Double-Bogeyman 2: Seekonk Monster Mini-Golf

September 3, 2020 — It was the second time in my life I found myself facing off against monsters with nothing but a couple of glowing balls and a putter.

I was at a Monster Mini-Golf. Again. The first time was in Norwood, Massachusetts. This time? Seekonk, Massachusetts, which is feet away from being Rode Island. 

Monster Mini-Golf is…awesome. It’s a national chain of indoor putt-putt places. Under black light. With lots of monsters decking the holes. It’s how I want everything to feel like this time of yeargrocery stores, dental offices, the beach.

I won’t throw too many words at you for this one. This topic is more a photo-thing. Besides, I wrote in detail about my visit to the Norwood Monster Mini-Golf, and everything I said there applies here, despite the fact that these were two very different experiences, with no two monsters the same, other than that they both ended with giant clown face Hole 18s. And if you're going to repeat something, repeat that.

And that’s the thing. If the Seekonk location had been exactly like the Norwood location, it would still be a great way to kill some sunshine. But they varied their vampires. Kept their fiends fresh. Diversified their demons. Changed up their changelings. Feel free to play on through. Mixed up their mummies. Swapped out their skeletons. Assorted their aliens...