Trick-or-Treating the Web: 30 Links to Halloween 2014

September 18, 2014 — Now, it’s quite possible that I’m wrong. That this Halloween Season business is a figment of my corroded imagination. That it’s a grotesque indulgence of what should only be single day at the end of October. That Halloween should be a thin dark line before the festivities of Thanksgiving and Christmas and not a wide twilight path to them. I can pretend to be a reasonable man. I’ll accept all evidence against my beliefs. But in my defense, here are 30 reasons why we are deep (although, granted, not October deep) into the Halloween Season.

Of course, I should be posting these links individually to "maximize my social media impact," but Trick-or-Treating the Web is a tradition here and I don't want anything maximized.

1. Some say the UK has more vampires than Transylvania ever did.

2. Lots 'o pics of the 2014 ScareLA Halloween convention.

3. Joseph-Gordon Levitt performs Thriller.

4. Japan Burger Kings offer goth burgers. I need more red meat in my Halloween traditions.

5. Krispy Kreme has Ghostbusters donuts. I rarely regret living in this Krispy Kreme-less New England, but this is certainly one of those times.

6. This might be, nay is, the coolest, most disgusting candy I've ever seen.

7. An interview with Boglins co-creator Timothy Clarke. Few toys deserve all the nostalgic adoration we heap on them, but this is one that deserves more.

8. A British look at why we go to scare parks.

9. Portland home turned into creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy doll asylum for the season.

10. Behind the scenes of the movie Kids vs. Monsters.

11. Next in the trend of twisting Christmas traditions into Halloween ones, the ugly sweater, Edgar Allan Poe-style.

12. The story of legendary and oft-imitated spook icon Vampira.

13. Did you know you can go werewolf hunting? It's a thing.

14. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are cameo-ing as their Shaun of the Dead personas in the Phineas and Ferb Halloween special. I'm surprised that cartoon hasn't yet gotten so inside itself it imploded.

15. Speaking of cartoons, they say Disney's Haunted Mansion might get its own special.

16. Archaeologists find a suit of armor made of animal bones in Siberia. And I get my Halloween costume idea.

17. Artist tells the story of H.P. Lovecraft's Pickman's Model through photographs.

19. For those who just want to wear a cool horror T-shirt instead of a costume this year, I suggest this one.

20. Of all the new Halloween candies this year, these caramel apple Twizzlers could easily be my go-to.

21. Neve Campbell to make horror convention debut in Texas in 2015. Pretty sure I'm still in love her.

22. Searching "Halloween" on Etsy is something we all should do.

23. For instance, I particularly like this Michael Myers window decal, especially if the bottom of your window is at neck height.

24. A look at all the different euphemisms we use for "death."

25. MGM-Fox commissioned great new art for 13 classic and cult horror movies newly released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

26. Watching this guy try to play with a Monster High playset made my Halloween.

27. The Rocky Horror Picture Show gets its own cosmetics line. Finally.

28. Artist draws, like, a bunch of the monsters from Cabin in the Woods.

29. These monster band-aids make me want to injure my children.

30. This year, Cheetos uses Halloween to find a way to make our fingers even more covered in cheese dust.