Random Halloween Season Photos Without a Good Title

October 30, 2013 — Tomorrow’s it. The day. Or, the way we celebrate the season, the last day. And while I’ll save all my usual celebratory mourning for tomorrow’s final Halloween Season post, the day before Halloween is still a good day to take stock…photos.

My biggest strength as a writer is that I use a lot of pictures. Sometimes I take them. Sometimes my wife does. But we take a lot. Like, if you had the thumbs of Superman, you could flip through all of them and see a movie of my entire life, with few gaps (my 20s were boring, anyway).

So I thought I’d gather a selection of random pics and make them an official part of the 2013 OTIS Halloween Season blog. Some of these are extras left over from other posts. Some are random ones that I never got the opportunity to post. Others wound up on Facebook, where they were seen by only 3% of the people who like the OTIS Facebook page (I’m still unsure how that works). Others were posted on the front page of OTIS and were doomed to deletion after the Halloween Season ends.

Mostly, though, this gives me an excuse to watch the entire season flash before my eyes before it dies.

Like most of you, we hit up the local Spirit Halloween store this year. I didn't post anything about it because
I didn't have any creative angle other than just posting pics of all their cool stuff and you'd probably already
visited yourself. Plus I'd already done that type of post during the 2011 Halloween Season. I still took pics
'cause I never know when I'll need a pic of a demon clown baby.

Same with grocery store Halloween. Did that last year. Didn't think it'd be
interesting to retread the idea, although I couldn't resist taking a pic of
this great Nabisco stand.

We also visited Druid Hill in Massachusetts but was underwhelmed enough to not bring it up.
Maybe I'll stick it in an OTIS Miscellany post sometime.

Posted this pic of my cat Eleanor on Facebook on the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death.

I'd almost forgotten that the 2013 OTIS Halloween Season blog began on a Friday the 13th.

From my ongoing annual quest to find an actual pumpkin patch graveyard. So close.

Don't drink and die. Saw this while gathering the materials for this post.

Another foggy morning run-and-take-pics-of-someplace-cool shot.
We had a lot of foggy mornings this year in my town.

A few Jack-Os from this years Jack O' Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence that
somehow didn't make the cut for my post on the visit.

Good old Washing Irving didn't feature as prominently in this Halloween Season as he's done in the past.
Still, we watched the new show based on his Sleepy Hollow story, and I saw him face to face at
the Hall of Fame of Great Americans while visiting it for Poe reasons.
Cheated a bit on the OTIS Halloween Blog this year with a piece in the Boston Globe.

I've written entire posts on Halloween cookies, but this photo was way more elegant than any of them.

This is how I work during the season. Thank God for widscreen monitors and Microsoft's snap feature.
The picture is from this post. The movie is The Evictors.

Here and below are some more detail pics of our decorated barn attic where we watched
Hocus Pocus and The Halloween Tree. Seems like so long ago.

Ah, Salem.