My Talks Are Cheap

January 9, 2015 — Every so often, somebody records one of my talks. I've never gotten the chance to watch any of videos, though. Don't really know what happens to them, actually. Usually, someone just asks if they can record it, I say yes, and then I forget about it. But the other day I discovered that one of my talks had bee uploaded to YouTube. I gave this presentation at the Langley-Adams Library in Groveland, Massachusetts, this past October. It was on some of the sites I saw while writing The New England Grimpendium (more or less). So a recent talk on an older book (The New England Grimpendium is more than four years old somehow.)

Of course, I still haven't actually seen the video. Because I make myself cringe. But, if you've ever wondered what it'd be like to hear one of my talks, this is it. So be forewarned.

But please come next time.