Blood Cemetery


April 12, 2009 — Pine Hill Cemetery, known locally as "Blood Cemetery," is supposed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in New England. I hate saying stuff like that, but it is, nevertheless, the reason I visited it. I thought I'd try my hand at a video instead of an article this time, though. This is the first one I've ever done, so it's low-quality, amateurish, wind-corrupted, badly edited and audio'd, and everything a video should not be. It's got a couple cool copyright-infringed songs, though. Hopefully I'll get better at it, but the laws of inertia are against me. Before you e-mail me, I realize full well that I should stick to writing, and that even that life course is something I should really reconsider.

If you'd like to see the photo of the Abel Blood tombstone that was used in the video (and one of the last few photos of it before its disappearance), visit Tracy Lee Carroll's Flickr stream. And here's a whole website dedicated to the cemetery.


  1. Mr. Ocker,
    You're too modest - I think you did a good job on the Blood Cemetery video. Please know, however, that I am only infrequently on the solid side of reality. Whichever side I happen to be on, I really enjoy the O.T.I.S sites. Thank you for your wonderful work.


  2. I agree,to modest.Very interesting and the sound was not that bad.You can still hear even with the wind.I would love to be able to do your are very blessed to be able to travel and share these places with those of us who can not afford to travel or go to places of interest to us.Thank you for doing this.

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