Trick-or-Treating the Web: 25 Links to Halloween 2016

September 19, 2016 — Twice every season, I offer up 25 links that will make your next hour or three the most Halloween it can be. Think of it as the Halloween version of Santa Claus sending customers to other department stores in Miracle on 34th Street.

This time, I decided to theme the first installment instead of just listing links to random and varied Halloween content throughout the web. That theme? Stuff to do during the season. Some of the links below are general activities and some are place-specific. But even those place-specific ones more than likely have local analogs near you that can be substituted. So on your marks, get set…Halloween.

1. Experience the the amazing haunt lineup at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

2. Vote for your favorite monster cereal.

3. Listen to fourteen hours of Edgar Allan Poe on Spotify.

4. Can't believe I'm suggesting this, but watch Madea’s Halloween movie.

5. Play a round of Monster Mini Golf.

6. See what ABC Family turning into FreeForm does to its 13 Nights of Halloween.

7. Read a book about…Salem at Halloween. I hear it’s good...because I said it out loud.

8. Or you can just go to Salem yourself.

9. Visit Sleepy Hollow during one of its Legends Weekends.

10. Read up on past Halloween Happy Meals from McDonalds as you wait for what they’re doing this year.

11. Try Pumpkin Spice Cheerios.

12. Try Frosted Caramel Apple Pop-Tarts.

13. Hit up a Halloween art show.

14. Attend a horror convention.

15. Buy Elvira’s new book. For me.

16. Watch the skies for a Halloween asteroid.

17. Try to find any of these Halloween specials on YouTube.

18. Visit a cidery.

19. Drop by a Halloween forum.

20. Flip through a Fall magazine.

21. Type “Halloween” into Twitter’s search engine, and see what everybody’s saying about it.

22. Browse some Halloween candy. Maybe buy some. Perhaps eat some.

24. Play a throwback, monster video game online.

25. Find a list of Fall and Halloween activities local to you and plan yo' season.