Have a Coke and a Smile

July 20, 2014 — It’s a lazy Sunday morning. I should be writing or mowing the lawn. Maybe rethinking major life decisions. Instead I did this.

Eddy and Ichy forever.

BFF ain't what it used to be.

This one actually touches my heart a little bit.

Clowns. They're the next mainstreamed monster, just you wait...in terror.

Hail to the King, Baby.

Not pictured: Kurt from The Thing and Kurt from Grindhouse. I never said my collection was perfect.

When actors talk about "range," this is exactly what they're referring to.

Awkward family photos.

I've got your Trick 'r Treat sequel right here.

Honestly, I'm coming up with these captions on the fly. I have nothing for this one.
Dee Snyder's character in Strangeland really belongs in this pic, too.
Oh, you forgot about him? Share a Coke with him immediately.

BONUS PIC: You can't hear it, but Tangerine Dream played when I opened the can.