Salem at Random II

October 25, 2015 — In Salem in October, every spot is spooky, every detail deathly, eery corner is creepy, every window weird. And the people, well the people are the scariest of it all. Leaving your camera behind just once is a mistake you’ll regret forever. Trust me on that.

Below is a selection of photos that we’ve taken over the past few weeks. If you want to see more photos of Salem’s Haunted Happenings celebration, check out the posts Salem at Random, Salem at Night, Which Way to Witch City, or any of my socials (OTIS Facebook PageTwitterTumblr, and Instagram).

I wrote earlier that I’m posting photos like I’m bailing water. And, it’s true, my ship is kind of sinking. I have only six days left living in this city, and I’m going to miss the place.

Salem's Haunted Neighborhood

Hundreds of people watched Hocus Pocus on the Salem Common,
yards away from where one of the scenes filmed.

The guys behind From Art to Zombies do great work.
They also haunt at Fright Kingdom, which we got a personal tour of last year.
It's my neighborhood haunt when I'm not in Salem.

"You wanna picture, I'll give you a picture."

"We're actually locals. We just like doing this."

This Five Nights at Freddy's getup is the best costume I've seen so far,
and it's in a children's costume parade no less.

Talking shop.

Ran directly into a "Boo Bar Hop" one night.
About 20 drunks ghosts waving their arms around the streets of Salem

Apparently the toy store on Essex Street used to be a bank. And now it has a monster inside it.