Salem at Random

Can't even get a slice of pizza here without this happening.

October 17, 2015 — By this time in the season, you know I’m deep in the cauldrons of Salem, and they are bubbling for sure. I haven’t been able to give you too many official reports from the field, though, because of how busy I’ve been here (and also because I’ve got to save it for the book). But we’ve had some fantastic experiences, met some cool people, and are that much closer to getting a bead on the strange, multifarious story of Witch City.

We’ve also taken enough photos to wallpaper a skyscraper. I’ve been throwing them on the socials left and right like I’m bailing water, but we’ve just got so many. And that one Salem at Night post just isn't enough. Every square inch of this city is worth documenting in October. So here’s a selection of photos that I haven’t posted anywhere yet, all from earlier this month when Salem was much calmer than it is now. Because right now, it’s extremely madcap. Those photos will be coming soon.

Sheri Moon Zombie walked here in Lords of Salem.

Abandoned Coast Guard barracks on Winter Island at the tip of Salem. 

Hard/easy to drink with this guy above your head.

Actual Bughuul mask from Sinister. Met Nick King, the guy who played him, as well.
These are the people in your neighborhood...when your neighborhood is Salem.

In the lobby of the Hawthorne Hotel, near the bathrooms, the story of Bewitched in Salem.