Poe-Land in Poe-Land

October 19, 2014 — My friend Peter Fawn was in town the other week. For those who’ve read Poe-Land, he’s the British guy who owns the world’s largest collection of Poe memorabilia in the world. He crossed the Atlantic for a few reasons, all Poe-related, but first on his itinerary was to take a gander at the fresh-from-the-foundry Boston Poe statue.

Since that’s my neck of the woods, we got to hang out for a couple days, where I got to point out all the sites critical to American independence from his homeland. After that, Fawn was off to Baltimore to check in with the poet himself. A couple days later, I received the delightful surprise of an inbox full of pictures of Poe-Land at various Baltimore Poe sites like his grave and the Poe-themed restaurant Annabel Lee and in the hands of the famous Poe performer David Keltz, who’s also in the book.

Anyway, I love the idea of the book taking the same trip that's inside its own covers, so I thought I’d share.

UPDATE: Some of you turned Poe-Land in Poe-Land into a God-damned thing, so God bless you. Here are some more photos of the book at various Poe sites. Would love to see more from those of you with easy access to the sites or during your own treks through Poe-Land. Post them on the OTIS FB page or Twitter or send them to me at ockerjw@gmail.com. Go Poe.

Poe-Land made it to the Bronx, Poe's Fordham Cottage,
thanks to Sue and Neil. Neil's the docent in the book who introduced 
me to the term "dogsbody."

Steve from Trumbull Photography took the book to UVA,
Poe's semi-alma mater, and took photos of it around the various Poe sites,
 like the George Zolnay bust...

...and Poe's dorm room.

...and Poe Alley.

...still in Poe Alley.

...the Poe statue in Richmond, VA.

Steve even made it down to Poe's Tavern on Sullivan's Island
in South Carolina, where Poe was stationed for a year while a in the military.

And, of course, the newest site in Poe-Land, the Boston Public Library bust,
courtesy of sculptor Bryan Moore.