Ghosts of Christmas Treats Past

The Burl Ives snowman is a lot of what's right in the world.
November 27, 2010 Last year, I got a little carried away with my Christmas candy. First off, I’m a big proponent of vice as tradition, so, per that idea, I traditionally over-over-over-indulged in a sleighful of cloying, mass-produced, brand-named, red, white, and green confections. In addition, to further compound my lack of self-control (or, as is more accurate, my myth of self-control), I took pictures of some of the cooler stuff before I ate it. I guess I was trying to find multiple ways to consume the same thing. You know, eating my Christmas cakes and having them, too.

Of course, the upshot of that is now, a year later, I have evidence of my gluttony besides the disgusting moon bounce that my gut has since become (Santa Claus is a horrible role model). Here are pictures of the former. I will spare you ones of the latter.

Christmas Whoppers (not the story of Santa Claus)

On Mike and Ike and Comet and Vixen...

We bring you good tidings of great joy...
and Santa Claus Bubble Tape.

Reese's Christmas Trees...Bumble-approved.

This photo documents almost the exact moment I discovered
the wonder of chilled Nerds.

Christmas Tree Glo Popcifier light-up lollipop

The Grinch hated Christmas-themed Rain-Blo Jum-Blo...a lot.