The Black Slide

The craziest and most terrifying middle grade book I’ve ever read. — Adam Perry, author of Ghosts Come Rising

“An intense, disturbing read as likely to give nightmares as to become a new favorite.” — Kirkus

“Ocker pushes the boundaries of middle grade horror.” — BCCB

"Ocker’s foray into middle-grade horror brings fresh material to the category…a knuckle-tightening trip into a haunting environment." — Booklist

"Doesn't hold back on the weird or the scares despite its age range." — Fangoria

A massive black tube slide appears on the playground of an elementary school and starts eating fifth graders. Actually, it would be better if it were eating them. Instead, it swallows them into a world of metal and stone where the Merciless inflict on them the absolute torments of the Painful Place. It's up to Griffin, Laila, and Ozzie to find a way to escape the Merciless, if they even survive.