Live from Salem, October 2015, Part II

October 14, 2016 — Below is the second half of my Twitter feed for the month of October 2015, which I spent in Salem for my book, A Season with the Witch. Days 1-15 are here.

October 16, 1:40 pm. Me piloting one of Theo Jansen's #Strandbeests.

October 16, 4:45 pm. Today I played w/ a Strandbeest and interviewed Michael Myers. Tonight I meet the great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker.

October 16, 4:46 pm. All that to say, Salem is amazing in October.

October 16, 9:20 pm. Met Dacre Stoker. Great talk on Dracula. He's doing a talk Sat. 8pm at St. Peter's in Salem. Way underpublicized.

October 17, 9:23 am. Saw this skull in a Salem's Broad Street cemetery. Looks like the logo of an evil military organization.

October 17, 10:10 am. Day 3 of candy corn for breakfast. #halloween

October 17, 12:30 pm. I was there in #Salem when the Evil Clown parade crossed paths with the children's costume parade.

October 17, 6:01 pm. Hocus Pocus house. Paper Jack-o's in the windows...and a dozen people taking photos of it. Sorry, homeowners.

October 18, 9:44 am. Last night we listened to ghost stories in Thackery Binx's house. Remind me to tell you about that sometime.

October 18, 4:59 pm. I'm told it flurried at my home in NH today. Excited. Can't wait to get snowed in for a good excuse to hermit-down & finish this Salem book.

October 18, 6:25 pm. My 5-yr-old asked me what to draw. Told her Pumpkinhead. Don't remember suggesting the severed head in the corner.

October 18, 6:26 pm. And here's her Headless Horseman. Zombie arm was a bonus.

October 18, 8:45 pm. #Salem problems.

October 19, 7:35 pm. Two hot and dirty pickle martinis and I think I'm ready for my #Salem ghost tour on this chilly October night.

October 19, 8:22 pm. Ghost #Salem.

October 19, 10:12 pm. The entire bar I'm at just bonded over the new #StarWars trailer. I think we're all going to see it together.

October 20, 1:24 pm. PSA: The #Salem Macy's is decorated for Christmas.

October 20, 5:48 pm. #Salem is getting cruise ships now.

October 20, 7:11 pm. Lindsey's getting a reading. Should've bribed the psychic to tell her awesome things about her husband. #Salem

October 20, 8:22 pm. The windows of #Salem.

October 21, 2:47 pm. I have no Back to the Future content to push.

October 21, 3:44 pm. A plague of zombies in a city of witches.

October 21, 6:04 pm. Of carnivals and graves. #Salem

October 21, 8:17 pm. What movie night looks Salem.

October 21, 9:20 pm. Forgot how star-studded The Faculty is.

October 21, 9:22 pm. And I guess by "star-studded," I mean "familiar-face-studded."

October 22, 7:37 pm. At a bar on Pickering Wharf...trying to WRITE IT ALL DOWN. #Salem.

October 22, 8:11 pm. Really should have kept a journal of all the specialty cocktails I've had in #Salem.

October 22, 8:23 pm. Oh, you have a raw bar? Give me six of everything on it.

October 22, 8:47 pm. Tiny little crab claws. "Those things are fresher than fresher. Just came in today”

October 22, 9:10 pm. Every town needs a late-night carnival this time of year. #Salem

October 22, 9:21 pm. Ha. It's the little things. Bars in #Salem.

October 23, 1:08 pm. Look what's in my collection? And, no, I didn't steal it off a pole. Thanks, @HauntdHappnings. #Salem

October 23, 5:36 pm. #Salem

October 23, 6:00 pm. I don't think I could ever bring myself to burn these. #Salem

October 24, 12:52 pm. They call #Salem "Witch City". After 24 days here, I still haven't figured out why.

October 24, 3:06 pm. The people in your #Salem.

October 24, 7:20 pm. Terrible photo, but there are a few hundred people on the #Salem Common watching #HocusPocus.

October 24, 10:02 pm. I've gotta stop wearing glow-in-the-dark shirts to theater performances.

October 24, 10:02 pm. I've gotta stop wearing glow-in-the-dark shirts.

October 25, 8:58 am. Am doing an actual costume this year for the first time in decades. All for you, #Salem. #Halloween

October 25, 10:56 am. There are monsters in Salem's woods.

October 25, 1:04 pm. Gallows Hill. Not the park, but actual, unmarked spot where 19 hanged for being something that doesn't exist. #Salem

October 25, 1:21 pm. Now I'm at Gallows Hill Park, site, from what I can tell, late-night parties and some Little League games. #Salem

October 25, 1:35 pm. All the brambles stuck in my coat mean that after this jaunt, I deserve a Slim Jim and a Slurpee.

October 25, 4:00 pm. Salem Halloween is kind of interrupting my normal Halloween rhythm. Only just now had my first caramel apple...and I've yet to get a pumpkin

October 25, 6:29 pm. My wife went home for the past two days, and in that time I've lived solely off #Salem carnival food.

October 25, 6:56 pm. That was a bad idea, opening up that pack of 50 Pixie Sticks.

October 25, 10:39 pm. Tonight, I saw my first Sanderson Sisters costumes on the streets of Salem.

October 25, 10:39 pm. Tonight, I watched the new Simpsons Treehouse of Horror at a bar with closed captions.

October 25, 11:10 pm. So I think at this point in my life I can say it: Garfield's Halloween Adventure is my favorite Halloween special.

October 27, 5:55 pm. Still #Salem.

October 29, 8:19 pm. Really hard to bar hop tonight. Rainy. Windy. The second I leave a place I'm instantly sober.

October 30, 8:27 am. Tonight we walk a mile thru Salem to a massive costume party. Tomorrow we do it again. All in this Halloween. All out of my comfort zone.

October 30, 10:32 am. Native to Transexual Transylvania with hints of sweet transvestite. Keep it away from the Meatloaf. #Salem

October 30, 11:30 am. Grocery stores are extremely holiday-confused today.

October 30, 3:54 pm. Short story prompt. #Salem #halloween

October 30, 7:14 pm. Quick Halloween cocktails en route to a costume party. Then tomorrow we actually do Halloween. #Salem

October 30, 10:06 pm. My wife in front of the stage. Musical act at this private party we are at are the founding members of Boston. Ha.

October 31, 7:58 am. Happy Halloween! Look for a roundup on the Halloween Season blog tomorrow. Today it's Salem, Salem, Salem, Salem.

October 31, 9:01 am. I was just getting newspaper to carve pumpkins on. Now I can say my visit to #Salem is front page news.

October 31, 11:19 am. @PObbard Well, if you're still here 1230 or 1, look for a ghost bride & Tomb of Ligeia Price pushing a peacock & triceratops in a stroller

October 31, 6:46 pm. So trick-or-treating in #Salem is pretty much the best thing ever. And good running into @Sloejimfizz.

November 1, 12:35 pm. Home after 31 days. Now if I can only remember how to write a book.