Grave of a Werewolf

October 19, 2011 — In the suburbs of Boston, MA, in the town of Southborough, to be exact, they have the grave of a werewolf. Well, actually, it's the grave of an actor who played a werewolf in a movie. But, in the defense of the utter coolness of this grave, the actor was the first to ever play the monster in a major motion picture. "First to play a werewolf" goes on your resume, your tombstone, and in God's Book of Life, if I had my say in the way this world was run. As a bonus, that movie was a classic Universal Studios monster movie. But the actor wasn't Lon Chaney, Jr. It wasn't even Henry Hull. It was, well, check out the video...

UPDATE 09/15/2014
I finally got to see the house of this werewolf, too. Located on 19 Gilmore Road in Southborough, about two miles away from his grave and right at the intersection of a street named after him. Wait. am I still being vague about who he is? Warner Oland, the actor whose character bit Henry Hull in the 1935 Universal Pictures film Werewolf of London. There. Do me a favor and watch the video anyway, please.