Halloween Die-ary: September 25, 2018

Today was a Commute to Boston day. It started at a gas station near my house a 6:30 am, where the above handmade convenience store Fall + Bud Light display welcomed me. That was Bookend #1. It ended with me returning home at 7 pm through a rainstorm while yelling about macabre oddities of New England to find a three-pack of General Mills monster cereal awaiting me. Bookend #2.

All that car-yelling in the rain was me taking advantage of being hidden behind blurry car windows to practice my talk for the Westhampton Public Library next Wednesday. I just needed to knock the rust of some of those stories in my head, see where I was forgetting dates and names.

Back home, I found Halloween stuff that wasn’t there when I left that morning: A four-foot-tall Halloween tree with purple lights. A set of dishware shaped like ghosts. That aforementioned tri-pack of monster cereals. Apparently, they were gifts, the former two dropped off by my in-laws and the latter mailed to us by my father. I actually haven’t seen any monster cereals in stores this year, for some reason. I’m sure it’s because I haven’t visited the right ones and the right time. But the three pack is kind of cool. I might keep that cardboard wrap that goes around the three boxes, frame it, and hang it by the photo of my first child on the day she was born.

Tonight’s movie was As Above, So Below, from 2014. I didn’t mean to go found footage two nights (technically three) in a row. But this one used found footage uniquely, I think. I mean, I thought it was a movie about a bunch of stupid teens sneaking into the Paris Catacombs for lulz. Turns out, it was a much more ambitious story than that. I enjoyed it. Extremely claustrophobic in places. And it worked in actual sites, like Nicolas Flamel’s house and gravestone (the rumored alchemist who supposedly found the philosopher’s stone), and, of course, the Paris Catacombs. Any movie that uses oddities is going to get solid marks from me.

My writing project tonight was to prep some non-die-ary OTIS Halloween Season content. I have a bunch of articles that I want to post here and there in addition to these entries. So keep an eye out for them. Or they’ll get you in your sleep.