Trick-or-Treating the Web II: 25 More Links to Halloween 2016

October 19, 2016 — Hey, I’m the only Halloween blogger on the Internet so don’t even bother looking around. Wait. Here’s 25 great posts from this season that I’ve curated from other people doing Samhain’s work. I picked only sites run by a single person. In their spare time. For whatever reason they do it. And I tried to stack the list toward anybody talking about personal experiences. When I ran out of my own resources and got tired of flipping through abandoned Blogger sites, I used this list of Halloween bloggers to pull from. So go. But come back.

1. This person made a moment with an expandable coffin he found at a grocery store.

2. This person bought Halloween Garlic Doritos from Japan…because they belong in the U.S.

3. This person reviews a 1960s Disneyland Halloween album.

4. This person hit up Hell, Michigan, for a Hearse Fest.

5. This person…well…is completely Halloween. Just scroll.

6. This person introduces us to the brilliant Japanese Pepsi promo monster bottle caps.

7. The above person also got to see John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness in the church where it was filmed.

8. This person is giving us a great Halloween reading list.

9. This person makes his own Halloween special every year. Here’s this year’s.

10. This person dug up photos of his Halloween costumes from the 1980s.

11. This person walks us through the My Three Sons Halloween episode.

12. This person takes us to the 2016 Grave Harvest Halloween Festival.

13. This person shows us how to make a tape ghost.

14. This person invites us into her home to look at her Halloween décor.

15. So does this person.

16. This person takes us to this year’s Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

17. This person introduces us (well, me) to October Country…the band.

18. This person shows us how much more awesome Japan is at celebrating Halloween than us...with ice cream.

19. This person takes us to Northville, Michigan, where they decorate the town with skeletons.

20. This person takes us through Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland.

21. This person shows us that there are more Great Pumpkin Peanuts comics than one would think.

22. This person shows us glow-in-the-dark M&Ms Halloween packs for handing out to trick-or-treaters.

23. This person turned CVS into a Halloween outing.

24. This person got to see MonsterVision live.

25. This persons’s participating in the jack-o photography Great Pumpkin Project.