Louise Bourgeois' "Eyes"

August 8, 2010 — At the Williams College Museum of Art in Williamstown, MA, the hills...have eyes. Louise Bourgeois' Eyes. Bourgeois died just a few months ago at the terrifying age of 98. She was known most for her creepy giant spiders (like this one or this one), but the eyeball was a motif she turned to regularly. In 2001, on the 75th anniversary of the museum, she installed Eyes, a multi-part granite and bronze sculpture that decorates the hilly courtyard of  Williams College. At night, the irises light up in eerie pinks and blues. I assume because glowing eyes is something our species has always regretted not having.

The far sides of these eyeballs are actually benches.

Sometimes the eyes shoot deadly,
motion-activated lasers. Be warned.