September 19, 2020: Beach Bash Monster Mash

Halloween Die-ary #9

We burst through our door in a dust devil of beach sand and ocean salt, fresh from our week of tidal pools and lobster rolls on the Cape. Big Face welcomed us home with his goofy grin that he still doesn’t understand is threatening in certain lights and angles.

The night before we left for this trip, we decided to give ourselves a Halloween booster. You know. To counteract the good, good, good vibrations of our surfin’ safari. And we did that with a movie night. There are some movies that we save until we can make an event out of them, and The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those movies. September 13 is slightly too early for it, possibly (especially since it’s technically a Christmas movie), but we decided to make popcorn balls and get the family together to watch it. Even better, it would be our youngest’s first real experience with both the movie and the treat (she’ll be two next month). She seemed to be mesmerized by This is Halloween, What’s This?, and everything about the popcorn ball. But otherwise, the real world of jumping off furniture and pulling her sisters hair until they screamed held more fascination for her.

On the drive down to the Cape, I decided that to keep the jack-o-lantern rind hot, I’d record any traces of Halloween on the trip, kind of like I did that one time in October I found myself in GermanyAnd while there were some traces (black and orange seashells, buoys painted like jack-o-lanterns, the giant bag of Hershey’s Halloween-themed candy that we bought, the rainstorm that saw us off the morning we left), that causal project idea didn’t really go anywhere. But, man, did we.

We visited about a dozen oddities, including a cemetery murder scene, a UFO abduction site, a haunted tower, an abandoned military base, a gravestone with a curse for an epitaph, and much more. I mean, major spooky stuff. I'll be writing about some of it for the season. We also did our annual Gin and Boris night, and we launched Cursed Objects into the world. So, somehow, even without my Halloween photo scavenger hunt project, we basically kept the creepy alive in the face of ocean vistas full of seals and seagulls.

Now, back at the Black House, I feel ready to go all in on this Halloween Season. “Double dead” as Oogie Boogie says. We’re going to decorate this weekend (so that Big Face doesn’t feel so awkward by himself anymore). I’m going to drop the air conditioners down the basement stairs. And I’m going to run at the season with the ardor of October 1.