Sun and the Sixteenth Century: St. Augustine and Thereabouts

The Alligator Farm!

May 4, 2019 — My New England kids wanted a beach with an actual warm ocean (they’d heard rumors that such a thing existed). My wife and I wanted to go to a place where we could see some weird stuff. We chose St. Augustine, Florida.

Established in 1565 by Spanish exploradores, it’s the oldest city in the country and, in addition to being a unique city historically, has a pretty high level of kookiness for its size. Of course, being who we are, we couldn’t just sit in the same place for a week, so we also took a mini road trip to catch some other East Coast Florida sites.

And, somehow, on this relatively sedate vacation for us, we still saw a lot of odd things, even with dedicating so much time to el milagro del cálido océano. I posted a bunch of photos on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week that covered the highlights, so I thought I’d gather them here at OTIS HQ along with a couple bonus pics. Florida!

A pirate museum!

The Space Shuttle Atlantis! Now I've seen all four surviving shuttles:
Atlantis and Enterprise in museums.
Discovery on the launchpad in the early 2000s.
Endeavor in-flight in the late 1990s during my college days in Florida.

The beach!

The Fountain of Youth!

A town full of mediums and psychics!

An abandoned 19th century cemetery!

The grave of Large Marge!

The beach again!

The Villa Zorayda Museum! It has a cursed, 2,400-year-old Egyptian rug made of cat hair
found in the tomb of a mummy princess!


Christmas, Florida!

See, a high level of kookiness!

Plantation sugar mill ruins!

The Medieval Torture Museum!

Still the Medieval Torture Museum!

The oldest European cemetery in Florida!