Our Halloweenest Halloween Nest

September 27, 2013 — Despite the fact that this one picture of our living room fireplace from last Halloween keeps finding its way onto Pinterest and generic design blogs, my wife and I don’t really decorate for Halloween.

We nest for it.

It could be June as far as the outside of our house goes in September and October. We do throw jack-o-lanterns on the porch on Halloween night, but not until we’ve enjoyed those pumpkins inside for weeks.

And the closest most of the rooms in our house get to done-up is the kitchen, when all of our Halloween mugs are dirty and piled in the sink and all the Halloween-themed stuff we buy is just sitting on the counter in plastic bags.

The only room that really gets the Halloween treatment is the living room.

But we take that single room and turn it into our Halloween headquarters. Our Halloween nest. The Halloweenest.

Everything we watch this season will be in Skelli-Vision.
It’s there that we watch Halloween specials and horror movies. There that we eat Halloween treats. There that pumpkin spice and apple cider candles are burning 24 hours a day. There that the electric twinkle of ghost eyes and the soft glow of crystal balls light our lives and the early dark. There that we settle into our couch cushions with seasonal books and magazines.

I like to write the OTIS Halloween Season posts there as well, but most of the times, I just need my study. My muse is a bit sessile. Eh, let’s not be kind. She’s lazy. So my desk gets its own kind of Halloween treatment. I guess “cereal box” is its theme for this year.

I don’t think it will wind up on any design blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to post these photos so you can see where I’m reporting my Halloween to you from.

Come on over sometime.