Salem Leftovers Fit for a Feast

October 23, 2016 — I can take 40 photos of a hole in the ground without even coming up for air. So living 31 days in a place like Salem in October like I did last year guarantees early arthritis onset for my shutter finger. And that’s not even counting all the photos Lindsey took.

I’ve shown you hundreds of those photos already—on the socials and in the book and in posts from last year and this year. So I thought I’d dig around, find a set of photos from my 2015 Salem October that I’ve never shared anywhere, and post them. It wasn’t hard. I could probably do another 20 of these posts without barely trying. And 18 photos and 150 words is exactly what I call “barely trying” when it comes to posts. 

The way I’m figuring it, though, I’m just letting Salem do all the hard work.