A Season with the Witch: The Abridged Version

October 10, 2016 — I visited a lot of sites for A Season with the Witch, both in the city of Salem and around it. I actually wore a hole through a brand new pair of boots in that month of wandering the streets and byways of Essex County. I decided to gather them all together in case you wanted to do some witch hunting of your own when you visit Salem and/or hate your shoes. Below you’ll find 88 locations from the book, including sites connected to the Witch Trials, Nathaniel Hawthorne, the culture and history of the city, and movies that filmed there.

Witch Trials Sites

  • Susanna Martin Marker (Witch Trials victim): N. Martin Road
  • Tomb of Samuel Sewall (Witch Trials judge): Granary Burying Ground, Tremont Street
  • Tomb of Wait Still Winthrop (Witch Trials judge): King’s Chapel Cemetery, Tremont Street
  • Tomb of Increase and Cotton Mather: Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, Hull Street
  • Danvers Witchcraft Memorial: Hobart Street
  • Ingersoll’s Ordinary: 199 Hobart Street
  • Rebecca Nurse Homestead (Witch Trials victim): 149 Pine Street
  • Parsonage Excavation Site: Between 65 and 67 Centre Street
  • Putnam Cemetery (Graves of Witch Trials accusers): 485 Maple Street
  • Sarah Holten House (Witch Trials testifier and Rebecca Nurse petition signer) 171 Holten Street
  • Joseph Holten House (Rebecca Nurse petition signer) 19 Centre Street
  • Sarah Osbourne House (Witch Trials victim) 272 Maple Street
  • Sarah Bishop House (Witch Trials survivor) 238 Conant Street
  • Joseph Putnam House (Witch Trials) 431 Maple Street, Danvers
  • Grave of Elizabeth Parris (Wife of Reverend Samuel Parris): Wadsworth Burial Ground, 18 Summer Street
  • Thomas Haines House (Witch Trials testifier) 35 Center Street
  • Danvers Archival Center: Peabody Institute Library of Danvers,15 Sylvan Street
  • First Church of Danvers: 41 Centre Street
  • Tomb of William Stoughton (Witch Trials judge): Dorchester North Burying Ground, Stoughton Street and Columbia Road
  • Grave of Nathaniel Saltonstall (Witch Trials judge): Pawtucket Cemetery, Water Street
  • Wilmott Redd Memorial (Witch Trials victim): Old Burial Hill Cemetery, Orne Street
North Andover
  • Grave of Timothy Swan (Perceived witchcraft victim): Old Burial Ground, Academy Road
  • Giles and Martha Corey Memorials (Witch Trial victims): Lowell Street and Crystal Drive
  • John Proctor Memorial: Lowell Street and Hawthorne Road
  • Former Site of Proctor Tomb: Lowell Street and Northshore Road
  • Former Site of Old Witch Gaol, 10 Federal Street
  • Former Site of Salem Courthouse, 72 Washington Street
  • Site of Witch Trials Executions and Memorial: Proctor’s Ledge, Pope Street
  • Salem Witch Trials Memorial: Charter Street
  • Old Burying Point Cemetery (Graves of two Witch Trials judges): Charter Street
  • Witch House/Corwin House (Witch Trials judge): 310 Essex Street
  • Family Grave of John and George Corwin (Witch Trials judge and sheriff, respectively): Broad Street Cemetery, 5 Broad Street
  • Phillips Library (Repository of the Witch Trials papers): 132 Essex Street
  • Howard Street Cemetery: 29 Howard Street
  • Topsfield Witch Trials Memorial: Main Street, Topsfield Common 

Nathaniel Hawthorne Salem Sites

  • Grimshawe House: 53 Charter Street
  • Custom House: 176 Derby Street
  • House of the Seven Gables/Birth Home: 115 Derby Street
  • Hawthorne Statue: Hawthorne Boulevard
  • Former Site of Birth Home: 27 Union Street
  • Castle Dismal: 10 1/2 Herbert Street
  • Silsbee House (Home of Mary Silsbee, who inspired Rappaccini's Daughter): 94 Washington Square E.
  • Phillips Library (Site of front doorway of the Grimshawe House): 132 Essex Street
  • Old Town Pump Fountain: Essex Street and Washington Street
  • Last Salem Residence (and site where The Scarlet Letter was written): 14 Mall Street

Salem Attractions

  • Gallows Hill Museum Theatre, 7 Lynde Street
  • Gallows Hill Park: Witch Hill Road
  • Salem Witch Museum: 19 1/2 N. Washington Square
  • Salem Visitor Center: 2 New Liberty Street
  • Witch History Museum: 197 Essex Street
  • Witch Dungeon Museum: 16 Lynde Street
  • New England Pirate Museum; 274 Derby Street
  • Salem Wax Museum/Frankenstein’s Castle: 288 Derby Street
  • Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery: 285 Derby Street
  • Salem Time Machine: 131 Essex Street
  • Chambers of Terror: 57 Wharf Street
  • Salem Willows: Salem Neck
  • Winter Island Park: Salem Neck
  • Salem Pioneer Village 1630: Forest River Park, Clifton Avenue
  • Peabody Essex Museum: 161 Essex Street

Salem History and Culture Sites

  • Roger Conant Statue: Brown Street and Washington Street
  • Salem Maritime National Historic Site: 193 Derby Street
  • Old Town Hall, 32 Derby Square
  • Bewitched Statue: Lappin Park, Washington Street and Essex Street
  • Hawthorne Hotel/Salem Marine Society Headquarters: 18 Washington Square W.
  • Salem City Hall: 93 Washington Street
  • Salem Lyceum: 35 Church Street
  • Gardner-Pingree House (Site of Captain Joseph White murder): 128 Essex Street
  • Engine House Pizza (Lords of Salem site): 71 Lafayette Street
  • Greenlawn Cemetery (Lords of Salem site): 57 Orne Street
  • Lords of Salem House: 355 Essex Street
  • Hocus Pocus House: 8 Ocean Avenue
  • Hocus Pocus School: S. Washington Square
  • Ropes Mansion: 318 Essex Street
  • Salem Athenaeum: 337 Essex Street
  • Boston Strangler Murder Site: 224 Lafayette Street
  • Ex-Police Department Headquarters: Front Street and Central Street
  • Old Salem Jail Building: 50 St. Peter Street

Salem Witch, Magic, and Metaphysical Shops

  • Angelica of the Angels: 192 Essex Street
  • Artemisia Botanicals: 3 Hawthorne Boulevard
  • Crow Haven Corner: 125 Essex Street
  • Enchanted, 98 Wharf Street
  • Hex: 246 Essex Street
  • Magicka: 63R Wharf Street
  • New England Magic: 131 Essex Street
  • Nu Aeon: 88 Wharf Street
  • Omen: 184 Essex Street
  • The Magic Parlor: 213 Essex Street