A Long Day on Long Island

Can't even begin to describe
the random shop these were in front of.
January 10, 2012 — From the time I pulled out of my driveway pre-dawn to the point I rolled back into it post-prime time, my road trip to Long Island this past Saturday to visit sites for my upcoming New York Grimpendium ended up eating about 17 hours of my precious allotment on this Earth.

The weird thing is, I’ve gone through and retraced everything that happened, re-plotted the mileage, double-checked my itinerary…and I still can’t account for all the hours.

Normally, I wouldn’t try, but somehow I botched seeing a few sites on this trip and wanted to figure out why. I mean, besides not taking into account seasonal closings, misestimating the onset of darkness, and under-researching elements I thought could be determined on-site.

Still, the misses were trivial against the successes and will be easily fixed later in the month. Plus, the fact that I had a friend along with me “horribly awry”-proofed it since the trip doubled as a chance to hang out. The lost hours I can’t account for, I’ll just have to write off on my taxes.

I’m going to save discussing the individual sites for the book, but they included grave sites of the famous and the unfortunate, horror movie filming spots, houses of the unholy, and general things ignored in New York Tourism Board brochures. Probably rightfully so.

But I did get some random shots worth sharing. Guess that’s inevitable when you cover 700 miles in less than a day.

The stuff one finds on graves...
I'm still young enough to want to trespass every time I see
one of these signs, but too old to actually do it.
Even when the temptation is gaping.
Same random shop with the dinosaurs.
A deer friend...
...who got scarier the closer he crept.
Sometimes mis-planning is okay if it means accidentally
hitting the beach right at sunset.
The actual real-life Amityville Horror house.
Cool to see it at night, but need a clearer pic
than this if I'm going to use it in the book.
Shorter days are dumb.