Hall Pass to a Haunted Hallway

October 15, 2018 — On the Halloween Die-ary, I told you about my recent night helping an extremely talented friend create a haunted hallway for his kid’s elementary school. The haunted hallway was the next night, and he sent me some photos of the finished product. He actually invited me to be a part of it, which would have been a real blast. In fact, one of my bucket-list Halloween items is to take part in a haunted attraction, another is to scar large groups of young children for life, and this would have been a twofer. However, that was the day of my Salem talk.

What you see below is less than ten hours of work, plus some Halloween props that he’d already made from scratch that were sitting in his garage waiting for an opportunity to cause unsuspecting victims soul-jump. Because that’s what that dude does…late at night…by himself…in his garage. His name is S. Rhode Hill, and he’s an interior designer whom you should probably hire tomorrow. And he looks like this:

Anyway, here’s some of what I missed out on. Also, some of what your children are missing out on by not going the elementary school that my friend’s kid does.