The OTIS Podcast: Maryland, Scaryland

July 22, 2019 — Episode 10 of Odd Things I've Seen: The Podcast is now live. In this our second ever Special On-Location episode, I take you with me on a recent road trip we took to Baltimore, Maryland, to see some of the sights that make the state so spooky, including the unmarked grave of Herman Munster, the site where the Ouija board named itself, the Edgar Allan Poe House, andon a whimwe head up to the top of the Washington Monument...Baltimore's Washington Monument. Below are some photos from the trip. You can find more photos of the Edgar Allan Poe House here from one of my previous visits, and you can find photos from the referenced Elijah Bond Ouija board grave here.

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The unmarked grave of Fred Gwynne (aka, Herman Munster).

A plaque in a 7-11, denoting the site as the place where the Ouija board...named itself.

Our Poe paver across the street from the Edgar Allan Poe House.

Baby's (and Lindsey's) first time at the Edgar Allan Poe House.

First edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray signed by Oscar Wilde.

Baltimore's Washington Monument

A view from one of the windows of Baltimore's Washington Monument.