The New England Grimpendium: Green Mount Cemetery

For the next month, I’ll be posting photo essays on locations, attractions, and artifacts elaborated on in my new book, The New England Grimpendium (available now) to celebrate its debut...and to convince you that it’s worth buying, I guess. That was directed at you, Mom.

September 15, 2010 — One regret that I have for The New England Grimpendium is that I didn't include more cemeteries in it. New England is packed with interesting old cemeteries. I mean, I pass at least three just on my way to the grocery store. I would have loved to put more in the book, but the ghost tales and histories are mostly repetitive and there's only so many times I'm allowed to write the phrase "funerary sculpture" in one book. That's just the way it is with a place where 400-year-old cemeteries are a pretty common thing. Fortunately, Green Mount Cemetery in Montpelier, VT, made it in (although it's a scant 160 years old). There's not much I can say about this one that the pictures below don't say better.

Read all about my visit to the Green Mount Cemetery in The New England Grimpendium, which is on sale now.