Halloween Die-ary: September 6, 2018

Another day of zero Halloween. The temperature this weekend is supposed to drop, so I think that’s when we’ll decorate and really make this Halloween thing happen. So stick with me. Right now, I’m drinking that caramel apple tea that we bought yesterday (not bad) with a pumpkin apple candle lit, and taking a break from writing about a mummified severed head so that I can update this die-ary.

And, since I have no actual update, how about I explain my aside from earlier in the die-ary about the Headless Horseman snow globes?

I’m obsessed with the Headless Horseman. Just my favorite monster. I think maybe because he’s inextricably linked with Fall and Halloween, but who knows. Could also have been the Disney cartoon at an impressionable age. The outcome is that I’ll pick up pretty much anything with the Headless Horseman on it.

During the 2014 Halloween Season, I found a Headless Horseman snow globe at Michael’s: Black pedestal, black snow, black horse, black tree, black rider, lighted orange jack-o-lantern. Pretty elegant, actually. One of those pieces of seasonal décor that you immediately promote to year-rounder.

Eventually, it ended up packed away in the basement. I don’t remember why. But, earlier this year I was cleaning the basement and dug him out of the packing peanuts. He looked like this:

I don’t know if you can tell in the photo, but that discoloration isn’t because the water wore the color away. It’s covered in some kind of aquatic growth. Like one of those sealed ecospheres they used to sell at Brookstone in the malls. But grosser.

And now I can’t by another Headless Horseman snow globe from a seasonal aisle, even when I have a 20% off Spirit coupon. Because that other one pops into my head and I can taste the thing. Like wet, bad spinach.

Uck. I’m less grossed out by the mummified severed head (that tastes more like fuzzy shoe leather), so I’m going to switch back to writing about that.

$19.99 at Spirit. Less elegant, but hopefully more airtight.