Halloween Die-ary: October 21, 2018

Tonight I somehow missed both the new The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror and that Hocus Pocus celebration thingy on FreeForm. Fortunately only one of those am I kind of bummed about. I just can’t keep up with Hallow-screen these days. Honestly, I don’t think I can keep up with screen media in any season. Just too much stuff.

But, even though Sunday is usually a lazy day for us and perfect for imbibing pixels, we had other distractions.

Today was a day of intense preparation. We’re going to try inducing tomorrow. The baby’s due date is closer to the 26th and as cool as it would be to see how close to Halloween we could time this baby, it needs to stop freeloading off my wife. She’s done with the misery of being pregnant and wants to move on to the misery of having more children than adults in our house.

So that meant today was dedicated to cleaning, packing bags, making arrangements for my other two kids, getting extended family prepped. You know, all the pre-baby chaos to prep for the post-baby chaos.

I did make it outside a few times, mostly just to the backyard. At one point I noticed outside my window something bright red a the base of a tree at the edge of the forest that surrounds us. Like, it nailed my eye, even though I was two stories up and probably 300 feet away. Eventually, I had to go see what it was, so I pulled on some boots and tromped to the edge of the forest where it was beaming at me.

Turns out, it was a tiny sapling maple tree (or something like that) going full-Fall. Most of the trees at the edge of my yard are pine (so always green) or species that go yellow in the Fall. We do have a Japanese Maple in the yard that gives us the more somber purple-red hue. But it was interesting to see crimson Fall on this micro level.

The other time I forayed into the back yard was to play catch with Clove. We have this game where I wing a tennis ball as high and far as I can in the yard, and Clove, my eight-year-old, and my four-year-old all try to get it first and bring it back to me to earn a point. Most points wins. Clove usually wins.

We took the kids to their grandparents house and came back and finished the night with a couple more eps of The Haunting of Hill House. Pretty fabulous. I feel bad for everybody who binged watched this mini-series instead of savoring it. Just kidding. Sort of. Watching two eps in a row tonight made me miss Treehouse of Horrors.

Oh, and I forgot to mention in yesterday’s entry that my daughter made me the below painting. I’m thinkin’ shoulder tattoo.

Wish us luck tomorrow!