Cover Reveal: The Black Slide

September 24, 2021 — Gaze upon the gorgeous horrorshow that is the cover for my next kid’s horror novel. Or, as I like to call them these days, horror novels starring kids. It’s my third, and, like my other two, is a standalone story. In Death and Douglas, I showed you the Day Killer. In The Smashed Man of Dread End, well, the Smashed Man of Dread End. And, now, The Black Slide taints our world with the introduction of…the Merciless. Synopsis below!

A massive black tube slide appears on the playground of an elementary school and starts eating fifth graders. Actually, it would be better if it were eating them. Instead, it swallows them into a world of metal and stone where a race of creatures called the Merciless inflict on them the absolute torments of the Painful Place. It's up to Griffin, Laila, and Ozzie to find a way to escape the Merciless and their monsters, while rescuing their classmates, or they will all be changed forever, if they even survive.

The Black Slide doesn’t come out until next August. But I can guarantee you it’ll make the kid’s section of your bookstore or library...and your local playground...a little bit darker.

Art: Jeannette Arroyo
Design: Catharine Lee