October 30, 2020: Oct-snow-ber 2

Halloween Die-ary #21

A white Halloween is just as dreamy as a white Christmas. The amount of snow we got today means tomorrow will be the second time in the thirteen Halloweens I’ve spent in New England that we’ve had snow on the ground on October 31. I love it. I mean, I don’t like that it can interfere with trick-or-treating, but the Year of COVID has already made trick-or-treating an issue. I just love snow, and I especially love the first snow of the season, and I really, really love what snow does to Halloween decorations. It makes pumpkins brighter, witch robes darker, ghosts invisible, and all the leaves that I was putting off raking get swept under a metaphorical carpet.

Oh, and I really like snow in October because Lindsey goes out in the yard and takes photos like these: