Trick-or-Treating the Web II: 30 More Links to Halloween 2012

October 15, 2012 — I'm not saying that werewolves ate my homework, but if you’re reading this right now, it’s because I don’t have any Halloween content ready to post today. However, there are 1.2 million places on the web that do have some nice Halloween-style content ready. Actually, I’m pretty sure that those latter two sentences are related.

Anyway, you’ve already checked out the 25 links from Part I two weeks ago, so you know how this here post goes. Except this time I'm giving you 30 links to get through. So put off your work for the week and thank whatever god you worship for tabbed browsing.

Feel free to blame the werewolves.

1. Pumpkin Face rum could probably fix all your worst Halloweens.

2. A Wikipedia entry that lists tons of television show Halloween episodes.

3. Hitchhiking murderers do exist.

4. Count Chocula cereal box designs and promos throughout the 1990s.

5. Also, from the same guy as that previous link, a countdown of 80s and 90s Halloween-themed commercials.

6. Halloween Festival of Lists at Fascination with Fear. Check out the October 1 entry in particular.

7. Nice interview with Joe Dante about his new family horror movie, The Hole.

8. Dublin's Bram Stoker Festival happens at the end of the month.

9. The trailer for the movie Hitchcock, about the making of Psycho. Looks awesome.

10. Zombies teach CPR in new PSA.

11. House based on Disney's Haunted Mansion for sale.

12. New Jersey house from the original movie The Amityville Horror also for sale.

13. That time Tim Burton played a dead guy in a coffin.

14. Mortician makes a video to tell morbid kids that "It gets better."

15. Fattest pumpkin ever nets man $15,500.

16. Heading to Sleepy Hollow this weekend. Hoping to find some Ichabod Pumpkin Ale.

17. Trailer for the new Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection Blu-Ray set.

18. QR codes for headstones.

19. Photo essay on Boston's Eric Bornstein, sculptor of unique masks, costumes, and characters.

20. New Chucky film on the horizon will skip theaters.

21. Live spiders projected inside of a building to look giant from the street. Pretty Amazing. And freaky.

22. Halloween Fathead wall decals.

23. The American Scream documentary about house haunters airs on Chiller on October 28.

24. Atlantic piece, "Decorating for the Afterlife: The Modern American Mausoleum."

25. Mushroom skulls. Simple. Brilliant.

26. Geek-o-lanterns.

27. An old and excellent article by Ray Bradbury about a childhood memory of Halloween.

28. Awesome-looking Halloween cocktails.

29. Original and more epic ending to Frank Oz's Little Shop of Horrors.

30. A random sampling of strange graves.