The Book Ends on Ray Bradbury's Home

Photo credit: Reuse People of America
June 23, 2015 — In January of this year, much to the horror of Ray Bradbury fans such as myself, the late author's iconic Los Angles home was torn down to make way for a new house. At the time, I posted my conflicted and in-the-moment thoughts on the loss here.

Well, apparently, its bones didn't all go into the dumpster. A group called the ReUse People of America salvaged its pieces for re-sell on the building supplies market. So maybe your future house will get a light fixture that nightly illuminated Bradbury's reading or a faucet that spent most of its life washing typewriter ribbon ink off his hands. More relevantly, the group decided to turn some of the 2x6 Douglas fir boards from the house into bookends in honor of the author to sell to Bradbury fans. According to its website:

Each bookend set is branded with a series number and the icon "451 F", to commemorate Bradbury's best-seller, Fahrenheit 451. Sets are accompanied by a thank-you letter from The ReUse People (TRP), the company responsible for salvaging the material, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Alexandra Bradbury, the late author's daughter, and TRP President Ted Reiff. 

I've been checking the site daily for weeks for them to start selling the bookends, and they finally released them today. The bookends are going for $88.50 a set, including shipping and handling. You can buy them here.

They were made by a Los Angeles furniture company called Saint Arbor, and I'm really digging the design. They kept the bookends rough to show that the sets were obviously repurposed from something else.

Even better, part of the money raised from the sale of these bookends is going to the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at Indiana University to help fund their ongoing project of recreating Bradbury's wonder-full home office.

The only thing is that they've limited the run to 451 sets, so they will run out at some point. Although I have direct knowledge that there are at most 449. I bought two sets already.

Anyway, I'd suggest getting the bookends while they're at the temperature at which books burn.

UPDATE: Got mine. And apparently they're sold out, so there go my dreams of buying
enough sets to rebuild his house.