October in a Weekend II

October 20, 2017 — The weekends really make the season for us 9-5 workin’ folk. After work, in the evenings, we only have so much time, and usually we’re using it to squeeze in as many horror movies and jaunts to the Halloween aisles as we can. But when the weekend arrives, we can just point our cars in any direction and really immerse ourselves in a landscape of festivals and pumpkin patches and corn fields and foliage and everything that’s makes the season such an alternate universe.

And that’s what we did the weekend before last. And that’s what we did last weekend. I won’t go any too many details on the latter (you can read the Halloween Die-ary entries for October 14 and 15), but here I’m just going to say we had a blast (other than one point in the trip where I’d realized I’d made a miscalculation and robbed us of a few experiences and got moody...what can I say? I get greedy in the fall). And, of course, we took a few photos along the way.

We stopped in Jaffrey, NH, to see their scarecrows.

I've never seen a cemetery advertise how awesome its graves are, but I hope this catches on.

Checked in on Madame Sherri's Castle in Chesterfield, NH, to see how it was holding up.

Not at all a classic old New England covered bridge, but we still stopped.

Fall at the Dorset Quarry in Vermont.

Felt like we were in an episode of Gilmore Girls in Dorset, where I was giving a talk.

Finally, we had to go get pumpkins, so we chose a farm with a giant hay creature.

A display inside the farm shop.

At the last second, we veered into a cornfield.

And this is what our trunk looked like at the end of the weekend.