Odd Things My Wife’s Seen II

November 13, 2011— I introduced you to my wife about a year and a half ago in an Odd Things My Wife's Seen post that ended up being pretty popular. In fact, the attention it got made me jealous enough to not do another one like it until, well, today. Also, because it took me that long to scrape together enough pics of her with oddities due to her bias for the backside of a camera…unless Kenny Loggins is involved, apparently.

These days, she photographs professionally (you can see her work on her website or on her Tumblr blog) and her favorite subject is no longer me, but she’s still there when I need her to photograph me sitting in a monkey paw or marveling at a mothership or squatting over a dead guy, even if she refuses to use her best camera to do so.

Oh, and this post is totally a heartfelt appreciation of this person being in my life and in no way should be construed as a maneuver to get out of writing 1,000 words about an oddity this week nor as a sneaky way to link to every single article in the archives.

Rare behind-the-scenes shot.

Will write about this place one day.

Mandatory Muppet shot in Washington, DC.

Mouth of Truth in Rome. She's currently in the market
for a prosthetic even though I'm really pushing for a hook.

In a Colosseum. It was easier to get her
to pose with stuff during our Italy trip.

Protestant Cemetery, still Rome. Burial location of
Keats, Shelley, and Goethe's only son.

Ruins of Pompeii.

Ah, Florence. We were too soon parted.

Ripley's Museum in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Dinosaur Land in White Post, VA.

Hunting ducks at Funspot in Laconia, NH.

Polar Caves in Rumney, NH.

At the Palace of Gold in
New Vrindaban, WV. I have no excuse
for this oddity not being on OTIS yet.

In Pittsburgh during a trip I still haven't fully chronicled.

Moose Myth scultpure in Nashua, NH.

Sing-Sing Prison Museum in Ossining, NY.

Being her own knight in shining armor at the
Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA.

This almost makes the complete set of
her taking pics of me.

Of course, these days the team's a bit bigger:
My wife and our polar bear posing with a baby.