Halloween Die-ary: September 17, 2018

Drove into the office today. Felt good to see the highway billboards blooming with so many ads for haunted attractions. Giant, rotted faces staring down at the slowly moving lines of shiny metal cars. Lurid letters touting two-for-one deals.

A colleague said an interesting thing to me about Halloween today. He mentioned he’d gone to a few shops over the weekend to grab Halloween decorations, but it looked like there wasn’t much out compared to previous years. He wondered if a mainstream Halloween is in decline.

I say? Maybe.

There’s a lot of reasons why he came away with this idea, of course. Could have just been random store luck. Could have been a misperception on his part. Could have been that you really do need to shop for Halloween d├ęcor in July and August.

And it could be that mainstream Halloween is in decline.

But true or not, it will always be a possibility that the delightfully extreme levels of Halloween we’ve been trick-or-treated to over the past decade is just a phase. Remember when they said rock n’ roll would never die? Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Arcades? What one generation thinks is a permanent addition to society, another generation finds not worth maintaining. I always think the socials could be that way.

So hold tight to modern Halloween…although the beauty of this dark holiday is it works just as well as a transgressive holiday as it does a mainstream one.

When I got home from work, I didn’t really feel like watching any TV or movies. Instead, I spent the time working on some projects…with Halloween music blaring, of course. I wrapped up a book pitch, finished prepping some OTIS Club perks to send out, updated the OTIS Halloween archives, started working on an OTIS video for the season.

Meanwhile, my AC units are still out, mocking me like smug little refrigerators.

I hate smug little refrigerators.