Strange Stuff From My Study, Episode 3: Edgar Allan Poe-phernalia

January 19, 2015 — They say it’s your birthday, Edgar Allan Poe. Well, happy birthday to you. What’s that, you say? From childhood’s hour you have not been as others were? Well, let’s quaff oh quaff some kind nepenthe and mourn that tomorrow. Today’s a day for party hats with ravens on them and piñatas in the shape of black cats and cupcakes with mustaches  on them…and an episode of Strange Stuff From My Study dedicated totally to you.

For this third episode in the series, I pull from my Poe collection two items: A 100-year-old print of "The Raven" and a two-year-old television promo mask of Poe. They couldn’t be more different, except for one thing that you’ll have to watch the video to discover. Besides being Edgar Allan Poe-related. So two things.

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