Trick-or-Treating the Internet II: 25 More Links to Halloween

October 20, 2010 – Back on September 30, I posted 25 carefully chosen links in an attempt to get the Halloween mood going…a sort of pre-October pep talk. Now the season is in full hangman swing, with everybody on the Internet who is normally just giving advice on baby names or reporting on pharmaceutical recalls dansing macabre. Of course, now we have a whole new problem, cutting through the glorious Halloween glut to get to articles that aren’t about local events that aren’t local to you, re-re-re-reviews of horror movies that you're already an expert on, and inane pumpkin carving tips.

So here are 25 more links to better fan the current firestorm of Halloween spirit, and to keep at bay all the Christmas that I’m starting to see in stores.

1. Make sure you watch Thriller this year.

2. An interview with the writer/illustrator of Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich.

3. Mythbusting various jack-o-lantern preservation methods.

4. Obvious and not-so-obvious movie-character costume ideas.

5. Behind the scenes of the new John Landis-directed comedy on 1800s-era serial killer/grave robber duo Burke and Hare…starring Simon Pegg.

6. Video of Bill Murray back in his Ghostbusters get-up at this year’s Spike TV Scream Awards.

7. Slideshow of 13 great haunted “house” movies.

8. Best ghost movie I’ve seen this season (and thanks to Christine at Fascination with Fear for the suggestion).

9. Most macabre shirt I’ve seen this season.

10. Catholic bishops want to shanghai our too-grisly Halloween and have everybody dress as saints. Come to think of it, martyrs would make a great grisly costume.

11. Not a big fan of top ten lists or ghost tours, but here is a top ten list of ghost tours in the U.S.

12. How to make cool Jello blood worms.

13. Requisite giant pumpkin piece.

14. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas being shown in 4D in L.A.

15. Edgar Allan Poe as science buff. Complete with cool 1840s pic of what could possibly be the dark poet himself posing with an animal skeleton.

16. What Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper are doing for Halloween.

17. Decorated Mexican-American graves in Houston, TX.

18. Overnight getaways at spooky places.

19. A peak at The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horrors XXI. Still airing after Halloween is done. Still doing non-horror bits. Why do I still watch this?

20. I know, I’m tired of zombies too, but I’m starting to get interested in AMC’s new Walking Dead series, premiering on Halloween night.

21. This guy does not get Halloween.

22. Psycho Legacy is out on DVD.

23. “The grosser the candy, the better it’s going to sell.

24. Check out the picture gallery (in the left-hand column) of the cool props from New Hampshire’s Haunted Overload.

25. You should know about the Gallery of Monster Toys.