My Study, My Sanctum

Hit the play icon, and then expand it to full screen by selecting the arrows in the upper right corner. Move back and forth, up and down, zoom in and out at your whim. It defaults to 512p and will be slightly pixelated. For high-def, select 1048p in the lower left corner.

September 14, 2014 — Welcome to my sanctum. My ready room. My happy place. My sad place. My study.

If I were a turtle, this would be my shell. I have carried it with me everywhere I have lived, and I hate being outside of it. I’ve gotten to the point where I barely function as a human anywhere but here, and my writing ability is totally handicapped anytime I try to put words together outside its four walls.

Surrounding me is my life. Artifacts from it at least, things I’ve picked up over the years, items from my OTIS travels, the books that most influenced me, pop culture relics, mass-marketed silliness, one-of-a-kind awesomeness. I kind of want it all to burn.

Part of me blames this predicament on the introduction to the television series The Ray Bradbury Theater that I watched as a kid, long before I really knew who Ray Bradbury was, but the truth is I don’t know why this started.

My study has changed over the years. It started out as a small shelf of books and old toys in my bedroom. Every time I moved it grew and changed. At certain points in my life, it was two rooms. One time I sacrificed my dining room for it. My study today is, without a doubt, its best incarnation, and I have the boxes and boxes of culled material in the basement to prove it.

To honor this important part of my life/weight around my neck, I wanted to do more than a mere photo essay. I wanted to encase this room in digital amber. I just have the feeling that its next incarnation will be a lot different.

So we created an interactive 360-degree panorama of it, courtesy of my wife’s photography skills and the unwitting folks at Dermander. It’s easy to use. Select the play button, and it’ll expand to full screen. You can move back and forth, up and down, zoom in and out at your whim. It does default to 512p and will come out slightly pixelated. For a high definition experience, click the 512p in the lower left corner and select 1048p. That way you’ll be able to read the credit card numbers off the bills on my desk and call me out on why I don’t vacuum and dust something I claim to love so much.

Then get out of there so I can get back to writing and playing with my toys.