Trick-or-Treating the Web II: 25 More Links to Halloween 2015

October 9, 2015 — I know some of you sped through all 25 links of Part I of this year's Trick-or-Treating the Web and have been patiently waiting for me to stop posting original content and get to more links. Well, today is that day, so ladies and gentlemen, start your your New Tabs. Halloween news items are coming faster and faster as we get deeper into October and every site turns into a Halloween site, but here are the ones I was able to snag in my ghost trap so far:

1. If you really want a ton of Halloween content, check out the updated list of Halloween bloggers on the Countdown to Halloween 2015 page.

2. For some upbeat Halloween horror, check out this interview with author Thomas Ligotti.

3. Looks like Salem isn't the only town that celebrates Halloween all October. Check out Halloweentown, in Oregon.

4. How about a look back at the 1976 vampire episode of Starsky and Hutch?

5. Oh man, an anthology of animated Edgar Allan Poe tales, coming later this month.

6. In other Poe news, looks like Baltimore wants to create a new Poe Toaster, talent-contest style.

7. A look at Wes Craven's "hip-hop legacy" in...Forbes.

8. A look at the fascinating Washington Irving House in Manhattan...which Washington Irving never visited.

9. And while you're in Manhattan, get a drink at a Headless Horseman-themed pub.

10. All the zombies in George Romero's Night of the Living Dead are grandparents now and still have plenty of fans.

11. Rue Morgue Magazine is throwing what could only be a great Halloween party.

12. The Michael Myers House in NC is throwing what could only be a great Halloween party.

13. Here's all the Joe Bob Briggs clips from when he hosted a Friday the 13th marathon on TNT's Monstervision. Man, I miss that show.

14. A new Trick 'r Treat comic book is out.

15. FXX is doing a Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Marathon on Halloween.

16. Yes, Halloween also has Scrooges.

17. Which monsters would win in a Universal vs. Hammer fight?

18. A&E is burying people alive for Halloween.

19. Behold, the 3D-printed jack-o-lantern.

20. Infamous Scary Lucy bronze statue to become a prop in a Halloween attraction this year.

21. John Carpenter's Halloween returning to theaters for one night, October 29, with an exclusive introduction by Carpenter himself.

22. The Ash vs. Evil Dead series might be enough to get me to subscribe to Starz.

23. Hey, a Rocky Horror Picture Show reunion.

24. Macabre nightclubs of 1920s Paris.

25. Try Pepsi Ghost...if you're in Japan.