A Monstrous Museum: The Witch's Dungeon

July 1, 2024 — This re-visit from a couple months back has been a long time coming. I first entered Cortlandt Hull's Witch's Dungeon in 2007, back when it was in a shed in his backyard and only open in Octobers. These days, it's on public display year-round in a permanent spot in the town of Plainville. Cortlandt Hull is the great nephew of actor Henry Hull, who played the titular character in Universal Studio’s first werewolf movie, Werewolf of London. That relationship inspired Cortlandt to start building life-sized figures of classic horror monsters. He also did the Twilight Zone paintings on the carousel in Rod Serling's hometown of Binghamton, New York (OTIS visit). Anyway, you can hear more about my visit in this week's episode of Odd Things I've Seen: The Podcast, "Movie Monster Museums I have Loved."