Halloween Die-ary: September 11, 2018

Today, I had a two-hour commute followed by a ten-hour work day followed by an hour-long car ride home. So I didn’t have much time to fit in my daily dose of Halloween. All that time in the car reminded me, though, that I really need to get my Halloween playlist sorted.

However, I’ll have you know that I’m finishing this day here at almost the midnight hour working on a spooky writing project, with my pumpkin apple candle burning at three-wick speeds, the window behind me open to the cool night and whatever monster want to attack me through it, a plastic jack-o-lantern and a plastic cat skeleton on my desk as companions, and a can of Downeast Pumpkin Blend cider at my elbow.

It’s the first time I’ve ever had this stuff (although I’ve had Downeast cider plenty…it’s a Boston brand). I was expecting to hate it, that it would come out vegetable-y. But, man, it’s really good. Subtle, not too sweet, not bitter. Really pleasant. It might be a really important discovery for me. I might have to try it hot.

Then again, I’m pairing it with a tub of raw cookie dough, so that might be messing up my tasting abilities.

Also, I’m so happy that I can be Cardigan Man once again.