naive to the point of pity, annoying to the point of rage, or self-important to the point of hilarity.

12.20.08 — Ghost Hunters, the show that showed that anybody could be a ghost hunter and therefore shouldn't be allowed to, gets renewed, spun off, and stretched as thin as possible.

12.20.08 — And for a tic-tac-toe of "ghost" headlines today, semi-annoying highway crosses make way for much more semi-annoying "ghost bikes."

12.13.08 — Stu of Doom visits the NH ghost town of Monson.

12.13.08 — One man's boredom killer is another man's, um, boredom killer at the Porter Sculpture Park in Montrose, SD.

12.13.08 — Fraggle Rocking at Ringing Rocks Park in Upper Black Eddy, PA.

12.12.08 — Underground witches in Tuhala, Estonia, beat each with birch branches in an underground sauna, causing eruptions on the surface in the Witch’s Well.

12.12.08 — Great idea: Public displays of affectation mapped in Houston, TX.

12.12.08 — Man to sell spaceship from Forbidden Planet to achieve dream of Christmas-light king of the world.

12.11.08 — Egypt's Sphinx may have been much cooler at one point. Or less cool. Whichever.

12.11.08 — It's art because it's cute.

12.11.08 — Man builds full-size replica of the ark in Schagen, Netherlands. Full-size replica of drunken nudity to follow. Yup, a Noah joke.

12.10.08 — Letters of eccentric scientist who inspired Shelley's Frankenstein on display in the U.K.

12.10.08 — Beware the Mexican Mummies of Monterrey. Or go see them in droves. Whichever.

12.10.08 — Science museum in Philadelphia, PA, reaches to the point of stretch marks to market its new and potentially cool Chronicles of Narnia exhibit as a way to teach kids about "climatology, ecology, and other scientific areas."

12.09.08 — Drowned towns in California briefly resurface for a rare breath of air.

12.09.08 — Always a reason to be sad.

12.09.08 — Dear Santa...Stuff that I want.

12.06.08 — Skate or Die at the Oslo Opera House in Norway

12.06.08 — Nuclear bunker turned hotel in Switzerland provides anti-experience.

12.06.08 — Wittelsbach Diamond for sale. With inevitable Hope Diamond reference.

12.05.08 — My teacher never mentioned the golden nose, drunken moose, or clairvoyent dwarf when we covered Tycho Brahe in highschool science class.

12.05.08 — Burton and Depp eyeing a Dark Shadows remake after their current Alice in Wonderland project. That's the whole story, so don't click on that link.

12.05.08 — Staying at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, that was made famous by Stephen King.

12.04.08 — It's art because it's big.

12.04.08 — 176-year-old tortoise seems to be cursed with immortality and a common name.

12.04.08 — Your Pet Monster.

12.03.08 — Merry Krampus.

12.03.08 — Second largest tree in Virginia gets a promotion.

12.03.08 — Ghost forests, magic rocks, and ocean burps at Oregon's beaches in the winter.

11.26.08 — Coincidentally, also my Amazon Wish List for Christmas.

11.26.08 — It's not exactly Richard Dreyfuss' mashed potato sculpture from Close Encounters, but it's still pretty impressive.

11.26.08 — Ugh. Vampires. Don't encourage them with three-page articles in nationally respected newspapers.

11.25.08 — Controversial crystal Mitchell-Hedges skull on display in Edinburgh, Scotland...controversial because of its dubitable authenticity and because it inspired an embarrassment of an Indiana Jones movie.

11.25.08 — If more art installations were like this one in Cornwall, England, I wouldn't hate them so much.

11.25.08 — "It's hard to fathom how the dead can be so problematic."

11.22.08 — A retrospective of the infamous Love Canal of Niagara Falls, NY—“one of the most appalling environmental tragedies in American history,” but an idea for a family sit com whose time has come.

11.22.08 — The Wellness Skull in Vienna, Austria—I might just be able to brave sweaty, hairy, naked men for this.

11.22.08 — Great photo essay of creepy abandoned industrial complexes.

11.21.08 — Forks, WA, where the Twilight movie and book series is set, is now a tourist destination...a disappointing tourist destination.

11.21.08 — Artist covers apartment in copper sulphate crystals. Looks much cooler than it sounds.

11.21.08 — National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, finally re-opens.Kermit and R2-D2 no longer homeless.

11.20.08 — You, too, can own an abandoned insane asylum.

11.20.08 — Marshall Creek Mastodon skeleton that was found behind a Wendy's in Pittsburgh, PA, to go on display. Can't get this image out of my head.

11.20.08 — Jonestown Massacre Memorial unveiled near Jonestown mass grave in Oakland, CA. Sad article with an absolutely jack-ass quote at the end.

11.19.08 — The Hunterian Museum in London: Just daggone cool. So's this article on it.

11.19.08 — Every museum should have one of these before it can call itself a museum. Incidentally, I am also in the market for one.

11.19.08 — “Do we cling to Nessie because we don’t know who we are anymore?

11.18.08 — The Jonestown Massacre is hard to forget…especially when newspapers run in-depth anniversary articles and Guyana posts tourist signs.

11.18.08 — And because I like my murder headlines as matching sets, here's a piece on a photographer who captures murderscapes with her camera.

11.18.08 — King Solomon's Mines found. Richard Chamberlain unavailable for comment. Because he's dead.

11.17.08 — New Odd Wisconsin exhibit sounds way cool, but misses the boat on not calling it “From Citizen Kane to Ed Gein.” The news item is here, the museum website is here.

11.17.08 — Maquette of massive Angel of the North in UK fetches big appraisel. I’d tell you how much, but my keyboard doesn’t have the UK money symbol on it. The news item is here, and you can read about the original impressive statue here.

11.17.08 — New Colossus of Rhodes to be a 330-foot-tall sculpture made of light that can actually be entered, as well as seen during the day. How the heck is Harryhausen supposed to animate that?

11.14.08 — With a director and a star set, film about famous collector of oddities on path to complete mundaneity.

11.14.08 — Boston's feelings still hurt about Poe's hatred for the city of his birth.

11.14.08 — There but for the grace of God...

11.13.08 — Paleontologists might not know a dinosaur track from a hole in the ground.

11.13.08 — Blowing Rock, North Carolina: Where the wind makes it snow upside down and won't let you commit suicide. Stupid wind.

11.13.08 — Library of medical oddity books for sale. Illustrations great for album covers, ankle tattoos, and children's pop-up book fodder.

11.12.08 — Is this a UFO? The answer is always no.

11.12.08 — Leave it to Beaver's Wally has his art exhibited in the Louvre. He was already legitimate to me.

11.12.08 — Ancient pyramid number 118 found in Egypt…one pyramid closer to decoding the grand alien message.

11.11.08 — Corpse Flower resurrected. Would have been a much better headline without the middle word. Still kind of sad-looking on the webcam.

11.11.08 — Commemorating the Killer Smog of Donora in Pennsylvania. If we must have tragedy in this world, at least give it a cool name like this one.

11.11.08 — Unaccredited ghost hunters teach at an unaccredited ghost hunter university on a discredited topic at the Lizzie Borden House.

11.10.08 — Getting to spend a night in a revolving exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. One more reason to hate the rich and well-connected.

11.10.08 — Bulgaria attempts to create a scarier city to visit than Detroit.

11.10.08 — Corpse Flower keels. See the new item here, and the sad, sad webcamhere.

11.8.08 — For all you orninecrofiles out there, Darwin's dead birds are now on display at the London Natural History Museum.

11.8.08 — Life-sized dinosaurs in Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, Texas. Five days too late for a Michael Crichton joke.

11.8.08 — Newest item on my things to do to die, er, before I die list: Swim with the crocodiles in Australia.

11.7.08 — Portland Art Museum in Oregon buys enigmatic stone idol at auction and then puts it online for the international community to help figure out its origin. My guess?Bombay Company. See the news item here and a picture of the idol here.

11.7.08 — Sasquatch-themed restaurant in California sues Sasquatch-themed restaurant in Tennessee over trademark infringement and Jim Carrey. No punch line necessary.

11.7.08 — Edgar Allan Poe is celebrating his 200th birthday with a year-long celebration. That's one long-ass game of pin the tale on the donkey. See the news item here or skip to the official website here.

11.6.08 — The Corpse Flower at the Milwaukee Public Museum in Wisconsin is about to bloom any second now, and I’m pissed that I won’t be there.

11.6.08 — Ghost Rider Nicholas Cage sells uber-haunted LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans. See the news item here and the completely unvouchable story of the mansion itself here.

11.6.08 — Mystic Caverns in Arkansas being auctioned. You need your own personal Batcave.