Free OTIS Stickers and Signed Bookplates!

July 6, 2021 — Behold, the first ever OTIS sticker. And my first ever bookplate. Want one? How about I give them both to you. For free.  All you have to do is this:

1)      Preorder The Smashed Man of Dread End (any format, any bookstore)

2)      Email a screencap of the receipt to (make sure to include a mailing address if the receipt doesn’t).

That’s it. Before you know it you’ll have to find a surface/book to desecrate with these things. And then before you know it again, you’ll have a book in your hands about a new kind of monster, and the four girls who have to fight it.

This giveaway will last until my supplies run out or the book comes out (August 17). Open to all states and countries unless you’ve got weird laws around giveaways.

Some places to preorder: Amazon, IndieBound, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, or your favorite brick and mortar.


"The imaginative and truly horrifying monster at its center makes this tale stand out." ―Kirkus

"Readers of this effectively spine-tingling piece of horror will find it hard to ignore their own dark corners." ―Publishers Weekly

"What a truly original and grotesque monster! There were moments reading when I felt my heart beating SO fast. Highly recommend for fans of middle grade horror and monster stories." ―Laurien Lawrence, author of the Fright Watch series