Buffalo-Area Miscellany

September 4, 2010 – Yesterday, I got back from a 30-hour, 1,000+ mile, solo road trip to the Buffalo, NY, area as research for a current book project. However, as always seems to be the case, I stumbled upon way more than was on my list of sites and artifacts to check out. Thought I'd post some of those in-between pics from the trip (saving all the good stuff for the book, of course). Normally, I'd just throw a couple of the images on the O.T.I.S. Facebook Page or download and forget about them, but not all of you are on Facebook and it would be a shame to let Rick James, attack turkeys, and a giant conglomeration of canoes rot on my hard drive...

Worst epitaph ever, Mr. James.

A Nancy Rubens art installtion in front of
the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

The abandoned Buffalo State Asylum

Hm. Should I?
One thing I've never gotten used to in the northeast.
All the wild turkeys

See that blurry bit at the bottom? That's my car window
being suddenly raised when I realized they were coming
straight at me, forcing me (I guess) to dive into  my car.

Charlotte failed this one.

Atomic-powered skull

The trip was actually like 1,037 miles, but I
grabbed the pic here 'cause my trip odomoter
rolls back to 0 when it gets to four digits.